Firehole Lake Drive

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July 12, 2015:   Firehole Lake Drive is a three mile, one way loop that runs off of the main road around Yellowstone (Grand Loop) to Old Faithful area. RVs and busses are prohibited.  Geysers and hot springs visible from the road and boardwalk around Firehole Lake are the big attractions here.

Great Fountain Geyser

Great Fountain Geyser – The sign here said it “may erupt between 6:45 pm and 10:45 pm.”  It was too long for me to wait at that point, but I bet that’s a sight to see!

White Dome Geyser

White Dome Geyser – This cone geyser is one of the largest in Yellowstone, is many centuries old and still growing. Unlike fountain geysers that erupt through a large vent and spews water in many directions, cone geysers erupt a narrow jet of water through a slim vent from a cone-shaped formation. This little narrow spurt was the best I got out of it while I was there.

Firehole Spring

Firehole Spring was my favorite stop.

Firehole Spring 2

I watched these gurgling bubbles for a while wondering if something was going to erupt, but no luck.

Little and not colorful, but Surprise Pool was surprisingly and constantly active.


I stood here at the edge of this boardwalk for a while watching the sunbeams light show.

arrow-rightAnother nearby scenic loop drive: Firehole Canyon Drive

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