How Much Does a 13-Foot Scamp Trailer Cost?

Small trailers are a popular option for those that love to travel but don’t want the fuss of a big trailer or caravan. Small trailers give you all the space you need for your adventures and are far easier to maneuver.

How Much Does a 13-Foot Scamp Trailer Cost?

Small trailers occupy less space on roads and are affected far less by strong side winds or the drag from large passing vehicles.

Small trailers are, for this reason, a common choice for those who are new to this style of vacation. If you need more space, you always have the option of popping up an awning or tent for a bit of extra room.

For the best experience, why not choose a Scamp trailer? As each trailer is custom-made for each customer, you are guaranteed to get the perfect trailer for yourself.

How Much Does A Scamp 13-foot Trailer Cost?

The 13-foot Scamp trailer is the lightest and most compact trailer available from Scamp and prices start from $15,000 but some customizations will increase the price to $22,000.

This article will quickly take you through some basic customizations that Scamp offer that increases the cost of this size of trailer.

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Why Does The Cost Vary So Much?

Each trailer is tailor-made to each customer and are all built to order to reach each customer’s specifications. As there are so many customizations available, costs can racket up pretty quickly.

Choosing a deluxe or standard version of the trailer is the first cause of many price discrepancies. The Deluxe Scamp Trailer is perfect for those who like a little bit extra from their trailer as it comes with a screen door, gravel shield, rear upper cabinet, and silverware drawer.

These extras are not available with the Standard Scamp. The Deluxe also comes with a refrigerator and your choice of oak or birch cabinets, as opposed to the Standard’s icebox and fiberglass cabinets with wood panel doors.

This does not mean that the Standard model is in any way lacking, and may in fact be a better choice for those who enjoy the simplicity of camping with a trailer.


The next most common cause of a price hike is the dilemma of whether or not you choose to have a bathroom.

For many 13-foot Scamp Trailer lovers, a bathroom is an unnecessary accessory that takes up vital space inside the trailer. Space that is instead used for additional storage or sleeping capacity.

For both Deluxe and Standard models the bathroom, if chosen, will be installed along the front of the trailer.

These bathrooms are quite rare for trailers of this size as they are wet and come with a toilet, small sink, shower, and an extra closet behind the door of the trailer for some extra storage.


The layout you choose for your Scamp trailer will also impact the price. There are two layouts available for each of the Standard and Deluxe models, depending on whether or not you opt for a bathroom.

The layout of a Standard trailer with a bathroom includes a water tank underneath one of the bench seats at the rear of the trailer, and the front of the trailer is dedicated to the bathroom.

If you choose to opt for a trailer without a bathroom, this space is instead a decent-sized sofa that you can convert into bunk beds, and the bench that would have held the water tank is instead used for storage.

Both of these trailers will include a kitchenette with a sink and gas stove, an icebox, and a dining area that comprises two bench-style seats and a table that converts into a bed.

Similarly, a Deluxe model with a bathroom will have a water tank under one of the seats at the rear of the trailer while the front is used as a bathroom. If you decide against a bathroom you will instead get an extra dining area of two seats and a small table.

The bed at the rear of the trailer is the same as a Standard model – it is a table that converts into a bed. The bench-style seating for this table is also a similar design but the closet near the trailer door is perhaps better suited as a pantry for Deluxe models.

Optional Extras And Additional Equipment

Optional Extras And Additional Equipment

There is a huge array of optional extras available from Scamp that can quickly add up to increase the price and weight of this super compact trailer. Below is a short compilation of the most common extras that are the most expensive.

Air conditioning will quickly ramp up both the initial buying cost and the running costs for your Scamp trailer but, for some adventurous, the promise of constant cool air even in the height of summer is enough to ease the sting of the cost.

Scamp has recently unveiled their new air conditioning unit that is the most efficient and environmentally friendly yet. This new unit is lighter than previous units by around a fifth which makes it more appropriate for the compact 13-foot Scamp trailer.

Awnings are a fantastic addition to any small trailer, providing that extra space when you need it. They do, however, have the tendency to drive up the price of a Scamp trailer.

If you do buy the awning that is optional with the Scamp trailer you can be sure that it is of the highest quality and is bound to last for a good number of years of adventuring!

Other extras that come with a price tag include an electric range hood for that little bit of extra safety when cooking, a 16000 BTU furnace for compact but efficient heat, a water pump and grey tank, as well as vinyl or carpet flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A 13-foot Scamp Trailer Cost?

A 13-foot Scamp Trailer can cost anywhere from $15,000 to $22,000, depending on the model and the various features you choose from.

Scamp trailers are all custom built which means there are no ‘fixed menu’ models to choose from – you are able to select which features you need to create a trailer that is tailored to all your camping needs.

Why Does The Price Vary So Much?

The price of a Scamp 13-foot trailer varies so much because of all the extras available from Scamp. However, the biggest sources of increased expense come from choosing the Deluxe bathroom layout over the Standard without a bathroom.

Other expensive options include air conditioning, heating, water tanks, and other small finishes that can quickly add up.

Where Can You Buy A Scamp Trailer?

As Scamp makes all their trailers to order, you need to get a new trailer directly from them. They are based in Backus, Minnesota but do have a website that is easy to navigate for those that are not local.

Scamp will also deliver your trailer to anywhere in the Continental United States if you are unable to go and collect it from the workshop in person. For more information on the cost of this service, check out Scamp’s website for a quick quote.

Where Can I Buy Second-Hand Scamp Trailers?

While new Scamp trailers are only available from the manufacturer, you will be able to find second-hand and refurbished models from appropriate workshops, stores, and websites.

Be aware that these trailers are so popular and durable that they are well-loved so they can be hard to come by!

How Much Does A 13-foot Scamp Trailer Weigh?

It is important to be aware of the weight of anything you are going to tow and this super-compact trailer is no different. The Standard model of this trailer has a dry weight of 1200 to 1500lb, while the Deluxe’s dry weight is 1300 to 1600lb.

This lightweight trailer can be towed by just about any truck and medium-sized SUV. The Standard model and lighter Deluxe models can even be towed by smaller SUVs but be sure to check your trailer’s final weight with Scamp when you pick it up.

What Vehicles Can Tow A 13-foot Scamp Trailer?

There are some popular car models that are able to tow 13-foot Scamp trailers, making them the perfect choice of caravan for those who don’t have the budget to buy a new car too.

  • Jeep Cherokee – you will be able to tow a trailer weighing 3500-7200lb, depending on the size of the car’s engine.
  • Chevy Colorado – these cars can tow 3500-7000lb with ease.
  • Toyota Tacoma – depending on the engine size, these models can tow 3500-6800lb.
  • Nissan Pathfinder – these cars can tow 6000lb which is more than enough power to tow a 13-foot Scamp trailer.
  • Ford Explorer – the towing limit of this car is around 5600lb which is again more than enough for this trailer.

Be cautious of towing with a car that has a towing capacity that is similar to the dry weight of the trailer. A Subura Forester has a maximum towing capacity of 1500lb so theoretically you would be able to tow a Standard model or a stripped-down Deluxe model.

Just remember that any cargo, fuel, and extras you travel with are likely to push the weight of the trailer over the 1500lb threshold.

What Car Can Tow A 13-foot Scamp Trailer?

When towing trailers, you need to be sure that your car is towing below its maximum towing capacity. This is partly to preserve the health of the car engine but also because it is illegal to tow anything above the maximum towing capacity of your license.

How Do I Winterize My Scamp Trailer?

Firstly, make sure you empty all the water tanks and put in RV antifreeze to prevent the system from freezing. Make sure you leave all faucets and your toilet if you have a bathroom open to prevent stagnation of air and the build up of unpleasant odors.

Next on the list is disconnecting the battery to prevent it from discharging over the winter months. Ideally, store the battery inside when the weather gets cold to prevent it from freezing but do not store it directly on top of a concrete floor as this will ruin it.

More basic but essential safety precautions also need to be taken include locking any windows and doors and disconnecting your propane at the tank.

When Do I Winterize My Scamp Trailer?

There is no set date for trailer winterization but, as a ballpark estimate, your trailer needs to be winterized before the weather gets so cold it could freeze.

This is not universally applicable, however, as a trailer that is stored indoors will not need to be winterized to protect against the cold.

You will also need to follow a process similar to winterization if you will not be using your Scamp trailer for several months. This will help keep the trailer fresh for your next adventure but check the owner’s manual if you are ever unsure.

Are There Any Larger Trailers Available?

If the 13-foot Scamp trailer is too small for your needs, why not try the 16-foot and 19-foot trailers? Though the vast majority of optional features can be put on any of the three trailer sizes, do check as not all are universal.

Some additional features are further limited to Deluxe models of Scamp trailer so do keep this in mind when trailer hunting to avoid disappointment.

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