Top 10 Best Travel Trailer Brands (With Videos)

The Travel Trailer community has been around for decades, but because there has been a surge in popularity towards this vacation variation, most campers have no idea about the best brands on the market.

Today we are going to correct this gap in many people’s knowledge and show you the best Travel Trailer brands to use on your trip. 

You can expect to learn about the important factors in every Travel Trailer which you should be looking out for, as well as the features which are important to you specifically.

Each brand offers something different, which is why we aren’t just showing you one great trailer. You need to pick a vehicle that makes sense to you and your vacations.

Travel Trailers

Brief Explanation About How We Chose Our Top 10 

There are a couple of factors that helped us examine all of the main brands of Travel Trailer, and were vital in creating this narrowed down, top 10 list. The first factor we looked at was historical quality. 

We wanted to see how good these brands were in the past and how good they are now. If a company has gone up in quality in the last couple of years, that’s great, but some people still hold love for a brand that has worsened over the years.

The second thing we looked at was the price. Although many people save up to buy these pricey luxury items, no one really wants to take out a loan to make the purchase.

We haven’t capped the Travel Trailer price, but if their average price tag is in the millions, then we haven’t added it to the list. We want to be more realistic.

The third thing we looked at was the brand’s focus on comfort and security. No matter where you are setting up camp, you don’t want to feel a cold chill or lie in a hard bed. And you definitely don’t want to be caught in a moving fire hazard.

These safety issues are super important, so we had to take this factor seriously. The last major factor we looked into was around the brand's standard features.

Many Travel Trailers will allow you to add on extra features not on their standard list, but you have to pay out a fortune to do so.

However, those lists are often unending. Instead, we wanted to focus on features that come as standard, so you know what you’ll be getting from a regular trailer in the brand.

These factors helped us narrow down the list. After that, we honed in on each brand's selling point to create the order of best Travel Trailer brands.

Quick Look At Our Top 10 Picks

Haven’t got the time to read through our review? We understand. Instead, check out our quick list of the top 10 Travel Trailer brands below.

Want to know why we have placed them in this order? Keep on reading; we will even give some quick details about each brand if you’re still in a hurry.

A Bit About Each Brand

Each brand in our top 10 manufacturers Travel Trailers, but some also create Class A, B, and C motorhomes as well as the fancier sounding Toy Haulers and Fifth Wheels.

We want to give you a quick rundown about what each brand creates and when they were founded, just so you can learn about their range, experience, and abilities.

Before we do so, we want to explain what each type of motorhome is.

What Do The Trailer Terms Mean?

Class A motorhomes are the biggest, most spacious, and luxurious camping vehicles.

Class B motorhomes are also known as conversion vans. They are super small and don’t have a lot of functionality. They normally only have a driving space, sleeping space, and a couple of outlets.

Class C motorhomes are the most common and look as though they are built onto a truck’s face. They have room to sleep, eat, cook and toilet, but cannot hold as many people as the Class A.

Travel Trailers are the same as the Class C motorhomes, however, they do not have their own engine. Instead, like a trailer, they need to be attached to a vehicle.

Fifth Wheel Trailers are like a Travel Trailer and Class A motorhome combined. They need to be attached to a vehicle (usually a truck) but have an immense amount of space.

Toy Haulers can be any of the above, but with an additional ramp at the bottom, which can be turned into an alfredo dining area or used for disabled access.

What Does Each Brand Create?

1. Airstream

Airstream was founded in 1931, and although they have been around for a long time, they continue to stick to what they know.

Keeping to traditional values in camping, the Airstream only creates Travel Trailers and Class B Motorhomes, leaving true luxury to the hotels.

2. Winnebago Industries

Winnebago was founded in 1958, and unlike Airstream, they have branched out into every type of motorhome they could.

No longer a specialist in one particular type of motorhome, they instead opted to learn about them all. Winnebago makes Travel Trailers, Class A B and C motorhomes, Toy Haulers and Fifth Wheelers.

3. Grand Design RV

Grand Design is our youngest brand on the list and was founded in 2011. Despite their young age, they are making waves in the Travel Trailer, Toy Hauler, and Fifth Wheeler motorhome communities.

4. Happier Camper

Happier Camper is another young brand, this time founded in 2009. Unlike Grand Designs, they want to become ultimate experts in the Travel Trailers, which is why they haven’t branched out further than this.

5. Starcraft

Starcraft is our oldest brand, being founded in 1903! They create Travel Trailers and Fifth Wheelers.

6. Oliver

Oliver Travel Trailers was founded in 2007 and only creates Travel Trailers.

7. Jayco

Jayco was founded in 1968 and manufactures Travel Trailers, Class A B and C motorhomes, Toy Haulers and Fifth Wheelers.

8. Forest River RV

Forest River RV was founded in 1996, and not only do they manufacture all the motorhomes listed in our article, but they also branch out into more unusual variations like Pop Up Campers, Park Models, and Destination Trailers too.

9. Lance

Lance Campers was founded in 1965 and manufactures Travel Trailers and Truck Campers.

10. Shasta

Shasta RV was founded in 1941 and manufactures Travel Trailers, Toy Haulers, and Fifth Wheelers.

Now for the reason why you are here! We are going to explain why these brands are so great, what they have to offer, and we will show you a video link to give you a better understanding of their products.

Airstream Travel Trailers are one of the most iconic and distinguishable Travel Trailers in history.

They were at their most popular in the 1960, and to this day, you can still find vintage coin banks or Christmas decorations floating around shopping stalls.

Being around for so long means that they have a big variety of prices which means that you can opt for a luxury Airstream or stick to their class and cheaper models. Either way, you will receive a well-constructed Travel Trailer.

When it comes to comfort, you know you will be getting a strategically thought-out layout from an Airstream Travel Trailer, which means that you won’t feel cramped while sitting at the table or lying in bed.

You’ll also be given soft pillows and mattresses that can be easily replaced for something more to your liking if preferred.

When looking at the security aspect of an Airstream trailer, you can see that the hob and oven on each trailer are placed next to a heat resistant wall, which means that watermarks and heat marks will not settle and corrode your camper.

A lot of newer and cheaper brands (or even DIYers) often ignore this level of safety and choose a cheaper wall material instead. Airstream, instead, grants you a longer lifetime for the camper.

The common features you can find in an Airstream are a large sleeping capacity (between 4 and 8), high-end kitchen appliances, memory foam mattresses, and ultra-leather seating.

Our favorite features are the quiet stream climate control and the retractable awnings.

The climate control's “quiet stream” design means that you will not hear the AC as it regulates your temperature even though you are in a somewhat hollow building.

The retractable awnings mean you don’t have to fiddle about with construction while you are setting up your holiday. Instead, everything is simple and carefree.


  • Heat Resistant Walls
  • Watermark Resistant
  • 4 to 8 sleepers
  • Standard Sized Mattresses
  • Quiet Stream Design
  • Retractable Awnings


  • Expensive Models Available

Winnebago is another company that has a history that has crept into pop culture.

You can still find retro tops around the internet, which will bring a sense of nostalgia to the camping community.

Although their iconic look has changed and upgraded, the love for this company is still thriving. 

The price of a Winnebago is more reachable than most other companies, but they are still not considered cheap.

And how could they be when they win award after award from RV News, RV Business, and RV Pro!

When it comes to comfort, you can choose a large and spacious design or opt for a space-saving two-person trailer.

Winnebago has 6 different Travel Trailers for you to choose from, but even if you pick the smallest Hike 100, you won't feel cramped.

Winnebago has utilized their space well, creating a shower and toilet space tucked into a corner that would otherwise be left useless.

The wardrobe is also tucked out of the way, and the table can be folded to create more space.

The electric systems are all connected to solar power, which means that you will be saving the environment, saving your money, and barely needing to worry about electric power as you park up your trailer in the sunlight.

Due to their more unusual size, each bed comes with its own custom bedspread and mattress that cannot be easily found elsewhere.

That being said, all of their trailers (even the small ones) have a two-burner cooking top and a refrigerator.  

You can also expect fitted nightshades and plywood decking to any trailer that requires it.


  • Cheap, 2 Sleeper Options Available
  • Well used space
  • Folding Tables
  • Solar Panels
  • Two-Burner Cooking Top


  • Custom Sized Bed Spread
  • Not All Models Are Available Yet

Many people rave about Grand Design RVs, and the comments towards their Travel Trailer are no different.

Their fan base is so strong that if you speak to anyone in the community about Grand Designs, they will have an opinion about the make.
The most stand-out reason to love Grand Designs RVs is because of their wonderful customer service. 

Always ready to help, these hard workers understand everything about their models and will quickly fix any problem you are having by talking to you through a quick fix.

If the problem is severe, they will either order you spare parts or have a professional come to service your Travel Trailer.

This level of dedication is often missing from the older RV brands, which is why this youngster is creating such a big impression in the camping community.

Of course, this level of service will come at a price, and Grand Design Travel Trailers are not something you get on a whim. They are pricey motorhomes, but you get so much for your money.

Their sleek design will make it feel as though you are in a hotel, and yet (unlike some of the older brands), you can expect the fashion to still look luxurious in decades to come.

The spacious interior means that 6 or 8 people can stay in this Travel Trailer without any worry.

Looking at the standard Gran Design features, you will receive a gel-coated fiberglass exterior which means it will insulate well and be easy to clean.

The roof itself comes with a 12-year warranty so that you will be protected from storm damage, and each burner will have three rings and an oven. 


  • Beautiful Design
  • Large Interior
  • Gel-Coated Fiberglass Exterior 
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • Sleeps 6 - 8
  • Large Panoramic Windows
  • Fantastic Customer Service


  • Expensive
  • Not A lot Of Smaller Sizes

If you were hoping for something a little smaller for just a single trip or a two-person getaway, then you should consider a Happier Camper model.

The lightweight trailers are perfect for hitching up to smaller cars, like Minis, and their retro style will make you feel like you're in a movie as you pitch up next to an outstanding view.

The fantastic thing about a Happier Camper interior comes from the “Adaptiv” design.

You can basically have the camper precisely the way you want it, as the honeycomb fiberglass flooring lets you safely rearrange your countertops, bed, sitting area, and everything else as if you were in the SIMs. 

This is another one of the Happier Camper selling points, as you can truly shape the camper into whatever design you like or even choose to ignore features that some people would have thought of as necessary.

Would you rather have more storage space and no table? Sure! Don’t see the point in a kitchen sink? Take it out!

All of these unusual design ideas are easily accomplished without any fuss when you use a Happier Camper Travel Trailer.

This brand also has some excellent additional features that come as standard to most, if not all, of their campers.

One fantastic feature is the 100% double hull insulation fiberglass, which means that you will not get cold even though the walls are thinner than normal.

Another is the stylized panoramic windows which allow you to see a beautiful view without window structures getting in the way.

And lastly, the Happier Camper has side door storage which is perfect for adding more storage space to an otherwise small camper.


  • Ultimate Customization
  • 100% Double Hulled Insulation
  • Stylized Panoramic Windows
  • Side Door Storage
  • Reasonably Priced


  • Only Available In Small Sizes
  • No Flushable Toilet or Shower

Starcraft has the longest history out of all of our Travel Trailer brands, but they started off as a metal farm originally. It wasn’t until 1968 that they officially started making motorhomes.

They like to keep the idea of camping pure and simple, which is why they haven’t added too many bells and whistles to their Travel Trailers.

Instead, everything they have added was included to make your camping adventure uncomplicated and comfortable.

No matter which trailer you go for, you will be gaining a three-year warranty coverage as standard.

This is because they don’t want their customers worrying about wear and tear or unexpected costs. 

Each of the camper’s “Tuffshell” walls has a trademarked lamination technique put onto the Travel Trailer walls so that they will be tough and resistant to heat, water, and hard knocks. 

Recently the company has started its own eco-friendly initiative called Eco Advantage.

This means that their campers are made from renewable natural materials to make their company more eco-conscious and sustainable.

Looking at the features, Starcraft comes with foot flush toilets, which means they are hand-free for better health and safety measures, they each will have durable flooring, so you don’t need to replace the carpets as often, and each Travel Trailer will have a three-burner range and a 17-inch oven!


  • Foot Flush Toilet
  • 3 Burner Range with 17 Inch Oven
  • Durable Flooring
  • Tuffshell Walls
  • Eco Advantage Initiative
  • No Unnecessary Add Ons


  • Old Fashioned Design
  • Not Completely Modernized

The style of Jayco is very similar to Starcraft, and the reason for that is because Jayco bought out Starcraft.

Although their specific qualities and individual selling points were kept separate, you can see that their overall aesthetic has merged together.

That being said, Jayco is one of the best and oldest brands in the motorhome industry.

 This is why they were able to buy out Starcraft and sell themselves to Thor Industries (a company that also owns Airstream).

This combination of companies means that Jayco’s customer service response has jumped up to become one of the leading industry standards. 

They have also branched out to create many other types of motorhomes too, but let's focus on why their Travel Trailers are so good.

They have 9 different types of campers in total, all of which have a good size and a light body, which means that you will be comfortable in the trailer and will be able to easily mount it onto your vehicle. 

Their space-saving technique is to install hide-a-bed constructions, which allow you to create the bed every night and use the space as a dining set in the day.

You can also find immobile bunk beds even covering the roof of the camper or hidden off to one side. Either way, the space has been used to create the most efficient dynamic.

Looking at the features of a Jayco, you can expect to find a Simmons queen-size mattress in most of their models (depending on the size you have chosen), as well as bunk beds with a 4-inch mattress.

You will also receive a two-range burner, a microwave, and a three cubic foot fridge.

 These might seem like standard items, but in reality, the microwave and refrigerator will likely be add ons.


  • Well Established Brand
  • Great Customer Service
  • Large And Comfortable Mattresses
  • Microwave As Standard
  • Large Interior


  • Old Fashioned Style
  • Expensive

The Oliver Brand is a company aimed at people with luxurious tastes.

With camper names like “Legacy” and “Elite,” you can imagine the level of attention, quality, and essential add-ons which make up the essence of this brand.

We have to say it straight off the bat, but Oliver Travel Trailers are not cheap. They have four fiberglass shells around the interior and exterior of the trailers to create a well-insulated and durable motorhome.

This shows that your money would be well spent if you purchased an Oliver Travel Trailer, as this level of protection means you can travel even in the coldest conditions.

Another surprising reason for Oliver’s high price tag is due to their wheels.

All Oliver Travel Trailers will have E-rated, 10 ply, light truck tires, which means they will not weigh down your trailer but can still tackle difficult terrain and rocky paths.

Your suspension will also be protected, and the tires will last you for the trailer’s lifetime.

If you wanted to go camping in an area of extreme weather or rocking ground, then an Oliver branded Travel Trailer would be the perfect companion.

Even the water lines have been double-shelled to ensure that your cold water doesn’t freeze and your hot water stays at a safe temperature.

Now to look at Oliver’s standard features. With this elite brand, you can expect double-shelled plumbing, holding tanks, and drain pipes to stop freezing and overheating.

You can also expect a Quad Shock axle for easy towing and suspension protection.

You will also get, as standard, custom mounted speakers, LCD TVs around 22 inches on a flat-screen, and an automatic awning to ease and comfort.


  • Well Insulated
  • Durable
  • Freezing Proof Pipes
  • Overheating Proof Pipes
  • Balances Suspension
  • LCD TV
  • Automatic Awning
  • Mounted Speakers


  • Very Expensive
  • Often Only Available in 4 Sleepers

The Forest River RC company creates some of the largest Travel Trailers in the businesses; in fact, all of their motorhomes are on the spacious side.

Still, their large interior doesn’t mean the overall trailer is super heavy. You can still move these Travel Trailers with ease and attach them to your vehicle without being a weightlifter.

With every trailer, you can choose 1 of 8 floor plans to create a semi-personalized vision of your camper.

Each one utilizes the massive space that Forest River is famous for, but it can also add in extra beds, more table space, or even an additional storage unit that can be visible from the outside. 

Taking a gander at the special features, every Forest River Travel Trailer has a super-plush evergreen mattress that has been sized perfectly to the bed you choose in the 8 planning versions.

You also receive individual reading lights at the head of your bed. The trail itself will have a high gloss gel coated front cap, which means it is super easy to clean, and a spring spout kitchen faucet so you can wash plates inside with complete control.


  • Large Interior
  • Lightweight
  • Up to 8 Floor Plans to Choose From
  • Super Plush Evergreen Mattress
  • Reading Lights


  • Super Expensive
  • Not Suitable For Rough Terrain

Lance is another fantastic motorhome brand that focuses more on creating important and connected customer support as well as maintaining its well-built products.

You won’t find too many bells and whistles with Lance, as they care more about comfort, stability, and making sure your needs are met as a customer.

All of Lance's designs are practical, and you will receive top-grade materials to create eco-friendly, toxin-free walls which are heat resistant, water resistant, and impact resistant.

This means that not only will your Lance Travel Trailer last for a long time, but its creation also puts less strain on the environment.

If you were to purchase or rent a Lance Travel Trailer, you could expect to find a generous amount of storage and an intelligent floor plan made to help you achieve maximum space efficiency.

Standard features include overhead bunk cabinets, LED reading lights, Queen Mattresses (size permitting), and a two-way double-door refrigerator.


  • Solid Build
  • Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Fantastic Customer Service
  • Practical Design
  • Lots of Storage
  • Double Door Refrigerator


  • Expensive
  • No Additional Technological Add Ons

Shasta is another old-fashioned-looking Travel Trailer brand, but what can you expect from a company that started in the early 1940s.

The Shasta brand is very well respected, but that doesn’t stop people from calling the Shasta RVs “Toasters on Wheels.” 

With these types of comments cheapening their products, Shasta had a company re-design which means that the modern Travel Trailers available today have a more sleek design.

Unfortunately, it will likely seem unfashionable in the decades to come, but that being said, a motorhome is more than just its looks. The reason why we love this brand is because of its quality inside.

The Shasta has a dry bath, which means that the toilet is in a separate location from the shower. For Travel Trailers, this is a rare feature that most campers dream about.

You will also receive a medicine cabinet and a linen closet which many other brands cannot build the space for.

As standard, you can get blackout blinds for the bedroom quarter, which is truly a must-have.

Many Travel Trailers follow different types of shades, but very few of them are truly “blackout” quality.

Shasta recognizes that a good night’s sleep is needed for your active days, so takes pride in their no-light shades.

You can also find quick responsive electrical breaks, so you can take the Travel Trailer down hills without worrying.

If you wanted to sum up Shasta in one word, it would be “practical.” Everything they offer will make your experience smoother.


  • Large Space
  • Dry Bath
  • Black Out Blinds
  • Electrical Breaks
  • Reasonable Price


  • No Additional Technology As Add-Ons
  • Not Overly Modernized

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? Don’t worry, we have more answers. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.

What Is The Worst Travel Trailer Brand?

The worst Travel Trailer brand in 2021 is the Coachmen. Of course, we have not included independent branding in this question, as they are not officially recognized, so instead, we had to go with Coachmen.

They are the cheap version of high-quality Travel Trailers like Forest River. 

Because they have cut costs to give you a cheaper price tag, the quality isn’t good, and you will end up with watermarks, faulty equipment, and a cold environment.

If you want to call customer service, you’ll have a hard time there too, as they do not have a good support system for complaints or repairs.

How Long Does A Travel Trailer Last?

The life expectancy of a Travel Trailer is around 10 years, however, most trailers will last longer.

The expectancy is normally what a manufacturer will give you, so you know that past this date, any faults are due to wear and tear and not the equipment itself.

If you maintain your trailer during its life (by keeping it indoors when the weather goes below freezing, for example), then it can last for 15 or even 20 years.


Hopefully, you can see why we have rated these Travel Trailer brands so well, as they are more than just their history.

Every one of these brands will have a massive and loyal fanbase, but the best way to decide which Travel Trailer is best for you is to understand what you want from it. 

If you were hoping for something cheap, then you’ll have to be okay with a lack of technology added into the trailer (here are some good used options).

If you need something for the rough terrain of your adventures, then you’ll need a brand that caters to those demanding conditions.

Whatever you are looking for, one of these 10 brands will be able to fulfill your needs. Browse through all of them if you need to, but remember to keep in mind storage, comfort, price, and technology so you don’t end up missing out on essential features.

Madeline Cooper