Average Cost To Rent An RV For A Week (20 Examples)

Life on the road is an American dream, driving from state to state with your own home-on-wheels taking in sights and kicking back with a cold beer and a burger on the grill.

Sadly, most of us have jobs and responsibilities that keep us in one place. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t live the dream for a little while. We’ve done the work and found out how much it’ll cost you to have a life on the road, but just for the week.

Average Cost to Rent an RV for a Week (20 Examples)

Whether you’re looking for a romantic and minimalistic week on the road for two, or a huge luxurious family getaway, there are multiple aspects that will affect the rental price of an RV.

The number of people it sleeps is an important aspect. RV rentals usually range from sleeping two people to sleeping up to ten people with higher capacities being available in certain circumstances.

Another aspect is the amenities that the RV houses, different sizes of RV come with different luxuries, the cheapest ones being in simplicity, just a van with a bed in the back. The more expensive ones however will be more of an apartment on wheels.

The main aspect, however, will be the class of RV that you choose. There are three different RV classes to choose from.

These are Class A, Class B, and Class C. In this article, we’ve put together three separate price lists depending on the class of the RV. But first, let’s discuss what the different classes of RV are, and how they differ from one another.

What Is The Difference Between RV Classes?

The usual difference between the RV classes is size, with A being the biggest, B being the smallest, and C being somewhere in between. However, this isn’t always the case so here’s a brief guide into the different RV classes.

Class A

Class A RV’s are the biggest of the classes, resembling the size of a bus with some being over 45feet long and sleeping up to ten people.

These RV’s are home on wheels and come with all the amenities you’d need to have the most luxurious road trip possible. However, a big rig like a class A usually comes with a bigger price tag.

Class B

Class B RVs are the smallest of the classes, designed to be as easy to drive as a 4×4 or a small van.

These RV’s are perfect for couples and small family getaways and the price is usually lower, but Class B’s are often are stripped down on amenities, meaning you may have to sacrifice luxury for a smaller price tag.

Class C

Class C’s are the middle-man, easier to drive, and maneuver than the Class A but usually come with full amenities.

Class C fluctuates the most out of the three classes with large ranges in passengers and prices but is often the favorite when it comes to family vacations.

Average Cost to Rent an RV for a Week

Class B RVs

Most Class B RVs are designed to only house two people with some squeezing in as many as 4 people. The main factor to look at in the pricing of Class B RV is the amenities that are on offer.

Very little come with the same amount of amenities as its Class C or Class A brothers. This however does drive down the average price. Below is a list of 7 Class B RVs and their subsequent prices.

The Loaded Solar Californian VanOutdoorsy2Refrigerator, Stove.$259
WandererLost Campers USA2Gas Hob x2.$490
Road Bear B21Freedom Destinations 2Refrigerator, Stove, Shower, Toilet.$508
Chevrolet Converted Camper VanOutdoorsy2Gas Hob.$522
Hotel Sierra with RooftopLost Campers4Gas Hob x2, Cooler, Sink.$572
TrailblazerLIL’RV4Refrigerator, Gas Hob x2, Sink.$650
2019 Mercedes-Benz 4×4 SprinterOutdoorsy2Refrigerator, Sink, Stove, Outside Shower.$1176

The price of a Class B RV ranges from as little as $259 to an upward of just under $1200 depending on three factors. These factors are the number of people that the RV sleeps, the amenities that the RV houses, and to a lesser extent, the age of the RV model.

If you’re looking to live wild and are comfortable with a place to simply cook your meals and rest your head, you’ll probably be looking at the lower end of that price range.

The cheapest option listed will get you a brilliant road trip holiday, but won’t be as luxurious as the RVs on the higher end of the price range. If your price range is that of $250 to $500 then you will be looking at RV’s that have the basic necessities, a bed, and a stove/hob.

If you’re willing to splash out a little on your Class B RV then you can find more amenities over the $500 mark. Usually including a shower and some running water. This price range will give you a relatively comfortable road trip with just that hint of luxury.

If your party is a little bigger than two people but you are still looking at the Class B RV, then there are a couple of affordable options but they will always fall a little higher on the price range than the two-person ones.

This does however mean that they are likely to come with more amenities than that of a two-person RV.

There is a stand-out option at the bottom of this list that may have caught your eye.

The Mercedes Benz 4×4 Sprinter houses a price tag of $1176 for the week when the amenities aren’t all that better than the others on the list and it also only sleeps two people.

This is simply because this RV was manufactured in 2019 making it relatively new. This is something to look out for when looking at renting RVs.

If you’re looking at renting a Class B RV for the week then you’re looking at an average of $500 – $600. However, this price could fluctuate depending on which luxuries you are willing to get rid of, the number of people that you will be bringing on your road trip, and of course the age of the RV model you choose.

Class C RVs

Class C RVs are the RV mid-ground. They usually house more people than the Class B RVs but aren’t as large and boisterous as the Class A RVs.

This makes them a more popular option for family holidays. Because of this, prices may vary, the main factor to consider is the space that you’ll have in your Class C RV.

The less space on offer the cheaper the RV will be. We can see the space that these Class C RVs have by looking at the number of people they sleep next to the dimensions of the RV. Here is a price list of some varied Class C RVs.

C22El Monte RV Market422ft$803
Four Winds 24foot Class C MotorhomeOutdoorsy524ft$840
C-19 Compact MotorhomeCruise America220ft$1094
C25 – Standard MotorhomeCruise America525ft$1106
The Cozy Getaway WinnebagoOutdoorsy224ft$1295
28-31 ft Class C MotorhomeRoad Bear RV728 – 31ft$1322
C30 Large MotorhomeCruise America730 ft$1327

Whereas when it comes to Class B RVs, the more people the RV sleeps usually means the higher the price tag is, on Class C isn’t necessarily the case, especially when looking toward the cheaper end of the price range.

If you’re looking at below $1000 you have the C22 and the Four Winds Class C RVs, at $803 and $840 respectively these look like great deals. However, the aspect of physical space comes into play.

Although at 22ft and 24ft they aren’t the smallest RVs on the list, the amount of people they sleep isn’t scaled to the length. Having four people in a 22ft RV isn’t going to give you much space inside the vehicle.

If you’re planning on spending a lot of time outdoors on your RV road trip, and are just looking for a place for the four of you to sleep and eat, then this would be the perfect option. However, if you’re planning to spend a lot of time in the RV itself and you value your space, it may be best to look at more expensive options.

Toward the middle of the table, you can see the aspect of physical space is important in the $1000 – $1300 range with two Class C RVs, the C-19 Compact and The Cozy Getaway Winnebago only being able to sleep two people.

Being 20ft and 24ft respectively these RVs offer a huge amount of space per person and this justifies the price tag.

These Class C RVs would be perfect for couples who are going to spend a majority of their week inside the RV with the need for amenities that wouldn’t be available in Class B.

The more expensive Class C RVs come above the $1300 range and as you can see sleep a larger amount of people with both the pricest Class C RVs sleeping seven people.

This price tag is more expensive than the cheapest Class A RV’s so why would you still get a Class C RV? There’s a good reason for this, many people feel way more comfortable driving the Class C RV than driving the Class A due to the Class A’s bus-like dimensions.

Therefore, if people would like to sleep a large number of people but wouldn’t feel comfortable driving a Class A, they’d likely splash out a bit on a pricier Class C RV.

The average price for a Class C RV, therefore, falls around the $1100 mark. This is dependent mainly on the amount of space you are willing to give up, if you are an outdoorsy family who is buying an RV to take you from one hike or BBQ to the next, then the cheaper options with less space would be perfect for you.

If you’re a couple looking for a hotel room on wheels with romantic dinners at the table, then you’re best looking at the midpoint of this table, around that $1100 mark.

If you’re looking for a big family road trip with a large number of people but don’t want to lug around a bus-like Class A, then I’d suggest looking at some more expensive Class C RVs.

Class A RV’s

Class A RV’s are the most expensive class of RV’s due to their enormous size. While the other classes of RV could be likened to a van with a small hotel room thrown in the back, the Class A RV would be better described as a luxury apartment that just happens to have an engine at the front of it.

The first thing you notice about a Class A RV is that it is big. Class A’s can be up to 45 feet long with some being even longer than that.

Due to their length, the Class A RV can be notoriously difficult to maneuver and some states require a special license to drive them, however, if the RV is 40ft or under and weighsRVss than 26,000 pounds, you’ll usually be ok. Below is a price list of a few varied Class A RVs.

2008 Fleetwood DiscoveryOutdoorsy640ft$1295
2012 Forest River BerkshireOutdoorsy640ft$1491
129ft Class A Thor Axis Expedition Motorhomes Inc.5 (2 adults, 3 children)29ft$1598
MFMighty Campers USA6 (3 adults, 3 children)32ft$1819
30-32ft Class A MotorhomeRoad Bear RV 6 (4 adults, 2 children)30-32ft$1882
2020 Thor Motor Coach Hurricane Class ARVezy636ft$2065

The cheapest Class A RVs normally fall around the $1250 – $1500 mark with some being cheaper than the more expensive Class C RVs.

The two cheapest on this list, the 2008 Fleetwood Discovery and the 2012 Forest River Berkshire are 40ft in length and sleep up to six adults. They are the largest RVs on the list and sleep more adults than the next three, so why are they the cheapest?

There are two reasons, the first one is the age of the model. The Fleetwood Discovery is 13 years old and the Forest River Berkshire isn’t much better at almost 10 years old. This drives down the price as the model likely has more mileage on it and is in a worse driving condition than newer models.

However, these RVs do come from reputable companies and are definitely still in working condition, just make sure to be cautious when on the road.

The second reason they are cheaper is space. Although these RVs are larger than the more expensive ones, they house six adults meaning that there will be less space than if the sleeping arrangements were divided between adults and children.

For example, the MF sleeps six, but this is divided between three adults and three children. The sleeping space for the children will take up much less space than the sleeping space for adults.

The most expensive option on that list, the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane Class A RV may look very similar to the cheapest option with the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane even being 4ft shorter than the Fleetwood Discovery.

The price difference here is solely based on the age of the model, with the Thor Motor Coach Hurricane being just over a year old. Not only will it likely be more reliable and have less mileage, but the interior will also be much more modern and desirable.

Something very important to note when renting a Class A RV is the additional price of fuel.

It is common for you when renting an RV to be in charge of the fuel prices with many companies expecting the RV to be returned on a full tank. Whereas Class B RVs and Class C RVs are similar to large vans and have a similar fuel efficiency too, Class A is a different story.

Due to their size, some Class A RV’s get as little as six miles to the gallon. This adds a lot of new fees when renting an RV for the week.

Class A RVs, therefore, have an average price range of around the $1600 mark with the price fluctuating depending on the age of the model and the space that you need. Class A RVs are perfect for big family road trips if you’re wanting a little bit of luxury and stay in the RV a good amount of the time.

In Conclusion

Depending on the class of RV that you’d like, prices can range from the lows of $200 to highs of $2000 to rent for a week.

The average price of a small, couple-size class B RV is around $500 to $600 depending on the number of luxuries and amenities you would like to bring with you on your week-long road trip.

The average price of a medium-size family Class C RV is around $1100, fluctuating with the amount of space you’ll be needing for your family holiday.

The celebrity tour bus resembling Class A RV will probably cost you an average of around $1600 depending on the age of the RV model and the space you would like, but keep in mind that with Class A, fuel is a big player in driving up the cost.

Madeline Cooper