Fulltiming With Kids

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Not everyone who is a fulltime RVer is a solo or an empty-nester retired couple. Here are some families who grabbed the kids and hit the road, giving them the education of a lifetime!

Are Families That Live In RVs Considered Homeless?
Some legal definitions and issues are discussed here in regards to individuals and families living fulltime in an RV, whether or not they travel or are in a fixed location.
Boho Hobos The journey of a woman and her family living in 232 sq. ft. on wheels who throw convention to the wind.  They believe their kids will see, learn and experience things that no child in a classroom gets to do.
Families on the Road Families who are choosing not to wait until kids are grown to hit the road. Their intent is to educate, inspire and support all families who choose this lifestyle.  Links to other families’ websites, too.
Four Kids and a Camper
A full-timing family of six from Ohio who don’t buy into the idea that you have to wait until kids are grown to hit the road.  They share tips and their experiences with other families who say “if only…”
Fulltime Families The mission of this fulltime family of six is to give tools and information to make the most of this kind of family adventure.
Full-Timin’ With Young ‘Uns From RV-Dreams.com forum hosted by Howard & Linda Payne with discussions about issues faced by families traveling with their kids, including “road schooling,” legal considerations and first-hand stories.
Kellogg Show Living in an RV with Twelve Kids – I first heard of this family from an article “Family of 14 Gives up Everything to Live in RV” – Wow! See what happens when you combine a family of 14 and a couple of dogs in a 36′ motorhome as they travel around the country home-schooling the kids and learning a lot from the road, too!
New School Nomads After determining there is no “perfect time” to follow their dream of seeing all 50 states before their two young boys grew up, they took their family on the road and share their “journey, the treasures we find, the people we meet, and the simple moments that fuel our souls.”
Raising Children on the Road Wand’rly article: This is the one area where you’re bound to get at least that one dissenting viewpoint.  “You should be ashamed of yourself to do this with children” or “You’re robbing your kids of their childhood.”  See how this couple answers these judgments and how they make it work for them.
Robillard Adventures This family of five is preparing to start fulltiming and put together this informative article from the research they’ve done about the Pros and Cons of RV Living With Kids.
Simple Life, Full Hearts “6 kids, Daddy and Me in an RV!” A young family home schooling their kids while living life to the fullest on the road in their RV.
The Deans While they don’t have a website, I met this family in 2005 and enjoyed them so much, I put this page together to share their insights and how they home schooled their kids while on the road.
The Ticknor Tribe  “We are just your average family of 14, who happen to live in an RV. We are a conservative christian, home/roadschooling, homebirthing, family who has tossed the American Dream for the Our Family Dream.”
Traveling Kids See why this family is full-timing now with two “newly minted teens” instead of waiting to retire.
XScapers An RV lifestyle group of  Escapees RV Club. Working on the road or raising a family while nomadic is no longer a rarity but a rapidly growing segment of the RV lifestyle.

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