Fishing Bridge Area – Yellowstone National Park

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Fishing Bridge - 2015

Fishing Bridge – July, 2015

Fishing bridge - 1962Fishing Bridge – 1962

Fishing is no longer allowed from Fishing Bridge since 1973 when it was discovered the trout population was being decimated. That, and too many fellow fishers and passing motorists were being snagged by stray hooks.

Fishing Bridge to VC

Cars and pedestrians cross here after turning from Grand Loop to get to the Visitor Center, store, restaurant, Fishing Bridge RV Park, and on to the east entrance and Cody.

Fishing Bridge path

There’s a path to the side and a place for wading if you want to get your feet wet.

Fishing Bridge - VC

Beach by the Visitor Center

Yellowstone Hotel view

View from the Yellowstone Hotel

This was the first area I stayed at and I was lucky enough to have friends working in the area who helped me out with a place to camp for a couple of weeks.

arrow-rightAttractions near Fishing Bridge – or – Fishing Bridge RV Park

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