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When it was time to replace my motorhome's tires in 2007, I had been so satisfied with the Goodyear G670 tires I'd been riding on there was little doubt I wanted that brand again.

However, with my background as a legal assistant, I'm a research fanatic, so I surfed around the Internet, looked up what others were saying in RV forums and motorhome related websites. Links to some of those are included below in "Reviews and Info."

In 2011, before I took off for a summer in Michigan, I had the tires inspected and the air pressure checked by a truck service station. The next time I checked the pressure while at a friend's machine shop, I couldn't get a reading from one of the inside tires. He wound up taking it off and discovered the stem had come loose and the tire was virtually flat.

I have no idea how long I drove with that flat tire and the other tire taking all the weight (without me even feeling it or without a blowout), but if I needed any further convincing about the safety and quality of Goodyear tires, I definitely don't now!

As a solo woman RVer, having tires I can trust is a must!

Goodyear Guidelines and Helpful Info:
Proper Tire Inflation & Loading RV Tire and Care Guide
Load/Inflation Information Helpful Videos
Reviews and Info: RE: Goodyear G670RV - "The tires have performed better than expected and I seldom need to add air to the tires. After 10 years they show no visible sign of deterioration..."

Inside Your RV: Goodyear RV tires are some of the best models available. The G670 RV tire is specially designed for class ‘A’ motor homes that can be fitted in any position. This tire contributes to fuel economy because of its durable fuel-efficient casing. The G670 Goodyear RV tires feature circumferential grooves for improved wet traction, increased sipes and notches for enhanced traction, and high technology belt system for an improved ride. Forum Discussion: "I have been across country and back on my G670's with no problems at all. I have only had to adjust the air pressure twice in almost two years."

RV Tire Care Tips: Don’t Take Your Tires for Granted (RV Repair Club - 12/7/15) - Discussion on proper inflation, weight issues, age, wear of RV tires.

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