Forest River R Pod Review

Travel trailers give you so much flexibility when it comes to taking a vacation. You can save money on hotels and accommodation which allows you to stay away for longer. You can travel in comfort and keep everything you need with you at all times.

You can cover much more ground and get to see more places than you otherwise would. They also provide a great base for you to explore the great outdoors from.

You also have the option to get away for short weekend trips and make the most of the areas that are closer to your home but a bit too fat for a day trip.

If you are looking to get a travel trailer then you are probably considering the Forest River R Pod. It is a reliable trailer that has been in production for over 10 years.

It is considered to be a very affordable option compared to some other travel trailers on the market, whilst still offering great features.

You might be wondering if the Forest River R Pod is the right travel trailer for you, whether it will meet your needs, and what features it has to offer.

We have answered all of these questions and more in our review of the R Pod, so keep reading to find out whether you should buy this travel trailer. 


Forest River R Pod

The Forest River R-Pod is a travel trailer that is known for being very lightweight as it is has the lowest tow weight in its class. It has a unique shape and there are multiple different floor plans and layouts that you can choose from.

The plan that you choose will have an impact on the hitch weight of the travel trailer, and this can vary from between 307 pounds to 500 pounds. There are several expandable floor plans which include a canvas tent add-on.

This means you can fit a queen size bed and bunk beds in the trailer. Even without the add-on tent, you can fit a queen size bed in quite a few of the floor plans for this trailer.

There is also the option of a wet bath or a dry bath depending on which layout you choose. The dry bath takes up a bit more space, but is worth it if you prefer a more luxurious feel.

The exterior length of the R Pod varies from 18 feet 4 inches up to 20 feet 4 inches.

The exterior or the trailer is made from Azdel, a composite panel that is resistant to rot and provides better insulation than wood. The side walls and floors are made from aluminium, and the roof is one piece of seamless fibreglass.

The R Pod has tinted windows made from safety glass. The chassis is made from powder coated steel which gives the trailer a good, sturdy structure and makes it durable.

It comes with aluminium wheels and nitrogen filled tires as standard, along with dual battery packs and self-adjusting electric brakes.

All of the exterior lights of the R Pod are LED. It has a 120V receptacle and a 20 lbs LP tank with cover included.

The trailer also has a high pressure exterior spray port. You also get a TV and stereo antenna as standard. The R pod comes with a 55 amp converter with charging ports.

The cabinets in the trailer are shaker style with solid core fronts and have a nice homey feel to them. The drawer fronts are made from hardwood. When it comes to appliances the R Pod offers some great features, especially considering the small size of the trailer.

The 6 gallon water heater comes in a choice of electric or gas, as does the refrigerator which measures 3.7 cubic feet. There is also a recessed cook-top with two burners and a glass cover.

There is a 20,000 BTU furnace to keep you warm if you want to use your trailer in the colder months.

When it comes to safety features, the R Pod is well equipped. It has a breakaway switch, a fire extinguisher, an LP detector, a smoke detector, and a deadbolt door lock. There are also some really useful features like a 36 gallon holding tank and LED interior lights.

If you like to take your pet with you in your trailer then you will love the pet-friendly utility hook that is mounted on the frame.

If you have a bit more money to spend and you want to add some optional features to your R Pod then you can pay extra for a 13.5K BTU air conditioning unit, a convection microwave oven, a bike carrier, a power tongue jack, an outdoor kitchen, and even a solar package.

If you want even more features, you could go for the 10 year Anniversary edition of the R Pod which comes with a Bluetooth radio and seamless kitchen countertops along with many more benefits.


  • Because the R Pod is so lightweight it can easily be towed with a small truck or even an SUV vehicle. 
  • The unique shape of the R Pod is aerodynamic which could help to reduce your fuel costs when you are towing. 
  • The exterior walls are made from Azdel which is durable and resistant to rot. 
  • There is a great range of floor plans which include the option for a dry bath, and some of them have the space for a queen size bed. There are also expandable options with add-on canvas tents. 
  • The appliances are good for a small trailer. 
  • The R Pod has good safety features. 
  • The storage space is good considering that this is a small trailer.

  • The refrigerator is quite small so you have to plan your food carefully to make sure you can fit it all in. 
  • Air conditioning does not come as standard and has to be paid for as an optional extra feature. Also, the air conditioning is quite loud. 
  • The build quality is not as good as other travel trailers, but then this is to be expected given the lower price. Some issues include the material on the seats coming loose because not enough staples were used to keep it fixed in place, and the storage doors can be quite tricky to open. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Forest River R Pod Review

Is A Dry Bath Better Than A Wet Bath?

When it comes to camper vans and travel trailers there are two types of bathrooms- a wet bath or a dry bath. A wet bath takes up less space as the toilet, sink and shower are all in one space. It is like a small wet room with a plug hole on the floor.

There is no separate shower cubicle, and usually the whole room is made from the same plastic material that is water resistant. They tend to be a bit cramped but are great for saving space. A dry bath is a bathroom with a separate toilet, sink and shower cubicle.

The shower cubicle will have a curtain or glass screens to step water spreading to the rest of the bathroom. They take up more space, but provide an experience that is more similar to being at home or in a hotel rather than in a camper van or trailer.

Do Forest River Offer Other Travel Trailers?

Forest River offers a range of recreational vehicles, cargo trailers, pontoon boats, shuttle buses and even commercial trucks. Included in their recreational vehicles are many RVs, from tent campers to Class A Motorhomes.

They also sell vehicles from different brands, like Coachmen, Palomino, and East To West. For more information on their products, have a look at their website.

What Kind Of Vehicle Do I Need To Tow A Travel Trailer?

Before you two a travel trailer you should check the towing capacity of your vehicle. If you can’t find the information in the manual then have a look online or contact the dealer that you purchased the vehicle from (this weight guide might help you).

The hitch weight of the travel trailer will vary depending on which brand, make and model you choose to buy. If you decide to buy an R Pod, then you should be able to tow it with a powerful SUV or a small truck.

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If you are looking for a lightweight, affordable travel trailer that still has some great features then this could be the perfect product for you.

It is small enough and light enough to be easy to tow, but still has enough space and amenities to make it comfortable. You get a good choice of layouts and can pay extra for some additional features if you choose.

The only downsides to this product is that you have to pay extra for air conditioning, and that the build quality is not always very good. There doesn’t seem to be an issue with the materials themselves, just how they were put together.

But that being said, it is still a durable travel trailer and you can’t expect to get top quality if you are paying a low price. You get what you pay for and if you are looking for cheap and cheerful then this travel trailer will likely exceed your expectations overall.

Madeline Cooper