Firehole Canyon Drive

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July 19, 2015:  Firehole Canyon Drive is a two mile, one way loop that runs off of the main road (Grand Loop) around Yellowstone to Old Faithful area with many scenic sights and even a swimming hole.  RVs and busses are prohibited.

Firehole Canyon 1

Parking is not always easy to find, but there are some pull-offs alongside the road with worthwhile views like this.

Firehole Canyon waterfall

Waterfalls are always worthwhile views and Firehole Falls is a nice one.

Firehole Canyon 2

In this area, a path leads to the water where you can take a dip in the cool waters of the Firehole River.

Firehole Canyon 3

I really enjoyed this vantage point.

Firehole Canyon 4

Looking to the side, you can check out this cave.

Judy and Me

One of the nicest parts of this drive for me is that I was able to share it with my friend, Judy, another solo fulltime RVer who I first met in Austin – so it was especially cool to meet up with her here.  This spot was at another pull-off along the way with a trail to Fairy Falls. We never made it there, but the day was a great one anyway!

arrow-right Another nearby scenic drive Firehole Lake – or – on to West Thumb Basin (my favorite)

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