5 Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5,000 lbs

For some people buying an RV is not an option due to limited storage space and funds but they still have a love and desire for being out on the big open roads of the US.

Bunkhouse travel trailers are a fantastic way of getting your fix of a vagabond lifestyle for a lot less money and also without losing too much garage space.

Travel trailers are attached to your car or van by a simple tow allowing you to hit the road without any fuss.

Bunkhouse travel trailers range in weight and some cars may not be able to tow that many extra pounds that is why a moderate size bunkhouse travel trailer under 5,000 lbs is ideal as it can be hauled by most automobiles.

Never heard of a bunkhouse travel trailer before?

Check out our next section to find out what exactly a bunkhouse travel trailer is before meeting your perfect match in our 5 best bunkhouse travel trailers section.

What Is A Bunkhouse Travel Trailer?

A bunkhouse travel trailer is a type of trailer that has a specific floor plan. In this floorplan, there is always a room that has two or more bunk beds in it.

In most models, the room with the bunk beds is located at the back of the travel trailer, and some layouts may have up to four beds in this room.

Like most trailer’s there are smaller and larger models available with more modern and advanced interiors available too.

The price of a bunkhouse travel trailer ranges, depending on the model and its features.

The weight of these types of travel trailers also varies but in this piece, we focus on bunkhouse travel trailers under 5,000lbs, which would be the average weight for most mid-size models. 

5 Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5,000 lbs

In the below list we look at the 5 best bunkhouse travel trailers under 5,000lbs.

The list is in no particular order and you will find a description of each model as well as pros and cons that we found associated with each trailer that has been featured. 


Jayco Jay Feather Micro 171 BH

Weight: 3,930

This trailer may look bulky and heavy but it is not. Trucks and SUVs will not struggle to tow this great, compact trailer.

The trailer has great space on the inside and features standard-sized bunk beds.

The dining table and built-in couches can be transformed to sleep an additional 2 adults meaning this trailer can sleep up to 6 people comfortably.


  • Lots of overhead storage
  • Features bunk beds and 1 Queen-sized bed
  • 13-inch Awning included


  • TV is over Queen bed so not very accessible
  • Limited access to bunk beds, the only entrance to bunks is from the end of the bed

You can design and purchase your Jayco Jay Feather Micro trailer directly from the manufacturer by clicking here.


2020 Sonic Lite SL169VBH

Weight: 2, 990 lbs

From the outside, this trailer may look more like a sardine can than a relaxing space for campers but the inside is fully kitted with plenty of space.

With overhead storage throughout the trailer, you can easily keep your space neat and tidy.

Every detail has been thought about when Venture designed this bunkhouse travel trailer, even the chairs are compact as they can fold away when they are not in use.


  • Larger bunk beds than the standard size, 28-inches x 87 ¾-inches
  • Murphy bed for additional sleeping and seating space
  • 11-inch awning and flip-up solid steps
  • Access to pass thru storage from outside of the trailer


  • Small windows with limited natural light

You can find local dealers in your area on the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.


Coachmen Clipper Ultra-lite 21BH

Weight: 4,468 lbs

If you like cycling this could be the travel trailer for you. This Coachmen trailer offers a bike door, accessible from both the interior and exterior of the trailer giving you the ultimate ease of access when storing your bike away after a long day on the tracks. 

Enjoy your dinner outside under the whopping 18-inch awning or inside at the designated dinette.

The towing attachment is easy to use and compatible with most automobiles.


  • Sleeps 4 with bunk beds and a 1 Queen-sized bed
  • Storage won’t be an issue in this trailer and even offers a tall pantry to store your food supplies
  • The kitchen area features a double sink, cooktop with 2 burners, and microwave.


  • The linen closet is in the bathroom beside the shower so must be shut tight at all times to avoid linens and towels from becoming damp

You can find local dealers in your area on the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.


Forest River Cherokee Gray Wolf 29TE Travel Trailer

Weight: 4,213 lbs

Traveling with family? This is the travel trailer for you! Not only are the sleeping spaces private this trailer also offers a hot overhead shower which is hard to come by in a compact, bunkhouse travel trailer.

A family could easily stay in this trailer for days at a time with ample space for a travel cot in the main sleeping quarters as well as additional sleeping space available by transforming the couch into a pull-out bed.


  • Can sleep 4 comfortably and up to 8 using additional sleeping spaces
  • Fully functional bathroom
  • Lightweight and easy to tow


  • Over 27 different floor plans are available but not all of them include bunk beds, check the plans before purchasing
  • Is partial to some small occasional problems

You can request quotes from local dealers in your area on the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.


Livin Lite Camplite 14DB Travel Trailer

Weight: 2,870 lbs

This trailer is arguably one of the best travel trailers in the world so it seemed only right to finish off our list with this superstar! This is the only travel trailer made by Living Lite, who typically manufacture RVs.

The bunk bed in this trailer is hidden giving you additional space when you need it.

There are nine different floor plans available for just this model and they range in how many they can sleep as well as features they offer.


  • Sleek aesthetic
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Features an AC
  • Retractable awning


  • Limited seating space
  • Limited storage space
  • Stopped production in 2018 so only second-hand models available for purchase

You can buy this trailer RV Trader to find a second-hand model by clicking here.


Oliver Legacy Elite

Weight: 3,700 lbs

While not technically a bunkhouse travel trailer we simply had to include this cute little trailer. This double-hulled, fiberglass trailer is bursting with character.

The stunning exterior is fitted with a retractable awning and is easy to clean. This small trailer can be used in lots of camping grounds given its compact size.


  • Sleeps 3
  • Jensen Entertainment System
  • Features an A/C and a Furnace, perfect for year-round trips


  • Beds have to be jacked up every morning to make a couch

You can find local dealers in your area on the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5,000 lbs Buying Guide

When you are looking for a new bunk bed travel trailer we recommend considering the below and when looking at certain trailers consider the size, floorplan, features, and the maintenance it may require.

5 Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5,000 lbs


When we say size we don’t only mean how tall the travel trailer is, we also mean the weight.

If you do not have a truck then the number of pounds your automobile can tow will be considerably less.

Always check that you will be able to safely pull your travel trailer on the roads without causing damage to your car.

Most travel trailer dealers will be able to recommend what weight would be best suited to the type of automobile you have.


Like everything, there are many different models of travel trailers and each manufacturer will offer different features as well as different floor plans.

Floorplans refer to the layout inside the trailer. Make sure that there is space to sit, that the walk-through is wide enough that you can comfortably pass through your trailer to different rooms, the bathroom layout, and also sleeping spaces.

In bunk bed travel trailers the bunk beds will be in a room at the back of the rig but some trailers will offer multiple rooms with between two to four bunk beds in each room.

If you plan on having a number of people on the road then a model like this may be suited to you.

Additional sleeping spaces are usually in the main saloon and involve transforming pieces of furniture, such as the seating spaces and table, into a large double-sized bed.

Make sure that you consider how many people will be in the trailer on most trips to find a trailer with a floor plan that is suited to your needs and budget.


You can choose a trailer as basic or as luxurious as you want and need.

Different brands and models will have different features, such as Murphy beds, sockets by the bunk beds, and cooking appliances. 

Write a list of what you would like your trailer to have so that you don’t get blindsided by fancy trailers that offer multiple features that you don’t need that will bump up the price.


Travel trailers are no different than RVs, trucks, and cars, they too require maintenance.

Consider what features a trailer has, will it need electrical maintenance or solely exterior maintenance? How costly will the maintenance be and how much time will the maintenance consume?

Travel trailers are an investment and the more you take care of them the longer you will have them for. 

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 5,000 lbs - FAQ's

How Long Are The Bunk Beds In Bunkhouse Travel Trailers?

Bunk beds in bunkhouse travel trailers can hold the same standard-sized mattress that would be used for bunk beds in a home.

The standard size for this type of mattress is 39-inches x 75-inches. The bunk bed mattress, in feet, is 6’2” long, or 1.90 meters.

Most stores that sell bed frames and mattresses will stock bunk bed mattresses making it easy to replace your mattress should you need to.

Can Adults Comfortably Sleep In Bunkhouse Travel Trailers?

The answer to this question completely depends on the adult in question and what height they are as well as their level of fitness.

Bunk beds are boxed in by three walls, these being the wall at the top and bottom of the bed, the wall running along the inner side of the bed, and the ceiling or bunk above.

Most adults will not be able to sit up in a bunk bed so you will need to be comfortable bending down and climbing into bed, it wouldn’t be an ideal situation for someone with a bad back.

Most mattresses are 6’2” long so you would need to be shorter than this to fit in the bed comfortably.

To get an idea of what the sleeping arrangements are like it is worthwhile visiting a trailer showroom.

Often bunk beds are used for children rather than adults, in which case you would need to have another sleeping area in your trailer.

Does An Over-Cab Bed Count As A Bunk Bed?

No, an over-cab bed does not count as a bunk bed in your trailer.

An over-cab bed is a bed that is located above the driving cab which would not be in a travel trailer. Travel trailers are towed but RV’s are automobiles and they do not need to be towed.

An over-cab bed is usually up at a height so you need to climb up to access it, meaning it is not suitable for small children.

If you are looking for a trailer for one single person or a couple an RV with an over-cab bed could be perfect for you!

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have found the perfect trailer that will get you out on the roads sometime soon!

Each trailer that made our list is something your current automobile could tow, they are compact but not cramped and have a hint of luxury.

The beauty of trailers is that you can set up camp in the middle of nowhere and have some aspects of home comforts even when staying out in the wilderness.

Restock after each adventure so that your bunkhouse travel trailer is always ready for an impromptu getaway.

Madeline Cooper