What Is The Best Grease For Trailer Wheel Bearings?

When trailer wheels get old and stiff, it’s so frustrating for a trailer owner to try and keep them in good condition.

It can be expensive having to replace wheel bearings frequently, so there has to be a cheaper and more sustainable way of keeping your trailer up-to-date.

Using grease is a great way of maintaining your trailer’s wheel bearings and making sure that they’re in the best shape they can be. But what’s the best grease? We’ve got you covered.

What is the Best Grease for Trailer Wheel Bearings

What Is Grease For Wheel Bearings?

Wheel bearing grease is a substance that provides added protection against elements such as water and rusting.

By giving lubrication and preventing corrosion, trailer wheels have never been safer and cheaper to maintain.

Without using grease you leave your trailer’s wheels open to becoming damaged and worn at the bearings and the surrounding areas.

Synthetic grease is a popular option that people may choose when using grease to protect their wheel bearings. This product can contain synthetic oils and consist of standard soaps.

Alternatively, these grease products can have a mixture of synthetic thickeners in petroleum oils.

Synthetic greases are made in water-soluble and water-resistant forms, which aim to battle against rust and keep your wheel bearings healthy and clean.

For those who don’t wish to use these synthetic grease products, many people may opt to go for motor oil or even cooking oil. Both aren’t as good as using wheel grease but are definitely better than nothing.

These are both easily better than using solvents because these will wear away the plastic pieces inside of the bearings and massively shorten the life of your wheel bearings.

What Grease Is Best For Trailer Wheel Bearings?

When high-temperature components are involved, like wheel bearings, silicone-based grease is required to battle these heated situations.

These products are designed specifically to keep your bearings stable under these high temperatures and battle against common elements such as water and rust.

Reducing the erosion and rust of wheel bearings is vital to keeping their life at their maximum.

Some people opt to go for WD-40 Lithium Grease, which offers lubrication and reduces the friction between bearings and keeps them from rusting and other corrosion.

Because it is both water-resistant and heat-resistant, this high-pressure grease is a great option for those in need of help. This product is also great for cars and tools that may require protection.

However, many people may choose to use Lucas Oil Heavy Duty Grease, which offers massive amounts of protection against elements like rust and erosion.

This product is believed to last up to 4-times longer than regular grease and is near-enough waterproof. Stable in all sorts of temperatures, this grease can be seen as a perfect option for high-speed bearings.

Final Thoughts And Conclusion

When it comes to finding the right grease for you, many people need to consider that wheel bearings need to be protected against all weather types, especially with high temperatures and high pressure.

Finding heavy grease that can provide lubrication and protection that you seek, can be a huge decision to make. But once you find the right one, you’ll never go back!

Madeline Cooper