How Are Travel Trailers Measured?

Travel trailers can make going on a trip so much easier because you get all the comfort of your home, just in a smaller, portable size.

When working out the details of your vacation, usually, you will need to reserve a spot at an RV park. When doing this, you will be asked the length of your trailer, so that you know whether your trailer will actually fit their grounds.

How Are Travel Trailers Measured

Another reason for measuring the length is for fitting accessories like a protective cover. Although you can find dimensions listed on the manufacturer’s label, it is always a good idea to measure the trailer for yourself.

So in this guide, we will quickly explain how travel trailers are measured.

How Travel Trailers Are Measured

Before we get into measurement specifications, let’s first look at how a travel trailer is measured.

To measure a travel trailer, start at the ball mount and record all the way to the back bumper.

The RV Industry Association, RVIA, says that the length of floor space that is available to use should be used as the trailer’s length. So this length should exclude the tongue or rear bummer. This means that a trailer’s advertised length will be a few feet shorter than its overall length.

But when buying a travel trailer, exact standards might not exist. This is why trailer owners should always find out the exact measurement when purchasing. You need to know whether the trailer length is the usable floor space, or whether it also includes the rear bumper and tongue.


When you get to a campground, you will be given a length by campground staff. This length will typically include the tongue and rear bumper, and will not just be the usable floor space.

However, campground spaces do usually compensate for a few feet of leeway. So if your length is slightly off, then it should not matter.

Travel Trailer Width

There is no standard width for a travel trailer as it will vary between bands and their models. But, you do want to make sure that your trailer is no wider than 8 feet and 6 inches. This is because state laws do not permit this.

To find the maximum legal width of a travel trailer, make sure to look up the laws for the state you plan on visiting.

National Parks Trailer Length

The maximum permitted travel trailer length is decided by individual parks.

In some parks you can get away with a travel trailer that is up to 40 feet in length. However, in most others it will be smaller — in many parks, 19 feet is the maximum length. So it is pretty clear that the shorter your travel trailer, the more national parks you can get into .

If you want to find out exact travel trailer length restrictions for parks then check out this resource.

Average Travel Trailer Height

Just like width, there is no set standard for travel trailer height. Most travel trailers will come in at about 11 feet high. On average you will find travel trailer heights of about 11 feet. But make sure you take into account any roof mounted accessories as well.

Heights displayed by manufacturers may or may not include roof mounted features, so it is best to measure it yourself using a tape measure.

Measuring Travel Trailers

And that is how travel trailers are measured. Taking your time, and do things slowly is always the best way to measure. Do it like this, and you will only need to measure once.

Rushing can cause errors, which only means that you will need to repeat the process. So take care, and obvious as it sounds, remember to record your measurements.

Madeline Cooper