The Dometic 300 Toilet Recall (Smell Problems Solved)

There’s nothing worse than having smells wafting around your house, but it’s especially problematic when it’s coming from your bathroom. Technology is pretty fantastic, but unfortunately we have yet to create a toilet that never ever smells.

Products aren’t always as good as they sound on paper either, unfortunately. There are always going to be situations where problems of some kind end up arising.

Having Issues With The Dometic 300 Toilet Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The Problems And Warranty (Plus Smell Problems Covered)

Unfortunately, the first thing that’s going to know about problems in your toilet is your nose, and potentially other people’s noses too.

The Dometic 300 toilet is a prime example of a product that isn’t as perfect as it seems on paper. This toilet has a faulty design, unfortunately.

On the bright side the manufacturer, dometic, has also made it their mission to respond to issues arising with the toilet in a timely manner.

If you have this particular model of toilet in your RV and you are noticing a foul odor, definitely get in touch with them as soon as possible. In return you will be sent the 310 model instead.

If you want to learn more about the problems with the Dometic toilet models, keep reading on to learn more. Usually though the best thing to do is to get in contact with Dometic to solve the issue. 

Updates from the Manufacturer from July 2021: It’s important to note that according to a member of staff that works at Dometic, the problem with the Dometic Toilets is not actually going to be rectified in a recall, it’s based on a warranty problem.

If you are having issues then you need to call 800-544-4881, pressing 1 and then 7 on the messages that come up on the answering machine. You will have the best chances of getting a response either at 8:30 in the morning or 4:40 PM. 

Common Issues With The Dometic 300 Toilet

One big problem that can often crop up with this particular model of toilet is that the toilet tank doesn’t refill.

It doesn’t matter if you are pressing on the foot pedal properly – in some situations you may just find that the water is continuing to flush and never actually stays in the tank of the toilet.

This usually indicates that you have a ball valve seal problem. In this case, the ball valve simply is not positioned in the right place. The ball valve may be at fault or it could also be an issue with the spring that is keeping it in place.

It’s possible to fix it on your own if you have lubricant on hand, or you can just replace the problematic components instead.

Sometimes you may also encounter problems if certain materials are flushed down the toilet. There are many materials that you can flush down a toilet in your own home, but you often can’t flush the same materials in a toilet in an RV.

Doing so can often block the system, and it’s not always fun to clean that up afterwards.

Watch out for your location too. If there is hard water in the location then this can result in mineral or lime building up in the system and this can often cause the system to work improperly.

In order to rectify the issue it would then be necessary to invest in a special cleaner for the job.

For help with the 310 model, see this guide.

Toilet Smells From The Dometic 300

It’s pretty annoying to find yourself in a situation where you are having to deal with smells coming from your Dometic 300 toilet. Unfortunately it’s a pretty common complaint that many owners of this product make.

This is because the manufacturer sealed the two compartments of the toilet internally.

This in itself is not necessarily a problem. What causes the issue is the fact that the seal hasn’t been very well designed, and as such your bodily waste can end up getting stuck in the structure of the toilet. This can then result in an unpleasant smell coming from your toilet. 

You’ll have a pretty easy time picking up on the smell too. It’s very unpleasant. Thankfully Dometic has tried to work hard in order to solve the issue. The last time we heard, Dometic were sending out replacements for the toilet based on the consumer’s warranty.

It would be best to check that this is an option for you by calling the manufacturer directly.

In order to do so, you are going to need to find the model and serial numbers of the toilet in order to make an official complaint. To find this information, you just need to check the rear of the toilet underneath the water valve to find a toilet.

Write the numbers down and call the number for the company any time between 8 am and 4:30 pm, ET.

Dometic 300 Product Replacements

As it turns out, customers have been having problems with this particular model of toilet for quite a while. Toilets are being replaced thanks to the fact that the seals on the toilets are faulty.

We are unsure why, but the seals are very problematic and can end up separating, and as such things like excrement and urine can get into the structure of the toilet.

If you current;y have this model of toilet and you are having issues, and your toilet is also still within its warranty period then you can get a new toilet from the manufacturer – the 310 toilet.

You will need to get in touch with Dometic beforehand though to double check that this is indeed an option.

If your warranty has expired then you are going to need to get a new toilet instead. If you are going to get a new toilet though, make sure that you don’t end up tipping the old one upside down in the process. This can result in a lot of mess that could take you quite a while to clean.

It’s also important to mention that you need to ensure that the base, bowl and the food pedal of the toilet should never be separated in Dometic 300, 310 and 320 toilets. The toilet needs to remain as a complete unit all the time.

If you have noticed that the seal on your toilet has separated then you should get in touch with Dometic. They should then give you the right guidelines on how to handle the issue, and you may also get given the parts in order to fix it too.

Serial Numbers Of Toilet Replacements

It’s somewhat difficult to acquire the serial numbers of the toilets that are eligible for replacement. The information listed here about the replacement toilets isn’t one that’s widely known.

Customers have heard about it in many cases but they don’t always have the right information. This particular problem is also a long running one that has been happening for roughly 6 years.

Historically, Dometic has often sent out replacements for the toilets that aren’t functioning as they should. They have been sent the 310 toilets instead. Sometimes the newer 300 models that don’t have the issues in question are sent out instead, though.

If you have a fixed version of the Dometic 300 then it will usually have a serial number on the back that begins with 04. If you have a faulty version then the serial number will be more likely to begin with 3 and up.

You are going to need to write down the exact serial number and contact Dometic in order to see if the serial number in question is one that will actually qualify to be replaced.

Alternatively you may be able to speak to your dealer since they may possibly be able to fix the issue for you. In any case, the chances are that you should be able to get a replacement that’s free of any nasty smells.

How To Know What Dometic Toilet Model You Own

How To Know What Dometic Toilet Model You Own

It’s often pretty easy to work out which model of Dometic toilet you have. Take a look in the owner’s manual where you will usually find the information. Alternatively you can just look on the back of the toilet unit in order to find the information that you need.

From there, you simply need to call the number listed at the beginning of the article and speak to the Dometic customer service team. In most cases the company has been very good about replacing the problematic toilets and the issue has been solved quickly.

Of course, it’s not a guarantee that you will have the same experience by any means.

If you don’t have a valid warranty for your toilet then unfortunately you are likely going to need to pay for a new toilet or for the parts to fix the issue.

As we’ve said before, this particular toilet problem is a long running one that has been happening for around 6 years, since the very first toilet in the 300 series was made.

In most cases it is usually best to speak to a professional to repair the toilet if this is what needs to be done. This can help you to avoid even more trouble, even if you do end up saving money and time in the process. 

Likewise, you may not be especially clean to do this job yourself since it can get quite smelly and unpleasant!

The Key Differences Between The Dometic 300 And 310

If you check in the owner’s manual for the 300 series then you will note that there are three main models mentioned – the Dometic 300, 310 and 320. In many respects these toilets don’t have many differences between them.

If you look at the picture alone then the only thing that you may notice is that the 310 is a slightly taller model than the 300.

There are other differences, though. For instance, the rough in work measurements are different. The 300 is around 8 and a half inches, whereas the 310 requirees 10 inches. Most of the time the 310s were the toilets sent out to replace the faulty 300 products.

They should work much better in your RV as a replacement thanks to this. 

 The materials differ too. The 310 is made out of porcelain, whereas the 300 model is made out of plastic. This may not seem like a big deal but it can mean a lot when it comes to how long the product lasts and how usable it is. 

The main issue that may come up is the clearance. You are just going to need to make sure that you have the right clearance in order to put the 310 in the same place as the 300. This should not be a big issue in most cases though.

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Dometic 310 Vs 320

These two toilets have the same manual, though they are quite different. For instance, the 320 is much taller than the 310 model and has been elongated thanks to a different design.

You will also have a rimless rinse on the 310 and this can sometimes cause water to spray over your bathroom. Because the 320 has a rim you do not need to worry about this particular problem.

The rough-in for Dometic 310 models is 10 inches, but the 320 requires 11 inches in order for it to fit correctly into a space. 

You will also get the option of either plastic or enameled wood seats with the 320, which you won’t get with the 310 in most instances.


Ultimately the best thing to do is to look at what model of toilet you have, check your warranty and speak to the manufacturer to get your toilet replaced. This will likely cause many of your smell related problems caused by the faulty seals on the Dometic 300 toilet. 

Madeline Cooper