Bison Jams in Yellowstone

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June-July, 2015:  I’m sure more bison are seen in Yellowstone than any other animal, but I never tired of seeing them.

Yellowstone bison herd

Most times when driving through Hayden Valley, I saw herds either on the side of the road or encroaching onto it.  I loved it when I could pull off to the side and watch them from the safety of my car.

Yellowstone bison on side of road 1

One day I was thrilled to see this baby dining roadside.

Yellowstone mama & baby bison

At one point it seemed like mama was encouraging the baby to hit the road, but he wasn’t going for it.

Yellowstone bison on road

On this day I was with my friend, Judy, and we came across this road hog.  He had apparently been in the middle of the road for a while because traffic was backed up quite a ways before we got up here to see what the deal was.

Yellowstone bison on road 2

I stopped and it freaked me out a bit when he seemed to turn right towards me as I wondered how my little car would fare if he decided to head butt it.

Yellowstone bison passing car

But he passed on by and Judy got this picture of me taking his picture.

Hurt bison in river

This day was rather a sad sighting. A bunch of cars had pulled off to the side and also blocking the road, always an indication of something interesting going on. Once I was able to pull off and see what was happening, a ranger was there and explained this bison had been injured somehow and could not get up properly. He said the park policy is to let nature take its course whenever possible and he guessed this guy would be dinner for some bear or wolf later on. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him as I tried to feel happy for whoever was going to eat well that night.

Bison by river 1

On another day, I enjoyed watching this healthy guy take a stroll alongside the river.

Bison by river 2

I was able to pull off to the side of the road and zoom in to watch this one riverside by one of the steaming pools.

Bison crossing river

It was cool to watch him get into the water and I was able to watch him cross to the other side.  I’d never seen a bison swim before!

I caught this little video of him swimming and I could hear him snorting with the effort sometimes. But I turned off the sound when I downloaded it because all I could hear on it was loud traffic going by and other people talking. Once he reached the other side, I laughed when he shook off the water from his head like a dog.

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