Grand Teton Glory

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Me - TetonsThere were so many scenic spots that left me going ga-ga during my visit here.  Besides the last two pages dedicated to the Grand Teton National Park, deciding on which other ones to use wasn’t easy, but here are just a few of my other favorites scenes:


Chapel of Sacred Heart view

This viewpoint from the Chapel of Sacred Heart was awe inspiring, to say the least.  With binoculars, I spied a waterfall trickling down the mountainside across the lake.

Chapel of Transfiguration 1

Of course I had to visit  the Chapel of the Transfiguration since it had been one of my mom’s favorite spots during our visit in 2003.

Chapel of Transfiguration 2

I stopped to ring the bell to let mom know I was thinking of her and I just know she was with me this time, too.

Chapel of Transfiguration 3


We had both agreed that this was an appropriate setting for a house of God.  How could he resist living here among one of His grandest creations??



Signal Mountain Lodge view

But of course I believe God is not limited to churches or anywhere else for that matter.  Evidence of Him is found everywhere, but never as in-your-face as spots like this – wildflowers were blooming like crazy, adding to the glory of this viewpoint from Signal Mountain Lodge.

Signal Mountain top view

Here’s the vast viewpoint you are treated to if you drive up 800′ to the top of Signal Mountain (cars only – small, winding road prohibits RVs).

Jenny Lake

Jenny Lake was another welcome stopping and gawking point.

String Lake - me

I enjoyed the bridge crossing and watching this fly fisherman at String Lake.

The Moulton Barn

Moulton Barn – This is an iconic image in the Tetons and was part of a homestead area called Mormon Row.

Jackson antler arch

When I needed a taste of town, I drove in to Jackson Hole – this town square had four of these massive antler arches at each corner!


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I’d love to hear from you in Comments below about your own experiences here in this glorious place!

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