2 Story Travel Trailer RV Review! This Thing Is Awesome!

RVs have become an iconic symbol of American life. These nifty vehicles make it easy to explore the great wide world while also keeping the important things in your life close to hand.

With plenty of space for your whole family and a range of everyday facilities, these large vehicles are an absolute feat of modern engineering.

RVs can vary massively in size and shape, to accommodate different needs or different amounts of people. RVs may have been first invented many years back, but innovations on the winning formula still keep popping up.

2 Story Travel Trailer RV Review! This Thing Is Awesome!

One of the most exciting new varieties of RV is 2 story RVs. These vehicles help to practically double the already existing space of a standard RV, by stacking two floors of comfort on top of a group of sturdy wheels!

There are a few models of 2 story RV that offer very different experiences. So let’s explore these models. Keep your jaws off the floor, because you are going to be amazed!

The SLRV Commander 8 x 8 Expedition Vehicle

It would probably be difficult to sum up the sheer majesty of this beast in just a few words. The SLRV Commander is an RV home that contains two fully-decked floors of space to host either a family of traveling holidaymakers or a massive group of friends. 

The two-deck RV features an incredibly innovative design that folds in on itself. When the RV is on the move, the top deck slides down over the bottom deck to reduce its size, to make it far more aerodynamic, and much safer when passing under low-hanging overpasses or bridges! 

The SLRV Commander also caters to just about every basic domestic need. The central room of the RV is a fully fitted kitchen, complete with an oven and electric induction hobs, so that you can cook gourmet meals no matter where you end up.

To the side of the kitchen is a large lounge area, with long seats leading to a television, and divided by a sturdy white table. This is a great space for gathering and socializing, eating meals, or catching up with the latest tv, even when away from home! How cool is that? 

To the other side of the kitchen is a comfortable and large master bedroom, with a plush bed, complete with clean white sheets, and a hanging fan, so that you can easily keep cool even when traveling through hot areas. 

Just up the short floating staircase is an incredibly spacious bedroom that comes complete with up to six beds!

As well as this, there is also a large television attached to the far wall, so if traveling with your children, you can easily keep them entertained with family films on this screen.

Underneath each bed is also a storage space, so that you can bring countless extra things with you on your vacation, without those same objects cluttering up the living space. Out of sight; out of mind, as they say.

Each bed also has its own reading lamp and individual window, so you can look up at the stars as you drift to sleep! Magical! If you somehow need even more beds, then the living room can easily be converted into an extra bed, which you simply fit just above the table. 

This home is so amazing that you could very easily just call it your main home and no one would ever bat an eye.

Well, until they saw the wheels at the bottom, that is! This convenient and highly modern RV may come at a very hefty price, but what it offers is totally unparalleled by other portable homes, so it would be worth every single cent that you spent on it.

Salem Grand Villa 42FK

Sure, this RV may be slightly smaller than the one above, but the space inside of it is deceptively massive for such a small and unassuming frame! 

With two floors of modern and comfortable living, it’s amazing that all of this can be ported around on wheels! This RV even comes with its own electric fireplace, which is totally unheard of from other standard RVs.

Also in the living area is a flatscreen tv, to enjoy digital entertainment together. If you were to step into this RV, you wouldn’t be able to believe that it had once been hitting the road.

The central living area features three two-seater couches, with a roof fan to keep everyone cool. This makes a great space to sit during travel, and also a great space to relax and enjoy one another’s company. 

To the right side of the main living area is the fully fitted kitchen which has everything you might expect, but also has the immense surprise of a full dining area, with a table and movable seats, so you can dine in style even when on the move.

To the very other end of the RV is the master bedroom, with a comfortable king bed, and lots of storage capacity.

Just short of the master bedroom is a short staircase, which leads directly to the upstairs area, which features even more storage, as well as 4 extra bunks so that multiple family members or friends can sleep in peace.

Worried about charging your phone overnight? Look to the many USB charging ports that can be found beside every bed, so that you don’t have to bring along any clunky plugs. Just plug your charger in and you’re good to go! 

And, finally, there’s the walk-in shower which provides ample space to wash away the day and feel the warm waters refresh your skin. The walk-in shower is also situated in the wider bathroom area, where a toilet and sink can be found.

This RV can easily be hitched up to your favorite vehicle so that you can take it wherever your traveling heart leads you! 

To Conclude

RVs continue to get cooler and cooler, with more amazing features that make you wonder how they were ever popular without them!

These features make RV comparable to even some of the very best apartments around the world, with comfortable living spaces, fully-fitted kitchens, and king-size beds!

We hope you feel that this has been an exciting look into the awesome world of modern RVs, and a look at just how cool some of the best 2 story RVs are!

Madeline Cooper