10 Best Travel Trailers With King Sized Beds

Finding a travel trailer that can accommodate your king-sized needs doesn’t need to be an arduous or stressful process.

Contrary to what you may believe, most modern trailers are able to accommodate a king sized bed effortlessly. 

Whether that is through the slide-out mechanisms that have become increasingly popular (and necessary) or through generous floor plans that allow for plentiful bedroom space whilst not compromising the trailer’s living area, you are guaranteed to find the right trailer to suit you in the list below. 

Sleep deprivation is the biggest cause of disease and you should be able to travel comfortably, taking in all of the wondrous sights and smells that this world has to offer without compromising your sleep patterns.

Luckily, sleep deprivation doesn’t need to be an accepted part of your journey and you can enjoy all of the benefits of trailer life whilst still ensuring that you get every wink of sleep that you deserve.

The trailers that are listed below are all highly recommended with numerous buyers testifying for their excellence. They are also all crafted by reputable companies who are experts in their chosen field of trailer-creation.

The floor plans for these models are generous and you do not need to feel claustrophobic or stressed over poor quality sleep during your traveller’s quest.

Read on to find out all about the 10 best travel trailers that are able to accommodate king sized beds. 


Cruiser RVRadiance

This travel trailer contains a king sized bed that is situated at the front of the hitch.

However, there does not appear to be wardrobe space around the bed itself so you will need to locate storage space elsewhere.


Prime Time Lacrosse

This large trailer is approximately 36ft in length and so there is plentiful space for a king sized bed.

The location of this bed is also located towards the front and there is also storage space provided above the bed itself alongside additional storage space that is situated on both sides of the bed. 

The length of this trailer ensures that you do not need to sacrifice any living space in order to incorporate this king sized bed.


Keystone Cougar

This travel trailer has a king bed included and this is included towards the front of the trailer. On either side of the bed is a wardrobe and there is also a space for overhead storage.

This bed is also perfectly positioned as it does not overwhelm the remaining living space. 

While it does have some problems (most RV's do), it's an overall excellent option.


Palomino Puma 31FKRK

This trailer is approximately 40ft in length and thus, accommodating a large bed is incredibly easy.

They have also designed the floor space to accommodate the bed towards the rear of the trailer in a slide-out fashion. 

This ensures that there is copious storage space around the bed itself and allows for additional wardrobes, if necessary! 

Like all RV's, it does have some occasional issues but overall its a fantastic family RV.


K-Z 362BH

This trailer offers two bunk beds as well as a king sized bed! This is the perfect trailer for a family and provides more than enough storage space.

The king sized bed is situated towards the rear of the trailer and the design boasts plentiful space in the bedroom area.


The Venture RV SportTerk Touring Trailer

This trailer boasts a king sized bed which is located towards the front and it’s slide-out function allows for plentiful space around the bed.

There is also a nice window seat offered in this trailer and plentiful overhead storage space. This is an incredible well-rated travel trailer for a reason!


Grand Design RV Reflection 315RLTS

This design is one of the most recommended and this is for a good reason!

It does not come with a king sized bed as a standardised feature but you are able to upgrade from the queen sized bed if you want to. 

This bed is situated towards the hitch and the layout of this trailer ensures that any living space isn’t compromised, allowing for wardrobe space and facilitating overhead storage.


Jayco Eagle

This trailer doesn’t come with a king sized bed but you can add it on. It is stunningly designed and the king sized bed will not take away too much living space.

The bedroom is crafted with a slide-out function and there is therefore copious amounts of storage space and overhead cabinets for your convenience.


Dutchmen Denali

This trailer is only 35ft long but it contains a vast array of features. One of these is a king sized bed that is located towards the front of the trailer.

The slide-out stylised bedroom doesn’t take up too much space and there are overhead cabinets and a small wardrobe for storage purposes. 

This may not be the best trailer design on this list but it offers a king sized bed as standard which makes it convenient for those who are seeking one.


Highland Ridge RV Open Range

This trailer offers a king sized bed as a standard option for most of their trailers.

This all depends on the floor plan of each specific trailer, but you are guaranteed to get plentiful floor space around the bed as well as a generous amount of overhead storage space. 

This Open Range trailer has a familial, warm and open layout that makes it a standout option on this list. This is probably the best option out of all of these trailers as the floor space is beyond inclusive. 

10 Best Travel Trailers With King Sized Beds

To conclude, finding the right trailer that can comfortably contain a king sized bed no longer needs to be an arduous or stress inducing process.

Nor do you have to worry about sleep deprivation causing unnecessary familial tension or arguments with your loved ones.

These travel trailers are more than able to accommodate your favorite style of bed, ensuring that you are able to continue sleeping in comfort even when on the move. 

This is especially important if you are travelling with a partner as you want to be able to enjoy your experience without becoming too sleep deprived!

The trailers on this list are all highly reputable and have been recommended for a reason. 

Travel the world, taking in all of the sights and sounds that bring joy to your heart whilst ensuring that your sleep is not compromised in the process.

The slide out options provided in most of these trailers ensure that your living space isn’t compromised and the majority of these travel trailers also provide a generous amount of storage space, whether in the form of overhead storage facilities or wardrobes. 

You are guaranteed to find the right trailer to accommodate a king in the list of trailers above!

Madeline Cooper