8 Awesome Retro Campers (Some New, Some Old)

A lot of people have campers, but not many have retro campers. A retro camper is a camper that has been styled to look vintage and looks like it belongs in the ’60s.

Therefore, some of the campers on this list are modern and are styled to look old but others are actually old, but they all share the same quirky, old-school design elements that will make you feel nostalgic no matter what decade you were born in.

Old, vintage retro campers might be hard to get your hands on now, but it is not impossible and once you have one you will want to take it everywhere and watch people as they look at your camper in awe.

Retro campers tend to be a bit smaller and more compact than modern campers, but it makes them easy to tow. You will not need a big truck to pull them and once you have it hitched on, they are short enough to not get in the way as you reverse or park.

With their small size, you can also fit into tights spots at the campsite that others could only dream of fitting into.

Practicality is not their only strength though because they are also perfect for pictures and creating that visually pleasing holiday scrapbook that will showcase how charming and cute the retro camper is, you may also experience people taking pictures of the camper for themselves so be prepared to answer a lot of questions from curious strangers.

If you buy an old, classic camper that has truly stood the test of time, there will be some disadvantages that come with it that you should keep in mind.

First off, they are really old and even though this is where they get their charm from it can cause some issues.

Since they are so old and most likely not being manufactured anymore, if you need any parts replacing it can be a real pain to hunt them down so to make this happen as little as possible you will have to take extra care with it by keeping it covered, checking the frame, watching for leaks and many other things.

Another thing that old campers lack is the modern features that new campers have such as hot water, power jacks, toilet, shower, and AC just to name a few.

However, this can all add to the retro experience because it wouldn’t be the same if you had a cool-looking camper and all of the luxuries of a new one. 


Scamp Egg Campers

You may see some resemblance to a Campbell’s tin of soup when you look at a Scamp Egg Camper with the bold red bottom and white top. They are small and made out of fiberglass which makes them very easy to tow.

The floor plan can be changed as well to suit your own preferences including air conditioning which brings some of the modern comforts into a vintage camper.

They first began production in the mid-1970s and are still being made today which shows you how popular and timeless they are.


  • Easy to Tow – the camper is small and made out of fiberglass which makes it light and does not take up much room on the road or parking spaces
  • Customizable floor plan – you can change the floorplan to fit your own needs


  • Small – you are not able to fit more than two people at a time comfortably so is not a good choice for families or a group of friends


Happier Camper HC1

This camper was made in 2015 but is designed to look much older with its retro bubble design.

It measures 10 feet long and weighs just over 1000 pounds which is light enough for most standard cars to tow.

It has an innovative interior design method that uses modular components such as cubes for storage, beds, and kitchenettes that can easily be moved around the honeycomb fiberglass floor like Lego.

These components can also be stacked or used outdoors which makes it a very versatile camper for whatever you want to use it for.

The level of customization with the HC1 is very impressive letting you change the color and numerous different accessories and installs.

You can also enjoy a wide entry door, large rear hatch, and large panoramic windows.


  • Easy to tow – the camper is light and short and can even be maneuvered around by hand 
  • Modular components – the Lego style interior lets you change the floorplan easily whenever you want


  • Expensive – prices start at around $20,000 and that is not including extras that you may want to add


Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser

The Gulfstream Vintage Cruiser looks like it came straight from the 50s which makes it hard to believe that it is in fact a modern retro camper.

It may look big and heavy, but it is made with an aluminum frame which makes it durable, strong, and light.

You can choose what color you want on the outside of the camper and has 12 different floor plans to pick from too, allowing you to make this camper your very own.

The interior of the camper is big enough to fit a queen-size bed which cannot be said for a lot of other retro campers.

It also has a unique design choice that takes you back in time as soon as you step inside.

There are dinettes that look like the ones you would find in a traditional American diner as well as wooden overhead cabinets and funky curtains.


  • Big – this camper is bigger than a lot of other retro campers and can fit four people comfortably
  • Light – even though it is big, it is lightweight and can be towed by most standard cars


  • Interior design – the interior design looks much more vintage than other retro campers which may be perfect for some people but off-putting for others


TAB Teardrop

This is a very unique-looking camper and is sure to turn heads as you tow it through the country.

The teardrop design is a nod to many old vintage campers and since it was only made in 2004, it does a great job of bringing vintage back to life but with added air conditioning.

It may be small but it makes the most with the space that it has available and has features such as a kitchenette and wet bath.


  • Retro design – the teardrop shape is iconic and very retro
  • Lightweight – it is easy to tow and move around when unhitched


  • Space – due to its small size and sloped ceiling, it does not offer a lot of space


Heartland Terry Classic

The Heartland Terry Classic is definitely a camper that looks like it has been towed through a time machine because of how retro it looks but it was only made in 2019.

However, the shiny aluminum and panoramic windows also make it look like it came from the future, but either way, it does not look like your average camper on the road today.

The 2019 model has two floorplans that you can choose from, the TE V21 sleeps four people and the TE V22 can sleep six.

It weighs 4,460 pounds and has an interior height of nearly 7 feet which will allow almost everyone to walk around comfortably.


  • Space – you can sleep up to six people at a time depending on what floorplan you choose
  • Panoramic windows – gives the inside a lot of light and gives a great view


  • Limited floorplans – does not give as much personalization as other retro campers as you can only choose between two floorplans


Dub Box USA Dinky

This camper is essentially a Volkswagen Type 2 split in half and is very visually pleasing. It looks very vintage but has a lot of modern features that make it a great choice of camper today.

These features include privacy shutters, portable cooler, roof rack, and an AC heater combination, queen bed, outdoor kitchen among many other things.


  • Stylish – it is a very visually pleasing camper and looks very polished
  • Features – despite its size, it still manages to pack a good amount of features in


  • Small – it is a good size for one or two people but would not be able to fit more than that


Barefoot Camper

The Barefoot Camper is another camper that has been made recently but looks like it has been around for much longer.

You can choose between a range of attractive colors and the interior can be customized so you can create the camper of your dreams.

Even though it is small, inside you will find a soda, kitchen, bathroom, and storage including wardrobes where you can put all of your traveling necessities.


  • Easy to tow – the camper is lightweight and aerodynamic which makes it easy to tow with most cars
  • Customizable – you can customize the color and floorplan to your liking


  • Small – can fit one to two people comfortably but no more


Airstream Bambi Sport 16’

Airstream has been making travel trailers since the 1930s and is still going strong to this day.

Their new Bambi Sport camper uses a lot of aluminum to recreate a retro design and gives you the ability to choose between four floorplans that all make the most of the space available, they all have a dedicated sleeping space, kitchen, bathroom, and convertible dinette space and can sleep up to four people at a time.

The camper is light enough to maneuver easily, fit into tight camping spots, and two with a standard SUV, and you do not have to sacrifice any comforts in order to do so.


  • Interior – this camper utilizes its space really well and when you step in it feels much larger than it looks on the outside
  • Light – it is easy to tow and maneuver when parking or turning


  • High demand – this can be seen as a pro or a con because they are popular which is a good sign but they are hard to get a hold of 

Awesome Retro Campers (Some New, Some Old) Buying Guide

Old VS New

When you are looking for a retro camper, you should decide first if you want to get the real thing and get an old vintage camper but risk the aspects that come with it such as repairments and less modern features.

If you are not so fussed about getting a genuinely old camper, then a modern retro camper can be just as fulfilling, and you do not have to worry about getting specific parts or holding it together with duct tape.

Retro campers also usually cost more than modern campers so keep this in mind when you have decided on a budget. 

8 Awesome Retro Campers (Some New, Some Old)


If you are looking to travel with your family or friends, it may be hard to find a retro camper that can sleep more than two people at a time, but they are out there.

Some even let you choose between floorplans to suit your preferences and are capable of sleeping up to six people.


In order to get a retro camper that can sleep more people, you may have to get one that is not as lightweight as two sleeper campers. This means that you will need an SUV instead of most standard cars to pull it and will make it harder to park and reverse. 

Awesome Retro Campers (Some New, Some Old) - FAQ's

Where Can I Get Retro Campers?

The internet is big and it can be overwhelming when you are trawling through it for your ideal retro camper.

However, there are specific sites you can go on that will do this work for you. RV Trader will show you great deals on new and used motorhomes in your area and will give you a detailed rundown on the specifications of each camper.

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