Yellowstone to Cody

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The first time I went to Cody, I had the luxury of being a passenger driven by friends I was staying near in the Fishing Bridge area of Yellowstone. That was a rare treat for me being free to gawk at the beauty all around me and not having to keep my eye on the road.

Road to Cody - 1

Views are ever-changing with mountain ranges beside you and in the distance.

022 (2)

Sometimes they’re covered in lush, green trees…

Road to Cody - 3

Further down the road, more barren, but very interesting rock formations.

It’s a total of about 78 miles from Fishing Bridge to Cody (25 miles from Fishing Bridge to the East Entrance).  Allow about 1-1/2 hours if you’re not going to stop and take pictures, but when on my own, I can’t ever pass up that temptation, so good luck with that.

I stopped at a couple of the Forest Service Campgrounds along the way to Cody.  There were quite a few, and here is link to all of them: USDA Forest Service Campgrounds – Shoshone National Forest.  Note: I couldn’t get a Verizon phone signal at any of them.

Rex Hale CG

Rex Hale Campground

This is right off the main road and I wouldn’t have had a problem staying here.

Clearwater CG

Clearwater Campground

Another one that looked pretty good to me.

Buffalo Bill Dam

Buffalo Bill Dam

You’ll also pass right by here and again, I wish I would have had more free time to see this, too.

I didn’t check out any of the RV parks in Cody, but I think if I were going to explore that area more, I’d stay at Buffalo Bill Cody State Park.  There are actually two campgrounds – North Shore Bay Campground and North Fork Campground.  One is on the lake and the other is on the river. Rates based on types of accommodations (hookups) and whether resident of Wyoming. Some sites are reservable and others are first come, first served.  Online Reservations or call 307-587-9227.  The park is quite close to the town of Cody and I was able to get Verizon phone and internet service here.

Buffalo Bill State Park - 1

Overview showing some sites on the water; some interior

Buffalo Bill State Park - 2

Interior sites

Buffalo Bill State Park - 3

Site 25

This looked like a great site to me – I could hang out here happily for a few days for sure.

I didn’t take any pictures of Cody itself since it took me almost two hours to get there and my purpose was to stock up with groceries from WalMart and I just didn’t have time to explore anything else.

Irma Hotel - 1

The first time I went, I was with old friends, Sandy & Ken Berry, and we ate lunch at the historic Irma Hotel – yummy food and old west ambiance.

And I love happy coincidences like this: when I posted this picture to Facebook, a friend I had met “liked” it, and then one of her friends commented that they were sitting behind me having lunch at the same time. They were working in West Yellowstone and when I made it over to that side, I met them in person and we had a great time.  I love things like that about RVing – the friendliest folks ever!

Irma Hotel - 2

This famous cherrywood bar was a gift from Queen Victoria.

It really does look like an interesting town and I’ve been told the Buffalo Bill Center of the West is one of the best museums around but that it’s so extensive you need more than a day to really see it all.  I just didn’t have that kind of time since my main focus was attractions within Yellowstone.

I did end up coming back this way in order to get to Beartooth and Chief Joseph Scenic Highways and I’m eternally grateful I didn’t miss those.  Pages about them coming soon.

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