Fishing Bridge RV Park – Yellowstone

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Fishing Bridge RV Park sign

Fishing Bridge RV Park – Yellowstone National Park
(NPS site)

This is a large campground (over 325 sites) and the only one in Yellowstone with full hookups. Due to bear activity, no tents allowed; only hard sided vehicles.

A common complaint I heard everywhere is how close together the sites are, and I don’t disagree with that. I’ve also seen it called a glorified parking lot, but with all the trees interspersed throughout the campground, I can’t agree with that description.

A Loop entry

Loop A entry

B loop - close rigs (155)

Loop B

This shows how sites in the rear back up to the front row, making it pretty tight for slides and awnings in some cases.

Loop D

 Loop D

These folks didn’t have enough room to set up chairs next to their rig, so were partly in the road.

E Loop

Loop E entry

I was lucky enough to have friends who helped me out with a place to camp while in this area, so I did not stay at Fishing Bridge during this 2015 visit, but when my mom and I passed through here on our way back from Alaska in 2003, we spent three nights here.

Bison in campground

One morning, we saw some movement going by the motorhome windshield and looked out to see these “neighbors” passing by!


Rates:  Although the NPS website shows the 2015 nightly rate as $46.75 (not including tax and utility passthrough), when I called Xanterra to get info on that, I was told the website is outdated and the nightly rate for 2015 is $47.50 – with 13.6% tax and all other fees, total is $54.45 per night.

Flashback:  Here are my notes about staying at Fishing Bridge in 2003: “…the most expensive night I’ve paid for a space to park in the 2 years that I’ve been RVing – $33.00 per night!”  (I would have been thrilled to pay $33/night for full hookups this year!)

Managed by Xanterra – Call 307-344-7311 for reservations or book online.

NPS photos of campground

Staying Connected:  I could get a signal from my Verizon phone for both calls and internet as I drove through the campground.

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