7 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs

Owning a travel trailer can seem daunting at first. They are quite big and can be seen as a bit of a commitment, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

In fact, there are loads of lightweight travel trailers under 1500lbs that could perfectly suit your needs. 

Here, you’ll find 7 of the best lightweight travel trailers under 1500lbs. You’ll also find all of the necessary information you need when it comes to determining what is right for you and all of the camping expeditions that you will be going on in the future. This time you will be camping in style. 

Let’s get started!


Go Little Guy MyPod

You may find that you love camping all on your own, as it provides time for you to clear your head and enjoy your own company as well as the aesthetically pleasing location that you will no doubt find yourself in.

This travel trailer weighs a total dry weight of 760 lbs making it extremely lightweight and perfect if it’s just you, the lighter the weight of the travel trailer the more money you will save on things like fuel.

It’s perfect if you maybe only enjoy bringing your pet camping with you. Remember they love the outdoors just as much as you do.

It’s an incredibly compact trailer, They are factory made and not hand crafted.

But they are made from incredibly good materials making them incredibly durable which is perfect for when you may be going a little bit off the beaten track.

The design of this camper is slim and simple which is perfect for those who prefer a more minimal feel when they go camping.

The size of the overall camper makes it perfect for when you travel alone.

The best feature of this trailer is definitely its weight and the size of it.

It will ensure that you are travelling in the most fuel efficient way possible which is an added bonus for when your destination is a couple of 100 miles away. 

It also comes in five different colors that you can choose from that best suits you and your personality.


  • This is a very lightweight trailer
  • Compact and a very small size making it hugely easy to tow.
  • Has a range of colors to choose from


  • Due to its size and weight it doesn’t have much room for many amenities


Timberleaf Classic

This trailer has a much more vintage feel to it than the previously mentioned trailer. It also has a galley on the back of the trailer which helps it look incredibly professional and very sleek.

You may be a fan of the classic style of campers and if that is what describes you then this is the perfect trailer for you as this design follows that to a T.

It also offers a variety of different colors for you to choose from allowing it to fit your personality and feel more customized for you and your needs.

The materials used during its crafting process are all of an incredibly high quality making this one of the most durable trailers to date.

It is also incredibly well insulated so you won’t have to worry about freezing during the temperature drop at night. 

The siding of this trailer is made from enameled aluminum making it good in all weather conditions and like mentioned, especially the cold ones.

It is handmade which can assure you even more that each and every trailer made is incredibly durable.

It is important the the trailer you select is durable as you won’t always be travelling through the easiest routes and will need something that can take a bit of a knock, which this trailer can definitely do to a very high level. 

It will also ensure that this trailer is by your side for many years to come. It has lots of room for storage and even a shelf mount for you to place some things on.

The length of the trailer is 11.1o feet ensuring enough room for anything you want to bring or if you want to camp with someone there will definitely be enough space for them too.


  • The vintage design
  • It is handmade
  • Various colors to choose from


  • Although it weighs under 1500 lbs you might find that this trailer is too big for you if you prefer to camp alone.


Timberleaf Pika

Weighing in at a dry weight of 1025 lbs this trailer may be the perfect one for you if you are more of a solo camper who would still prefer a little space.

It is 12 feet in length giving you the perfect amount of space to stretch out a little bit. 

As well as offering you space it also has a skylight which will light up the inside during the day and allow you to look out at the stars during the night time.

It will also leave you 36 inches of headroom so bumping your head in this trailer won’t be a problem.

The effects of the skylight are amazing throughout the day; it will make the camper look much more spacious than it may actually be. 

Some campers can feel a little claustrophobic but you won’t have that issue with this camper that is a guarantee.

The interior of the camper really is remarkable. It is fitted with LED lights that will allow you to read your favorite book or comic at the night's end.

It also comes with an electric fan that can spin at different speeds allowing proper air flow and ensuring that you don’t become too hot. 

It has a net that sits above your bed so you can store some of your clothes in there without taking up too much space on the floor or in a travel bag and it also has ports of USB so you can keep all of your electronics charged up on your travels.

As mentioned, some trailers can make people feel claustrophobic, the reason you should not feel that way with this camper is due to its spacious design on the interior, it really will make you feel truly free.


  • Although compact it offers lots of headroom
  • The cargo net storage feature is something we really love
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Fan


  • Works better for people who like to camp alone instead of with someone.


Oregon Trailer DoDrop Alpha

If you are more of an extreme camper and are a big fan of camping in more bumpy spots then you really shouldn’t look further than this trailer right here.

It is perfect for off road travelling so if that sounds like something that you do regularly you might have found the perfect trailer for you.

This really is an incredibly tough and durable trailer that will handle the rougher off road terrain with incredible ease and it won’t even have a scratch to show for it.

It weighs 550 lbs making it an incredibly lightweight trailer which is perfect for fuel efficiency and saving you money in the long run. It is the definition of a durable trailer.

It is made this way by design, it presents absolutely zero features that are breakable. It is practically bomb proof.

Nothing that is unnecessary to its goal of being an off-road durable trailer has been fitted and therefore is best for the people who love handle over rough terrain.

In fact it may handle the rough terrain better than your actual car.

Like mentioned before it is incredibly lightweight and offers you no features other than the essentials. This is in line with the style that the trailer follows.


  • Incredibly durable
  • Easy to tow
  • Great for off roading
  • Perfect if you are a solo camper


  • Offers little comfort and is more focused on its ability to be durable and handle off road situations



The Meerkat trailer is an absolute must for those that love all things vintage. It weighs a total of 1000 lbs making it an incredibly lightweight trailer.

It is 13 feet long which will provide you with enough room to be extremely comfortable. 

It is also perfect if you enjoy camping with someone as there will be enough room for both of you still maintaining relative comfort.

The fact that it is lightweight will also be great for saving you money on your fuel.

At first glance you will see that it has seating space which can be made into a bed big enough for two people. Storage for your belongings will be underneath the cushions of the seating space.

It also has an entire kitchen area that includes an icebox meaning you can store your drinks at a very cold temperature, a sink so you can wash up any plates or cutlery used, a wooden cabinet so you can store any food that you would like to bring such as beans or perhaps some cereal for the mornings it also has a 120v system of electronics so you can charge your phone or even bring a microwave with you.

One other thing that will catch your attention is the headroom that it offers as well as a closet for you to hang your clothes in.

This Trailer really does have everything that you need, you can practically live out of it if you loved the outdoors that much.


  • Plenty of storage for your clothes and food without taking up much room on the interior
  • It is incredibly lightweight which means that it can be towed with pretty much any vehicle
  • Practically an entire kitchen on the interior of this trailer making your experiences of making food incredibly easy and enjoyable.



TAXA Cricket Camper

The Taxa Cricket Camper is another brilliant choice for a trailer to accompany you on your travels.

It presents enough space for up to four people or enough space for one person who enjoys lots of space. 

Don’t worry though the room it uses for the possibility of four campers doesn’t take away from its interior space at all, still allowing you to not in any way feel claustrophobic.

It is designed in a somewhat familiar way to a teardrop camper but it is in fact not that. It is also incredibly durable making it perfect for off roading.

It was actually designed by a NASA engineer so you know for a fact that you are getting one of the best designed trailers known to man and it is truly impressive.

It will also save you lots of money on your fuel because it is a lightweight trailer.

It features great interior space like previously mentioned and overall a very nice design, it is somewhat rover-like, which you can imagine due to it being designed by a NASA engineer. It really is an impressive trailer with very little down side to it.

It is perfect for families as well as solo campers and couples. The rear hatch will allow you to feel like you are stood outside while still standing inside.


  • Can hold up to four people
  • Designed by a NASA engineer ensuring its durability and over product quality
  • Great interior space


  • Due to its rover-like design some people may find it a little off-putting.


Rustic Trail Papa Bear

This particular trailer can hold up to 3 people, meaning if you like to go camping with some of your friends that this may be the perfect trailer for you to start looking into.

It has a smoke detector so you’ll know if anything is burning on the inside when you may be cooking.

It also offers USB ports so you can charge any of your electrical items that you may need to bring with you.

As well as offering USB ports for your appliances to make you feel less claustrophobic it also has two sliding windows, these are great for the summer months and just great in general for airing the trailer out giving you proper air flow.


  • Incredibly lightweight
  • USB Charging slots
  • Sliding windows provide great air flow and great air quality as well as providing direct sunlight.


  • May not offer the most interior space.

Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs Buying Guide

What are Travel Trailers?

For those who don’t know or are just getting started in the wonderful world of camping, a travel trailer is a trailer that you mount onto the back of your vehicle to be toad to your destination, it can work as a place to sleep.

Some of the larger trailers will come with plenty of amenities like stove cookers. The ones that will be provided for you today are known as standy travel trailers, these are tall enough for the owner to stand up in but will weigh less than 1500 lbs and are much more minimal. 


Weight is incredibly important when it comes to purchasing a trailer either for the first time or perhaps you just need a new one. The weight of the trailer can impact how much fuel you use on your journey.

If you are towing an incredibly heavy trailer then you will be using a lot more fuel than if you are towing a much lighter trailer.

Luckily all of the above trailers are under 1500 lbs making them incredibly lightweight and perfect for fuel efficiency.

The lighter the trailer doesn’t always mean the better but in this case we think it does make for the better option. This will mean you can travel much further without having to spend much more on fuel.

If venturing further out sounds good to you then this should definitely be at the top of your list of priorities. 

7 Best Lightweight Travel Trailers Under 1500 lbs

Interior Space

Interior space can be left up to you to decide really, if you want lots of space to move around in then it will be important to you, however if maybe your interests lie elsewhere you’ll find that it isn’t the biggest necessity.

Specifically if it is on the top of your priority list the Meerkat might be the trailer for you.

Having lots of interior space will help you if you normally find things claustrophobic, it can also allow you to bring more items with you than you previously would have been able to if you had a trailer that lacked lots of interior space.

Storage Space

Storage space is again incredibly important when it comes to selecting the right trailer for you.

Some of the trailers above offer very unique ways at maintaining storage space but not taking away from the overall interior space.

The Timberleaf Pika for example offers you a cargo net which is great for storing your clothes in or other various items.

The Meerkat even offers you a wardrobe to hang your clothes in for your trip without taking any room from its interior.

When making your final decision, if you know that you like to camp with lots of items you have brought with you from home then storage space should be an incredibly desirable and important factor to you. 

Although you may not want to compromise other areas for storage space as you can always just bring less stuff with you such as not bring so many clothes, if you are out in the wilderness anyway who needs clean clothes?

Storage space is also great for if you are travelling with a companion as it will ensure that their is enough room for both of your items and neither one of you will have to leave something that you wanted to bring with you.


Durability is incredibly important when deciding which is the best trailer for you, as mentioned above many of the products are incredibly durable as well as being lightweight.

The most durable by far is the Oregon Trailer DoDrop Alpha.

This Trailer is practically bomb proof. Durability is an important factor if you know for a fact that you love to travel off road through very rough terrain.

Some trailers won’t be able to handle that and the purchase will have been wasted in that regard.

If off-roading is what you love to do then be sure to correctly research which trailers are the most durable and suited to your specific needs.


Whether a trailer has an ability to handle electricals can be a more important factor to some than others, but if you know that you will want to be charging your phone or perhaps using a hairdryer then you want to make sure that the trailer has that as a feature.

Some will find that they want to leave their electronics at home for their weekend of camping and for those then whether a trailer has electronics won’t be their highest priority.

How Many People It Is Best For

Many of the above listed trailers are only suitable for one person to be using them, this is unfortunately the case when looking for an extremely lightweight trailer, however that being said many do offer enough room for two people to be camping while still providing them adequate space.

The Rustic Trail Papa Bear offers enough room for three people meaning that you and a couple of your friends can go camping together if that is something that is on your bucket list.

There's no rule saying two people can’t squeeze into one trailer but if it isn’t suited for more than one then you will have a hard time finding comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Durability Important When it comes to trailers?

Yes, we find durability to be incredibly important with regards to trailers especially if you like to go off road.

If that is your intended use then it will be especially important that the trailer you select as being right for you is incredibly durable as some trailers aren’t made for that and will struggle to handle the bumps and knocks for an elongated time. 

So for that reason ensure that your trailer is durable.

Does the weight of a trailer matter?

The lighter a trailer is the more money it will save you on fuel but it will also normally mean that the interior is very spacious and has very little added weight to it. But the most important reason is for fuel efficiency.

Here are some averages based 35 models to give you some ideas.

Is It Important To Have Lots Of Storage Space?

Storage space may or may not be important to you depending on how much you want to travel with, if you are notoriously light traveler then storage space shouldn’t be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to picking a trailer. 

Madeline Cooper