Best Small And Lightweight Toy Hauler

A toy hauler is a larger model of RV that has a small garage installed behind the living area. This garage is accessed via a ramp that makes up the back door.

There is often more than enough space for carrying any ‘toys’ you want to take with you on holiday as well as all your ordinary luggage.

These vehicles are towed behind your truck and often are split between the garage area and standard living space with all the amenities you would typically find in an RV. 

From dirt bikes to ATVs and even a few canoes, there are no limits to the activities you can enjoy while camping with one of these trailers. However, not everyone has a truck capable of towing extremely large loads.

If this is a concern for you then not to worry, as there are plenty of these spacious toy haulers that are light enough to be towed behind a medium-sized truck or even a regular SUV.

What they lack in extra living space, these miniature toy haulers make up for in portability and they are a great solution for carrying all your outdoor sports equipment wherever you need it.

Not only can they be towed behind smaller cars, but smaller toy haulers are often more affordable and can help you save money on fuel.

This list will take you through some of the best small and lightweight toy haulers that you can take with you on your next vacation. 


K-Z Escape E180TH

Suitable for families of four, the K-Z escape is a great towable RV that has enough space for smaller ‘toys’ such as dirt bikes or kayaks. There is a 9ft garage section in this hauler with a fold-out sofa that can easily be turned into a second bed.

If you don’t need another bed, then the sofa can be easily packed away to make room for larger vehicles such as an ATV. 

The trailer itself weighs only 3,210lbs yet has an impressive maximum carrying capacity of 1,790lbs. This gives you more than enough leeway to transport a single ATV, a batch of kayaks, or even a few dirt bikes in the garage compartment.

Loading everything onto the toy hauler is made easy by the ramp at the back as well as the pass-through storage at the front for holding bags and other luggage. 

There is a full-sized bed at the back with a second bunk above it allowing up to 4 people to sleep comfortably in this trailer. Thanks to its compact design, the cupboards, and overhead compartments offer plenty of storage space for kitchen equipment.

This is a suitable all-season toy hauler with insulated walls for keeping the interior warm and toasty in any weather. If you plan to travel off the beaten track, K-Z offers an off-road package to give the toy hauler 15-inch mud tires.

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 3,210lbs
Carrying capacity: 1,790lbs
Garage dimensions (ft): 9(l) x 7.25(w) x 6.5(h)
External Dimensions (ft): 21”6”(l) x 7.5(w) x 107(h)*
Water Tanks (gal): 38(fresh), 32(waste), 32(grey)
Sleeping space: 4-5 people
Heating: 20,000BTU furnace and 8,000 BTU AC.
Amenities included: Fully furnished kitchen, shower, toilet, 13ft awning, and pass-through storage.
Fridge capacity: 4cu.ft
Warranty: 12-year limited 


  • 9ft garage space big enough for a single ATV, or multiple smaller toys.
  • Compact floorplan with plenty of storage space. 
  • Two bunks with a fold-out sofa that can act as an extra bed if necessary. 


  • No ladder for bunk bed. 
  • *height without A/C unit. 


Forest River Wildwood FSX 181RT

The wildwood is a spacious toy hauler that comes completely kitted out with all the bells and whistles you could want.

As well as a queen-sized bed at one end of the trailer, there is also an extra-large fridge, kitchenette, toilet, and many more features for ultimate comfort while on the road.

The A/C unit for this trailer is mounted on a wall in the interior to save on height and to make it easier to adjust as necessary. 

With an 8ft long and 6ft wide garage area there is easily enough space for a canoe, dirt bikes, or even a single ATV. There is a folding sofa and table in the garage that can act as a dining area when you aren’t using all of the available space.

This sofa makes up the only other bed so you may need to sacrifice storage space if you want to bring more than 3 people.  

There is a 43-gallon freshwater tank as well as 30-gallon tanks for black and grey water. This powers the interior shower, and there is also an outside shower attached to the side.

Hot water is provided by the 20K BTU furnace which also supplies all the heating needs of this toy hauler. 

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 3,204lbs
Carrying capacity: 1636lbs
Garage Dimensions (ft): 7(l) x 5’3”(w) x 6.5(h)
Exterior dimensions (ft): 21’8”(l) x 7’6”(w) x 10’2”(h)
Water Tanks (gal): 43(fresh), 30(waste), 30(grey)
Sleeping space: 3-4 people
Heating: 20,000 BTU furnace, 15,000 BTU AC
Amenities included: Shower(internal and external), 12ft awning, toilet, fully furnished kitchen, dining area, outdoor speakers, and LED lights.
Fridge capacity: 11cu.ft
Warranty: 1-year limited


  • External and interior showers. 
  • The dining area can be removed and packed away to make more space in the garage. 
  • Large fridge.
  • Ramp doubles as party patio. 


  • Slightly smaller garage than the competition
  • Limited bed space. 


Jayco Jay Flight Octane

Along with all your mechanical toys, most toy haulers have enough space for 4 passengers to live and sleep in.

That said, if you are going on a holiday with the family and want to take vehicles with you, then you want to ensure things don’t get too cramped.

The Jayco Jay Flight is a little heavier than some of the other options we have looked at but makes up for it with a spacious interior. 

The garage section alone is 8’6” long by 8’1” wide and features two foldout beds for accomodating up to 6 people. This makes it a great option for larger families, although you will need a slightly larger car for towing it.

A combination tub and shower are located next to the main queen-sized bed, so you can even enjoy a pleasant bath while out on the road. 

Loading and unloading are extremely easy thanks to a spring-assisted ramp door. There is an 18ft awning on the side which provides a nice shady space during hot weather.

This Toy hauler comes with a wide range of exciting extras including wiring for installing solar panels on the roof as well as the option for a ramp door that doubles as a patio. 

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 5,785lbs
Carrying capacity: 2465lbs
Garage Dimensions (ft): 8’6”(l) x 8’1”(w) x 7’5”(h)
Exterior dimensions (ft): 26’6”(l) x 8’6”(w) x 11’2”(h)
Water Tanks (gal): 53.2(fresh), 39(waste), 39(grey)
Sleeping space: 4-6 people
Heating: 15,000 BTU A/C, 6 gal. gas/electric DSI water heater
Amenities included: Shower/tub, fully furnished kitchen,  3 TV mountings, Options for generator or solar panel installation.
Fridge capacity: 8cu.ft
Warranty: 2 year limited/ 3 year structural 


  • Highly customizable. 
  • The garage contains two fold-out beds
  • Very spacious and great for large families. 


  • May be too heavy for some cars to tow. 


InTech Flyer Explore

If you are looking for an ultra-lightweight toy hauler that can accommodate 4-6 people then look no further than the Flyer Explore. This trailer is incredibly compact but still able to provide a whole range of excellent features.

Its full-aluminum cage construction makes it very durable and the wheels are built specifically for traveling off-road so you are free to explore wherever you want over any terrain. 

With all the optional accessories included, this trailer still only comes to about 2,020lbs in dry weight and has a carrying capacity of 1,540lbs.

As well as having space in the trailer itself for bikes and even a small ATV, there is a roof rack for storing boats as well as a bike rack attached to the ramp. D-rings are built into the floor for tying your toys down so they don’t roll about during transit. 

There is a roadside tip-out as well as the option to add a second tip-out on the curbside, both of which hold spacious beds that are big enough for three people each. Speaking of options, this toy hauler has lots of customizable features available.

Buyers have the choice between two sizes of awning and a slide-out external kitchen that comes with a miniature camping stove, fridge, and a detachable countertop. 

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 2,020lbs
Garage Dimensions (ft): 8’1”(l) x 5’9”(w) x 5’6”(h)
Exterior dimensions (ft): 13’9”(l) x 7’8”(w) 7’9”(h)*
Water Tanks (gal): N/A
Sleeping space: 4-6 people
Heating: 11,000 BTU Roof-top A/C
Amenities included: Optional slideout kitchen, up to two tip-out beds, overhead storage and bungee nets, front tongue box.  
Fridge capacity: 50 quart
Warranty: 3-5 year transferrable warranty for recreational use.


  • Rugged construction built for traveling off-road. 
  • Great range of optional features and accessories. 
  • Lots of storage space for mechanical toys and general luggage. 


  • Even with two tips-outs, this caravan may be a little crowded when housing 4-6 people. 
  • *height with max air vent option, not including optional A/C unit or roof rack 


Forest River No Boundaries NB1

The No Boundaries model from Forest River is a more compact version of the Wildwood we looked at earlier. This model is designed to have all the luxuries and features of a full-sized toy hauler but still be light enough to be towed by a regular car.

With the addition of a roof-mounted tent, and an extra-large bed in the trailer itself, up to 4 people can enjoy a camping adventure in this miniature hauler. 

When the cushions aren’t occupying all the floor space, the trailer is easily large enough to carry a full-sized ATV, pair of dirt bikes, or even a few kayaks.

Built into the floor is a storage cabinet that also doubles as a footwell for when people are eating at the fold-out dining tables.

There is plenty of additional storage space in the back wall so you won’t have any problem packing all the essentials for your camping trip as well as your outdoor sports equipment. 

Much like the InTech Flyer, this toy hauler has a slide-out kitchen on the outside which features a camping stove and portable fridge unit.

Next to the kitchen, there is a small pantry built into the wall of the trailer so you can make sure you have enough food for your trip without cluttering your interior.

The best part about this unit is its versatility, which allows you to set up a home away from home in an incredibly compact space. 

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 1763lbs
Carrying capacity: 1,973lbs
Garage Dimensions (ft): 6’10”(l) x 5(w) x 4’7”(h)
Exterior dimensions (ft): 13’10”(l) x 7’4”(w) x 7’5”(h)
Water Tanks (gal): 30(fresh)
Sleeping space: 4 people
Heating: 13.5 BTU A/C
Amenities included: Slideout kitchen, batwing awning, storage compartment in the floor, roof-mounted tent
Fridge capacity: 50 Quart
Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Highly versatile living space that can be used for hauling or sleeping. 
  • Batwing awning for staying sheltered in rainy weather. 
  • Slide-out kitchen. 
  • Well insulated. 


  • The trailer may be very crowded with four people in the main area at once.


Winnebago Spyder S35SGT

One problem with some of the toy haulers we have covered so far is that the garage and living space are combined.

This not only makes the space more cramped but there is also the issue of exhaust fumes coming from vehicles as they are driven onto and off the loading ramp.

The Winnebago Spyder solves this issue with the garage and living spaces being separated by a dividing wall. 

There is a queen-sized bed and a sofa in the main living area but there is also the option to add a second queen-sized bed in the roof space of the garage. The Spyder allows up to 5 people to travel in style and comfort.

As well as a kitchen and bathroom, there is also a small lounge and dining area incorporated into the main living area. 

At 7,300lbs dry weight, this toy hauler is the heaviest on this list so you will need a reasonably large SUV or truck to be able to tow it.

The Spyder makes up for its weight though by providing enough room for a whole family as well as an ATV or two. With wall and roof insulation, this toy hauler is still warm and comfy even in cold climates. 

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 7,300(lbs) 
Carrying capacity: 5,495lbs 
Garage Dimensions (ft): 14(l) x 8(w) x 7’10”(h)
Exterior dimensions (ft): 30’3”(l) x 8’6”(w) x 12’9”(h) 
Water Tanks (gal): 100(fresh), 50(waste), 50(grey)
Sleeping space: 6 people
Heating: 15,000 BTU A/C, 30,000 BTU furnace
Amenities included: Lounge, fully furnished kitchen, dining area, bathroom, external shower, and 18ft awning. 
Fridge capacity: 10.3cu.ft
Warranty: 3-year structural warranty.


  • Fully insulated for camping in cold weather. 
  • Outdoor and indoor shower. 
  • Can accommodate two queen-sized beds as well as sofas for comfy living on the road. 


  • Too heavy for most cars to tow. 


Lance 2612 Toy Hauler

This is another larger trailer for large cars, although, at only 7,050lbs dry weight, it is still below the average weight for a toy hauler.

The spacious garage doubles as a lounge and a second bedroom with an overhead queen-sized bed. Don’t worry though there is still more than enough room for all of your mechanical toys from ATVs to canoes. 

Just like the sleek white exterior, the inside of this campervan is incredibly stylish with lite-ply cabinets and a removable carpet. The kitchenette features a regular oven and microwave as well as a sink and aluminum spice rack.

LED lighting is built into the interior and there is even a TV antenna on the roof so you don’t need to miss out on a single luxury while you’re out on the road. 

When it comes to customization, this toy hauler can be fitted with a generator or a solar panel on the roof.

There is plenty of storage space between cabinets, overhead compartments, and the wardrobe in the master bedroom, so you can keep the interior neat and free from clutter.

Overall this trailer is the most lightweight option available for housing 7-8 people on a road trip. 

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 7,050lbs
Carrying capacity: 2,900lbs
Garage Dimensions (ft): 12’2”(l) x 8(w) x 8(h)
Exterior dimensions (ft): 31’11”(l) x 8’6”(w) x 12(h)
Water Tanks (gal): 100(fresh), 45(waste), 45(grey)
Sleeping space: 7-8 people
Heating: 25,000 BTU furnace
Amenities included: Fully furnished kitchen, dining area, bathroom, TV antenna, convertible ramp door/patio.
Fridge capacity: 8cu.ft
Warranty: 2-year structural limited warranty. 


  • Can accommodate 7-8 people in style and comfort. 
  • Spacious garage separated from the main living area by a dividing wall. 
  • Plenty of storage space for normal luggage and mechanical toys. 


  • Too heavy for small cars


Jayco Octane 161 Travel Trailer

The Jayco Octane 161 is another miniature toy hauler that can house up to 4 people. The bathroom and kitchenette are arranged at one end of the trailer, while the rest of the space is left free for vehicles and camping equipment.

Two powered queen-sized beds at located on both walls and they can be raised up above your cargo to keep everything compact yet comfortable. 

With the beds raised above the cargo area, this toy hauler may get a little cramped at times, but there is plenty of extra storage space to prevent overcrowding.

As well as the fully lit interior, there are also LED lights on the outside for easier loading and unloading. There is also a digital TV antenna and a TV mounting just above the fridge. 

Unlike some of the other toy haulers we have looked at, this one doesn’t have any cooking hobs. A microwave/convection oven is included but you may need to bring your own kettle if you need to heat water for a hot drink.

The table in the dining area can be easily removed to make space for more cargo should you need to.  

Key Features and Specifications

Dry weight: 4,390lbs
Carrying capacity: 2,610lbs 
Garage Dimensions (ft): 8(l) x 8(w) x 7’5”(h) 
Exterior dimensions (ft): 20’8”(l) x 8’6”(w) x 13’3”(h)
Water Tanks (gal): 59.2(fresh), 28(waste), 45.4(grey)
Sleeping space: 4 people
Heating: 15,000 BTU A/C 
Amenities included: Powered Queen-sized beds, digital TV antenna, Kitchen with sink and microwave, Removable dining table. 
Fridge capacity: 6cu.ft
Warranty: 2-year limited


  • An efficient floor plan makes the most of the available space.
  • LED lights on the interior and exterior.
  • Spring-assisted ramp door.


  • Beds may be difficult to reach when the trailer is fully loaded.

Buyers Guide

Picking the right toy hauler for you and your family is no easy feat. There are so many different models to choose from, and while many of them may look similar there are always subtle differences to consider.

You want to be able to transport all of your ‘toys’ but at the same time, you need to leave enough space for all of the passengers to live and sleep comfortably. Here are the most important things to bear in mind while shopping for a lightweight toy hauler. 

Best Small And Lightweight Toy Hauler


Before you can hit the road with a toy hauler, then you will need to make sure that you have a car capable of towing it.

Even the lightest trailers will require a medium-sized SUV to pull them along the road. You will want to check just how much the hitch on your car can pull before you start shopping. 

The first thing you should check is the dry weight or Unloaded Vehicle Weight(UVW). This is how much a trailer weighs before it has been loaded up with any cargo.

The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) denotes the weight of a trailer after it has been fully loaded to its maximum carry capacity. If it isn’t listed you can figure it out by adding the toy hauler’s UVW to its maximum carrying capacity. 

Ideally, your truck or SUV should be able to tow the complete GVWR of a trailer, as otherwise you risk overloading it and damaging both the hauler and your car.

Garage Space

How much space you need in the rear of your toy hauler will depend on the type of ‘toys’ you want to bring. Small boats like canoes and kayaks can be laid flat on the floor and strapped in place allowing them to take up very little space compared to a set of dirt bikes or an ATV.

Often there are extra beds placed in the garage area so make sure that you have enough space for your passengers as well as your vehicles. 

As well as garage capacity, you will also want to think about other storage space. On top of all your camping luggage, you will probably need to take equipment for use with your toys, such as motorbike leathers, helmets, and spare cans of fuel.

Pass through storage is a great, unobtrusive way of keeping loose bags safely stowed away where they won’t clutter the interior. Other useful forms of storage include floor wells, overhead compartments, and cabinets. 

Number Of Beds 

Most toy haulers will have a master bedroom area with a queen-sized bed. This is great for couples but if you want to take the whole family on a road trip then you may need more sleeping space.

Some caravans will have tip-out compartments where extra beds can be set up, while others will have powered beds that can be raised above the cargo area with the push of a button. Other furnishings like sofas can often be easily converted into extra beds if needed. 

Basic Amenities

The whole point of owning an RV is being able to enjoy the adventure of camping, without having to abandon all the luxuries and comforts of home. As such you will want to know what extra features a toy hauler includes to make life on the road that little bit more comfortable.

As well as functioning toilets, many models include a shower and some even have a bathtub. The kitchen area is one of the most important and if you are taking a lot of people on your trip then you will need to make sure the fridge is large enough to hold all the food you are going to eat.

Some toy haulers have slide-out kitchens built into the side for a compact cooking solution while camping. 

Other common features include TV aerials and mounts. If you want to run these appliances though you will need to ensure the battery can supply enough energy to power them. Look out for optional add-ons so you can customize your trailer however you want.

A generator makes a great power source, or you can opt to have solar panels on your roof instead. 


This one isn’t as important if you only plan on using your toy hauler in summer. However, if you want to stay warm and cozy on even the coldest winter nights, then you will need to make sure of two things. Firstly what type of heating system is in place.

Many trailers incorporate an A/C unit and a furnace for heating the water tank. To tell how effective these units are at keeping your trailer warm you should check their BTU rating.

BTU stands for British Thermal Units and denotes how much energy your Air conditioner needs to remove heat, or how much energy is required to heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. The higher the BTU rating, the more powerful the heater is. 

The second thing you need to check is the wall insulation. Often the garage compartments won’t be as well insulated as the rest of the van but this isn’t always the case. A good heating system will be inefficient and wasteful if the walls and roof aren’t insulated with fiberglass or foam. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Can A Toy Hauler Carry?

It is easy to look at the maximum carry capacity of a toy hauler and read it as how many dirt bikes or ATVs you can carry. However, it isn’t this simple, and a trailer’s max capacity indicates the absolute limits of its hauling ability.

This includes not just motorized toys, but also general luggage, water in the tanks, and the passengers themselves. With this in mind, only take equipment that is safely within the weight limit so that you can add everything else without overburdening your toy hauler. 

What Is The Legal Maximum Height For A Toy Hauler?

The laws dictating a towable vehicle’s maximum height will vary from state to state. As such you should always double-check the relevant legislation that affects your area, or the area you plan to travel to. 

As a general rule of thumb, your toy hauler needs to be below 13ft 6in to be road legal. 

Does A Toy Hauler Height Include The A/C Unit? 

Most of the time the external height listed for any RV or toy hauler does not include the AC unit on the roof. This isn’t always the case, which is why you should always read the specifications of any vehicle very carefully before making a purchase.  

When checking whether your vehicle complies with the maximum height laws for your state always measure the height of your A/C and add it to the listed external height of your trailer.

Madeline Cooper