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Roadside glacier on the way to Alaska

Roadside glacier on the way to Alaska in 2003

History:  I began my “crazy” dream of fulltime RVing in 2001.  That inspiration came to me during a spiritual retreat when I was asked the question “What would you do if you had no fear?”  My first and loudest instinct said, “Travel.”  I wanted to stand in awe before the tallest of mountains, sit beside streams of water and listen to its soothing sounds, hike in forests and wrap my arms around and hug trees.  My vision didn’t include hotel rooms and airports, so even though I’d never heard of fulltime RVing, when I did, it sounded wonderful that you could have your own home with you wherever you went, but you could change out your yard on a whim.

I heard a quote that made me smile, but is totally true for me, “I’m a homebody. I just don’t want my home in the same place all the time.”

Arms Wide Open

Inspiration takes off – June 13, 2001

You’re a Fulltime Whaaat??!

See Inspiration’s Journey for the story of how I got the bright idea of fulltiming and what I did during the first few years.  It seems inconceivable to me now that when I first took off in 2001, the only options for internet access was dial-up AOL!  That will give you an idea of what an “old timer” I am.

I started that journal when I took off as a way to share what I was seeing and feeling with my family and friends. It goes into much more detail of the beginning of my journey and the things I had to overcome to get on the road.

My Published Articles:

My first article, “Alaska Alone,” was published in the Good Sam magazine, “Highways” in 2005. The response to this and to my journal inspired me to begin work on this site to provide info to RVers with our specific needs in mind. After all, there’s a lot of info we who drive something 36′ long, towing a car behind us, need that a little Toyota doesn’t!

Here’s a page with other articles I have had published with Motorhome Magazine and others.

My Interviews:

Here’s a page with interviews of me from other media, including my first time on TV.

Malia’s Ventures:

Answers the FAQ: How do you support yourself on the road?

I’d Love to Hear From You!

I consider myself extremely blessed to be able to live this lifestyle. I’ve experienced a lot since I took off and want to share what I’ve learned along the way. So much of it came from other RVers, who are some of the most friendly people on earth, always so willing to help and share. I hope to continue this tradition and “pay it forward” by being of service to other traveling souls.  I’ve often said that on the top of the list of the coolest things about RVing are the people you meet. I think that people who enjoy the freedom and adventure of the open road and don’t crave the seeming security of sameness are a special breed so it’s extra special fun to get together with them. I love to hear from readers – how they found the site, your own experiences, etc., so I hope you will freely comment on any page.

Here’s to meeting more of you down the road!

  • Greg Roche

    I have just come across your website and am so excited to explore all the information and stories that you have here. Most importantly for me is your spirit, story and courage. My wife and I are just beginning to explore this RV lifestyle and honestly are not even sure how it came about, lol. I think we were thinking of going out west to see Yellowstone and go camping. That turned into…wait camping like in a tent? NOT! We did that when the kids were little 25 years ago, but not now for sure. So I thought, hmmmm what about an RV? And that turned into, wait we could actually retire in and RV and see the country. For me it made complete sense, as I get bored very easily and need constant change and adventure. I was getting depressed the last few years getting up every morning going the gym, go grocery shopping, come home make dinner, go to bed, get up repeat! Something is seriously missing. I am a musician and earn my living at it so that does keep me going a little but I just feel I need something more, something is missing. My wife is a retired Police Detective and she is very regimented…can do the same thing over and over forever, does not like change, but that said my influence on her over our 25 year marriage has taken her out of her fear “box” and she has been so thankful for that. I think we all have fears that limit us from childhood and with a little guidance and encouragement we can take that step forward. So anyway, I am currently getting our finances in order, playing a lot if music gigs to save money and looking at Class B Rv’s for purchase in June 2019. We live in Florida and not sure about what to do with our home yet, Vicki (my wife) worries that if we sell it, what will happen when we are older and unable to travel or live in a RV, where would we go? That concerns me too, but we are both very athletic and in good health for ages 57 and 60, so hopefully with god’s blessing we wouldn’t have to worry about that for some years. Ok, sorry I know I am long winded here, I have to get back to exploring your site and information, thank you so much for all you do and I hope that someday we can meet and share our stories. Greg

    • Hey Greg,

      Thanks so much for getting in touch and letting me know you like my website! I follow your reasoning and how these kind of “crazy” ideas evolve, so know that you’re not alone. LOL

      And I totally understand how the same ole’ routine every day – no matter that it’s not so bad – does not equal a good life.

      One of my good friends is a retired police officer who had a lot of the same kind of fears and doubts, but is loving the lifestyle now.

      I had the same kind of fears about selling my house and at first I held onto it like a lifeline or something in case I didn’t like RVing like I thought I would. I built a 10×10 storage building in the back yard, rented out my side of the duplex I owned with my mom and took off. It was 10 years before I ever went into that storage building again. And then I laughed like crazy at the stuff I thought I didn’t want to part with back then! I just kept saying to myself, “What were you thinking?!”

      It made sense to me to keep the duplex because it would give me virtually free housing since the rent for one side paid the whole mortgage. But after a few years, I knew I’d never really want to live there again anyway. I lucked out with most of my renters, but I’ve heard enough horror stories about that to be leary of doing that again.I finally sold the duplex when my mom died and I have no regrets in that regard.

      I understand the tendency to try to stay safe and sometimes that feels like that means taking no chances. But I also firmly believe that’s not what life is all about anyway. Kinda like “A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.”

      I suggest you keep researching, talk to your wife about the pros and cons and concerns you both have, and just start taking baby steps toward a dream that resonates with you both.

      I just see no sense in living life ruled by your fears instead of doing everything you can to enjoy it, especially as we get older!

      Let me know if I can answer any questions. I’m in the midst of a huge site redesign, and will be adding new pages once I get the new theme set.

      Thanks again for your comments. That’s why I continue to go to the trouble to keep this site up!

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