Grand Teton NP – Animals & Trails

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I loved how you could just get in your car and drive the scenic main or side roads and always come up with something amazing to see, or trails to hike for a more closeup experience.  But the animals were always the most special treat to me.

Teton - bison herd

At Elk Ranch Turnout, no elk were in sight, but I was more than content to watch this bison herd, who seemed totally unconcerned with all the cars pulled over to the side of the road to watch them.

Teton - bison bull

I watched as this big guy started moving with great determination.

Teton - Bison sniffing female

And then saw the object of his exertion as he sniffed away at this female who was as unconcerned with him as he was with us. Ahhh, musk!

At Willow Flats Overlook, a little trail to the right gives a view of the wetlands and I was lucky enough to catch these guys wading there:

Moose 1

What a treat – Mama and Baby Moose!

Moose 2

As they headed up the hill, baby had to have a little snack for fortification.

Moose 3

As I was wishing they wouldn’t leave, it was like the baby turned around to say goodbye and explain that he just had to keep up with mom.  This was a really special experience for me!

Colter Bay Picnic Area - me

There’s also nothing better than a site and view like this for lunch.  This picnic area is very near the Colter Bay Campground. I met a couple of nice families from Michigan here and it was great to compare notes about camping there and here. Love this RVing lifestyle and one of the best parts are the people you meet!

Lakeshore Trail - driftwood

I walked the two mile Lakeshore Trail Loop and it was wonderful to see different perspectives of this magnificent range with driftwood foreground as added point of interest.

Lakeshore Trail - kayak

A lone kayak on the beautiful calm waters.

Teton - sailboat

Sailboat approaching Mount Moran – this wonderful old guy contains some of the oldest rocks in North America and features five glaciers that formed in the Little Ice Age that ended around 1850 AD.  Rock on, Moran!


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I’d love to hear from you in Comments below about your own experiences here in this glorious place!

  • Colleen Phipps

    Love your pictures from the Grand Tetons. They are wonderful.

    • Thanks, Colleen – I always appreciate your interest and comments!

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