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I really do enjoy getting email from folks who have journeyed with me. It gives me an added boost at times when my own enthusiasm wanes or when I might be a bit discouraged. I've often said that RVers are some of the most friendly and helpful people on the planet. Being there for each other is just one reason and here are a few examples of that:
I REALLY appreciated your honest comments that give us the kind of information we need about quality of sites, service of staff, wifi, phone and cable service..and shade....LOL. (Peggy)
Just want to let you know this is a VERY GOOD RV Resort website. You have done exactly what I want to see when looking for a place to stay, lots of photos and all the basic information. Good job. (Robert)
I found your site while searching for photos of Dreher Island State Park in SC. Although they have a few pictures on the state park site, they don't give enough of a visual reference. Yours were very helpful in making my choice. I really appreciated the extra view points you gave for this park and the others I viewed on your site. Kudos for your independent spirit! (Michelle)
Thanks for the information on your website. Am planning a first time RV trip to Yosemite/ Sequoia and found your general guidance and specific info on Three Rivers Hideaway campground invaluable. Very well done. Good photos and clear prose. Thanks again. LB
I noticed your site and decided to look into it. The first thing I noticed was that you had been to Hot Springs and since we live here I wanted to check it out. I am impressed, your pictures are excellent and the descriptions are informative and would make any one want to visit in the future. You had mentioned that you stayed at J & J and if anyone went there to please tell them that Malia said "hello". Right away I called the park to tell them that you had mentioned their park and that you did a great job! JJ answered the phone and I relayed your message to say hello, and I do believe he was surprised! I have been in your site and I can't get I am enjoying it as if we are sitting in the same room having a talk...You even answered our concern about internet on the road. Thanks Malia for all your information.. Keep up the good work! MB
I stumbled upon your site, not once, but four times during a web search for campground information. ...your information is so clear and valuable that it is gold to all campers. I LOVE your pictures of sites and inside tips and even of nearby activities. Keep it up! I've bookmarked you now so no more stumbling :) RB
I really like this link. A lot of good information. Keep up the good work. (John)
Your site is incredible. If you keep building this site and add other destinations with as much detail it will be an incredible resource. Keep up the great work. (DH)
What a wonderful new site. I can hardly wait to see more. I am so looking forward to your opinions of the campsites in your travels because it sounds like we enjoy the same things and it will be so refreshing to get an HONEST opinion. (HM)
Great work as usual! We thoroughly enjoy your articles. (Cliff)
I have been traveling with you through your pictures and journals for the past two days. I have visited many of the places that you have written about. Your pictures are beautiful and I loved hearing about all your experiences and ideas for places to visit and campgrounds to stay at. Thanks for putting these pictures and journals up on the web. (KB)
I am in the process of planning a future in full-timing and your journals, articles and pictures have just picked up my flagging spirit! It may be some time before I can actually 'hit the road' but the information on the places you have visited will help us to plan our travels. Thanks for sharing your journeys and photos with all of us...I will look forward to reading new postings! (PG)
I have just found your great web site and the information is wonderful, thank you. I have put your site on my favorites and will visit often. (Les)
I came across your websites while looking for info on the RVing lifestyle. …sharing these experiences in photographs and writings are a generous contribution to all of us who've been fortunate enough to meet you through these pages. Looking at the photos and reading your journals, one can't help but think that, instead of "MaliasMiles" it should be "MaliaSmiles"! Thanks for all you have done. (Tony)
I enjoy reading your website and am glad to see you writing and adding stuff. I like the way your website is put together and am using your campground info as we travel. (Joan)
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