Best 5th Wheel Campers (Top Rated Picks)

If you want a larger RV but still want the convenience of a unit that you can connect up to your vehicle, fifth wheels are an excellent option. Because fifth wheels are spacious, elegant, and long-lasting, they are suitable for full-time living or make excellent holiday homes.

Because the trailers hook and unhitch easily, residents of these RVs can run errands and take brief vacations without having to transport their entire RV house.

If you are looking to buy your first 5th wheel camper, or are making the change from a regular RV to this one, then you may be unaware of all of the excellent features that these RV’s can provide to you.

In this article, we will be reviewing the top 5 best 5th wheel camper vans that you can get in 2023. We will cover all of the important features of each one to help you make the right decision for your needs.

At the end, we have added a buyers guide so you can know all of the important features you should look out for when buying an RV.

Read on to begin your RV journey!


Heartland RV Landmark

Heartland RV's Landmark 5th wheel camper is all about luxury. It has features and amenities that are usually only seen in high-end fifth wheels.

It has electric bed lifts, three standard air conditioners, hardwood window sills, and other luxuries that aren't generally found in 5th wheels, no matter what their cost.

The size of this camper makes it ideal for full-time RV living. It is spacious and equipped with all of the amenities that one would expect in a home.

While it comes with a lot of the basic features you would expect to find in an RV like this, if you want to splash out a bit more then you can try one of their upgrades. This can mean anything from a bigger kitchen to more seating areas.

The Landmark can sleep 3-6 people depending on which one of the 7 floor plans you choose.

The weight and length of this camper also change depending on your floor plan. The weight ranges from 14,527 lbs to 15,416 lbs, while the length ranges from 39′ 2″ to 42′ 6″.

A 3-year structural warranty and a 1-year warranty on the rest of the vehicle are included with every Heartland RV.

Their high-end brands, such as the Big Horn and Big Country, come with an industry-leading 2-year warranty and are guaranteed for full-time use.

The Landmark is an RV that is on the more costly side of the scale, but it's definitely worth it if you can afford it.

Key Features

  • King mattress in every RV
  • Motorized bed lift
  • Multi-plex lighting system
  • Walk-in closed on 4 of the 6 plans
  • 45,000 BTU cooling: 3 A/C units


Grand Design Solitude

The Solitude was created and designed for those who want to move to RV living full time.

This camper will make you feel right at home with features like a dining nook and an island in the kitchen, as well as walk-in closets in the bedroom. With a large interior space, the whole RV feels spacious and luxurious. 

The exterior height exceeds 13 feet, providing users with lofty ceilings and many cupboards and storage space on the inside.

Grand Design included solid hardwood window covers and panel surrounds in this camper to keep the full-time residents comfortable in this RV.

Residents and owners of this RV are also treated to porcelain bowls and pretty decorative leaded glass in the bathroom. 

Normally, campers with these features cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but Grand Solitude has significantly reduced their cost, making this camper a viable option for people with a lower budget.

Grand Design is a very well-known and respected RV company, so you know you will always be getting high quality and luxury if you buy one of their RVs.

Key Features

  • Height - 13’5”
  • Width - 8’ 5”
  • Length - 34’ 11”
  • Hitch Weight - 2,350 pounds
  • 80” Tall Slide Out


KZ Durango Half-Ton

If you're looking for a lightweight fifth wheel, the KZ Durango could be the one for you.

While all of their 9 floorplans are pretty lightweight, the D250RES is their lightest layout with a dray weight of just 7,300lbs. Their bigger floorplans can weigh up to 10,160lbs, but this is still pretty light.

Modern features and amenities, including all of the newest internet and entertainment options, are included in every floorplan, ensuring that you won’t miss out on anything if you get a smaller floorplan.

Every floorplan has a queen-size bed, pass-through storage, and in some, you can get the optional extra of a fireplace. The interior is available in three color schemes: Hava, Sea Salt, and Gorce Maple/Burnished Wood.

The kitchen features maple-glazed cabinets, stainless steel sinks, and smooth solid counters, adding to the overall luxury of the vehicle.

In the master bedroom, LED lights and a padded headboard are standard, which is rare to see in a camper, these are usually optional extras.

While there is already plenty of storage space on this camper, if you run out you can make use of the large storage area under the bed.

Overall, the KZ Durango is a fantastic fifth-wheel RV. Living in it is guaranteed to feel comfortable, safe, and luxurious.

Key Features

  • Sleeping capacity - 6-8 (depending on the floorplan you choose)
  • Residential-grade furnishing
  • 100 lbs ball-bearing drawer guides
  • Fully-heated and insulated underbelly
  • KZ True 2 Warranty (2-year hitch to bumper limited warranty)
  • Centralized command center
  • Optional 4-point leveling
  • Double door gas/electric 8 cubic feet refrigerator


Heartland Bighorn

Heartland has made another appearance on this list thanks to its Bighorn RV. The Heartland Bighorn fifth wheel has luxurious features, although it comes at the cost of losing some sleeping space.

While most fifth wheelers can sleep 5-10 people easily, the Bighorn is only able to accommodate 3-6 campers, depending on which floorplan you choose.

Still, the Bighorn uses the extra space proved by fewer bedrooms wisely. The typical Heartland's unique features, such as an 88-degree turning radius and basement storage in a drop-frame frame, are included in the Bighorn.

These features are not found on any other camper, making yours more unique than others.

If for some reason you want to sit on the roof, then you can thanks to the very durable aluminum frame of the Bighorn.

Whether you want to sunbathe up heigh or just want to look at the views around you, you won’t have to worry about falling through the roof thanks to this feature.

Multiple leather recliners can be found throughout this fifth wheel, so you’ll never be short on comfortable places to sit.

The real standout feature of this RV though is the kitchen. This area has a large island and a refrigerator, making meal preparation and dinner time a delight. You won’t feel cramped at all in this area.

This RV feels so spacious that you may not even feel like you’re in a camper.

Though it doesn’t have much space for sleeping, the Bighorn more than makes up for it with its many other unique design features that make this RV feel spacious and enjoyable to live in.

Key Features

  • Width - 8’
  • Length - 36’ 3”
  • Exterior Height - 13’ 3”
  • Hitch Weight - 2,725 pounds


Jayco North Point

The Jayco North Point fifth wheel is a versatile RV with eight well-designed floorplans that provide plenty of space and comfort.

Depending on what floor plan you choose, this RV can sleep 4-7 people. The layout of each floorplan was precisely planned to maximize space, especially in the kitchen and living spaces.

The frame of this RV is made from Stronghold VBLTaluminum. Every wall on the North Point RV, including the exterior walls, side room, walls, and real wall, is made from vacuum-bonded laminated gel-coated fiberglass.

What is even more impressive is that the roof features a Magnum Truss XL6 Roof System and is made from a single piece of seamless DiFlexx II material.

What this means is that North Point RVs have the strongest roofs in the whole RV industry.

While this RV comes with many of the standard features that appear on many RVs, like weather protection and double glazed windows, for added cost you can upgrade your RV in almost an endless way, adding and taking away features to make it suit your needs more.

You can essentially customize the RV however you like.

With so many wonderful features that are unique to the North Point campers, this RV will be a perfect purchase for you, whether you want to live in it full time or just use it as a vacation home.

Key Features

  • Shaw vinyl flooring (Made in the USA) throughout
  • Climate Shield zero-degree tested weather protection
  • Bathroom stone and glass tile backsplash
  • 40,000 BTU furnace
  • Handcrafted and glazed doors, drawers, and trim
  • Underbelly fully enclosed and heated
  • PEX plumbing

Best 5th Wheel RVs: Buying Guide

Here are all the features you should look out for an in RV.

Top 5 Best 5th Wheel Campers [2021 Edition]

Type Of Campervan

While we have only looked at fifth-wheel RVs in this list, there are seven types of RV in total for you to choose from, with each one providing its own benefits.

Make sure that you understand the differences between them all so you can make the right decision for your needs.

A fifth-wheel camper is a towable RV that can lock to a truck bed for easy and smooth towing. It has a balanced weight distribution to make towing even easier.

They usually include all of the living spaces found in a standard home like a kitchen, living area, bathroom, and bedroom. They come in a huge variety of sizes and features.

Fuel Type

While gas and diesel both offer their own benefits, you will find that the majority of RVs use diesel as fuel.

While gas homes are cheaper to buy, diesel ones tend to be more fuel-efficient and can handle hills or tough driving conditions better than their gas counterparts.

 Brand Research

Like with everything, certain brands have better reputations for quality than others and it's no different in the RV world. it's very important to do extensive research to ensure you avoid the brands that are known for issues.

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