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The demographics of the fulltime RVer is getting younger, and more and more are making their living while continuing to pursue their love of travel and discovery.  Here are some websites, blogs and info from those who are supporting themselves and their fulltime RVing lifestyle.

Digital Mastery Ben is a traveling Photoshop guru who sold 98% of his material possessions and started living on a tour bus in 2006. He and his wife, Karen of The Pixel Diaries, are amazing photographers and I can spend hours just marveling at their images!
Fine Arts of Women RVers Julianne Crane interviews women artists “who have chosen to pursue their creative dreams with the help of a recreation vehicle.”
FlexJobs I have never tried them, but saw a recommendation from a friend, so am including it here.  They say they “pound the pavement so you don’t have to. We have a team of excellent, educated, trained researchers who go out and scour the hundreds of online job resources every day (including industry blogs, employer sites, reliable job boards, and more).”
100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs in 2015 – Annual list of the top 100 companies to watch for remote jobs in the year ahead.
How to Get Started Workamping Working on the road while traveling in your RV, also known as Workamping®, can add money to your budget – both by earning money and through savings. Often you get a free or low cost RV site plus are parked in one area for several months, thus saving on travel expenses.
How to Make a Living on the Road A compilation of stories and ideas about making a living on the road – what they do and how they do it.
Jobs, Careers and Income Sources for Travelers Young, fulltime RVers Chris and Cherie of Technomadia share tips for those who want to travel now, not in some distant post-retirement future.  Learn from them and others they’ve interviewed who are living their dream and making a living from the road.
Make Money and Travel A compilation of posts from fulltimers Jason and Nikki Wynn about other folks who make money from anywhere, living the traveling lifestyle they choose.
Mobile Income Sources for Non-Retired RVers – Jobs, Careers and Workamping Chris & Cherie at Technomadia have put together a lot of really helpful information, resources, ideas and things to consider when figuring out how to make some money while still being able to be mobile.
Money Stuff & Earning a Living on the Road By Interstellar Orchard (Becky Schade) – See this “Useful Stuff” page and scroll down to this section for articles on seasonal jobs, Amazon’s CamperForce, working at National Parks (both for the Park Service and concessionaires).
Publishing4Profit Learn how Nick Russell of Gypsy Journal fame has supported his roaming lifestyle for over 25 years.
Support Your RV Lifestyle – An Insider’s Guide to Working on the Road The number one concern I hear from anyone with the dream of RVing is how they can afford to support their travel habit. Jaimie has done an impressive job of gathering resources and inventive ideas for working and traveling. Featuring profiles of actual working RVers, reading their stories will inspire you and provide more than 350 ways to work and volunteer on the road.  As the book says, “We ought to be able to learn some things second-hand. There is not enough time to make all the mistakes ourselves.”  For more info on this and other selections, click link to visit Pine Country Publishing.
Technomadia Cherie & Chris have been traveling full time since 2006, “exploring the intersection of mobility, tech, career, community and serendipity.” They also have a YouTube page, Tales From Technomadia, and I enjoy these video productions with techno tips and other RV related fun.
The Silver Snail Sharon Pieniak is a solo RVer who does graphic design and photography work from the road in her Airstream.
Workamper News A source of job opportunities for RVers for many years, including volunteering in exchange for spots as well as paid camp hosting, etc
Workers on Wheels Bob and Coleen began full-time RVing in 1992 and earned their living on the road even before that.  They started this site after corresponding with thousands of RVers, sharing what they learned from personal experience, as well as that gleaned from employers and managers who hire and work with work campers and other RV workers.  If you’re thinking about work camping or hosting, be sure to check out their article “20 Camp Hosting Questions You Should Ask Before Accepting a Campground Host Job.”
Workin’ RVers A blog from Phil and Rudee where you can learn from their experiences as they travel and work from their RV.
Working Age Full Time RVers A YouTube video from Technomadia on “How to earn an income while traveling” – interviews with fulltime younger/ working RVers focused on how they earn an income while they travel perpetually.
XScapers An RV lifestyle group of  Escapees RV Club. Working on the road or raising a family while nomadic is no longer a rarity but a rapidly growing segment of the RV lifestyle. Modern technology has provided new tools to make life on the road easier, making pursuing this dream increasingly possible for many aspiring RVers.


  • vanessa Tavarez

    So Happy I found this site. I am gearing up and getting ready, figuring out how to buy an RV and where my RV “Tribe” is so we can meet up along the road. I can only afford a cheaper older C class, any tips on financing to buy one?
    Thanks for such an amazing site with so many resources!

    • Hey Vanessa, I’m glad you’re enjoying the site! How exciting you’re in the figuring it out phase! I know that financing older RVs of any kind is more difficult than newer, so I’m sorry I can’t help with that part. Both the motorhomes I bought were about a year old at the time, so I had no problem financing for longer terms since I needed that to make the monthly payments work. I know there are specialty RV financing companies, but have no idea what the deal is there. I do believe it can be done, though, so I look forward to hearing what you come up with!

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