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I can’t believe the amount of spam I get, so I removed the form.  Please use this address to contact me, but replace the AT with @:


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  • Gale Grove

    Thank you for your tour of the interior of the House of Apache Fires. I am currently reading the book of the same title and it peaked my curiosity about this unique place.

    • That’s really great, Gale – thanks for letting me know! I also copied this to that page as I appreciate your comment.

  • Randy Orchard

    I replaced my Norcold some years ago, and hadnt heard about this recall, lawsuit ect. Now it has worked well for all this time but this weekend I think the board went out. Looking around I found your site and this info. How do I now if mine is involved? And what are my responsibilities.
    Model # is N641
    Thanks in advance for a reply

  • Robert Hunter

    Hi. I am camping on FS 525 at this moment, but wondered what you meant when you said the first night men “broke into” your campsite? Should I be concerned about my safety? Thanks

    • Hey Robert,

      It wasn’t me who wrote that about somebody breaking into my campsite. I know you’re talking about a comment I included on the page I did about Sedona boondocking at

      That comment was made by another camper from on Free Campsites –!4001&query=sitedetails about that area. I thought it should be noted, but really, I’ve had lots of friends boondock in that area without any problem whatsoever.

      As a woman who travels alone, I am always concerned with safety, but I would boondock there based on everything I’ve heard from people who have been out there. I’d love it if you would share what you experienced there, though. 🙂

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