12 Incredible 3 Bedroom RVs (Videos And Pricing Included)

Recreational vehicles, or RVs for short, are a great way to create a miniature home away from home for taking your family on vacation. They feature all the essential facilities such as toilets, showers, and kitchen areas, so everybody can stay warm, dry, and well-fed in any weather.

Bedrooms are also included to offer a good night’s sleep even while out on the road.

Most RV’s are great for families of up to 4 people, but they will quickly get overcrowded when it comes to accommodating larger families.

Cramped living arrangements don’t make for the best holiday, and when you factor in everyone’s luggage as well, then you may quickly end up with no space to move. 

Thankfully you can buy extra large RVs with up to three available bedrooms. This allows bigger families, or large groups of friends, to travel together while still having a little bit of personal space.

Needless to say, three-bedroom RVs are some of the largest models available for sale and you will need a suitably large truck to tow them.

There are four main types of campervan large enough to house three bedrooms, which include travel trailers, fifth wheels, class A motorhomes, and park models. We’ll be looking at all of these different types as we break down the 12 best three-bedroom RVs. 


Jayco 29.5BHOK Eagle HT Fifth Wheels

Since this trailer is a fifth wheel it utilizes a jaw hitch rather than the conventional ball and coupler method used by travel trailers.

Jaw hitches attach straight to the bed of a pick-up truck offering a more secure connection that will ensure the trailer isn’t going anywhere once it is attached.

The 29.5BHOK can sleep up to 9 people and has a spacious interior full of amenities and useful features.

There is a pass-through storage compartment at the front of the trailer which is great for holding luggage and other equipment that you don’t want to keep inside.

As with all Jayco fifth wheels, the walls and roof are fully insulated to keep the RV nice and warm, even in cold climates.

As well as a master bedroom at the front with a queen-sized bed, there is also a compartment at the back with four bunks and a tri-fold sofa in the middle section should you still need an extra bed.

All the necessary cooking facilities can be found on the inside, and there is also a compact outdoor kitchenette built into the bunkhouse wall. This features a mini-fridge, hob, and cabinets for storing dry ingredients.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $78,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 9,290
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 1,960
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 35’1”(l) x 8’1”(w) x 13(h) 
  • Number of beds: 1 queen size, 4 bunks, 2 fold-out sofas. 
  • Warranty: 2-year limited


  • Private bunkhouse with a door.
  • Options for solar panel installation.
  • Both indoor and outdoor kitchens.


  • This RV can hold up to 9 people but only has one bathroom. 


East to West Della Terra 271BH

This travel trailer is remarkably light and capable of being towed by most medium-sized trucks. Despite its lack of weight, the sizable interior is packed with excellent facilities and furnishings.

There is a king-sized bed at the front, with two double bunks at the back and a jackknife sofa in the middle so up to 7 people can comfortably sleep in this RV.

The bathroom has two doors, one on the inside and another on the outside so you don’t have to walk through the trailer to access it.

The dinette area is extra-large for accommodating large families. There are two fridges as well as a pantry so no one has to go hungry during your trip.

With storage space beneath the sofas and plenty of overhead cabinets, you won’t have any problem packing away your belongings to keep everything neat and tidy.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $30,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 6,835
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 2,750
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 34’4”(l) x 8(w) x 11(h)
  • Number of beds: 1 kings size, 2 double bunks, 1 jackknife sofa. 
  • Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Shower and bathtub included.
  • Option for a fireplace in the main compartment.
  • The double bunks each have their own window for ventilation.


  • The bunkhouse is separated from the main living space by a curtain, offering limited privacy. 


Keystone Retreat 39FLFT

Destination travel trailers are a more portable form of park model RV, which are designed to be kept in one place.

While they shouldn’t be moved around as much as regular travel trailers, you can still hitch these mobile homes to your car and transport them to your holiday destination.

The Keystone retreat is a roomy destination trailer with a double loft. A king-sized bed is located at the front, and directly above there are three more futons in the loft space as well as a tri-fold sofa in the rear.

With three slide-out compartments, this trailer has a generous and beautifully laid-out floorplan.

The kitchen has both an oven and a microwave along with a large pantry and a 15cu.ft refrigerator.

To help with cleaning, Keystone has incorporated a central vacuum system into one of the walls. This comes with a 30ft hose and spare vacuum bags so you can keep your trailer clean and tidy.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $66,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 12,907
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 1,093
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 40’11”(l) x 13’5”(h) (width not specified)
  • Number of beds: 1 king-size, three futons, one tri-fold sofa
  • Warranty: 3-year structural


  • Inbuild central vacuum with 30ft hose.
  • Entertainment center with 15inch TV.
  • Incredibly spacious interior.


  • This is a destination trailer and therefore not designed for a life on the road or frequent traveling. 


Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite 300BHS

As the name suggests this travel trailer is extremely light with a dry weight of only 5,975lbs. This means it can be easily attached to smaller vehicles as long as they are capable of towing half a tonne.

There are three bedrooms, with a queen-sized bed in the front section and a bunkhouse in the back that has up to four mattresses, one of which will have to be placed on the floor.

In the middle, there is a sofa and dining area, both of which can be converted into two more double beds if needed.

Pass through storage is included at the front of the trailer for holding luggage and other large items. Throughout the trailer, there are numerous cabinets and overhead compartments for holding clothes and other personal belongings.

The TV and entertainment system is built into a rotating wall so it can be used in the main lounge area or in the master bedroom.

As well as being super cheap, this travel trailer is also very affordable when compared to the competition.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $44,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 5,975 
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 1,625
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 34’5”(l) x 8(w) x 10’1”(h) 
  • Number of beds: 1 queen size, 4 single mattresses, two fold-out sofas
  • Warranty: 10-year water ingress warranty


  • Magnetic sliding doors separate the three living areas for more privacy.
  • The entertainment system can be used in the master bedroom and lounge area
  • Two in one bathtub and shower.
  • Lightweight can be towed by most medium-sized trucks.


  • One person may have to sleep on the floor in the bunkhouse. 


Prime Time RV LaCrosse 3370MB - DSO

The Prime Time lacrosse offers a sizable interior with two private bedrooms at the front and an entertainment lounge in the back.

With a queen bed in the master bedroom, two bunks next door, and a fold-out sofa in the main living space, up to 6 people can easily fit in this compact luxury travel trailer.

On the outside, there is a 12’6” awning with LED lights, a small D-ring for leashing pets to the outside of the trailer, and an inbuilt bottle opener next to the door.

Pass through storage is also built into the front of the trailer to help keep your RV’s interior free from clutter.

The bunkhouse is its own separate room, which offers both you and your children the opportunity for some privacy and alone time.

This trailer’s whole back wall is taken up by the entertainment system which features a large TV and sound system.

You can watch the screen from a comfortable sofa that folds out into another bed if needed or choose one of the two recliner chairs on the opposite side.

The best feature of this trailer is the large windows which will let in plenty of natural light and offer a brilliant view of the road while traveling.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $46,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 7,823
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 3,297
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 37’7”(l) x 8(w) x 11’1”(h) 
  • Number of beds: 1 queen bed, 2 bunks, 1 tri-fold sofa. 
  • Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Two private bedrooms.
  • Large entertainment center combined with kitchen.
  • Big windows.


  • Limited kitchen storage space.


Thor Motor Coach Challenger 37DS

So far all the RVs we have looked at have been towable models that have to be hitched onto your car. However, if your car isn’t strong enough to tow a massive trailer, then consider choosing a Class A motorhome instead.

The Thor motor coach is a bus and mobile home all combined into one with an overhead sleeping area above the driver’s seat, a fold-out sofa in the lounge, a mid-section bunk room, and a master bedroom in the rear.

At max capacity, this mobile home can accommodate up to 8 people so it’s a good thing there are two bathrooms.

There is a 39in TV above the dining area, as well as a smaller TV in the master bedroom and a third 39in screen on the outside, providing easy entertainment wherever you are.

The master bedroom has its own en-suite shower and toilet, while the second restroom opposite the bunkhouse has a bathtub.

Plenty of overhead compartments are included throughout the length of the bus to provide lots of storage space, and there is 192cu.ft of exterior storage for holding bags and other items of luggage.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $245,000
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs): 24,000 
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 39’1”(l) x 8’5”(w) x 12’11”(h) 
  • Number of beds: 1 king bed, 2 single bunks, 1 fold-out sofa, 1 drop-down double bed. 
  • Warranty: 6-year lamination, 12-year structural, and 1-year limited warranty.


  • Three sleeping areas separated by sliding doors.
  • This motorhome can be driven rather than needing to be towed.
  • Lots of exterior storage space for luggage and other items.


  • Limited kitchen counter space. 


Forest River Alpha Wolf 30RDB-L

Many of the RVs we have looked at make their interiors larger by using as least two slide-out sections. Forest River has managed to create an equally roomy living space by utilizing only one slide-out.

The floorplan for the Alpha Wolf is a thing of beauty with a super-u dinette and a jackknife sofa opposite a fireplace situated below the TV.

There are two kitchens, one inside and a slide-out exterior one for impromptu barbeques while you’re camping.

When it comes to sleeping areas the Alpha wolf can house up to 8 people at a time in three separate bedrooms.

A queen bed is located in the front, with a fold-out double sofa bed in the lounge and a bunkhouse in the back behind a barn-style sliding door.

As well as the residential fridge, there is also a walk-in pantry ensuring you’ll have more than enough space for all your food.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $35,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 6,918
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 1,859
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 37’6”(l) x 8(w) x 11’2”(h)
  • Number of beds: 1 queen bed, 2 double bunks, 1 jackknife sofa 
  • Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Spacious floorplan with only one slide-out.
  • Exterior and interior kitchen.
  • Three separate sleeping areas.


  • Spacious restroom but no bathtub. 


K-Z Sportsmen 362BH

The K-Z Sportsmen has many of the features of a park model with sliding glass patio doors and a sizable interior.

However, it is also a fully functional travel trailer with water tanks, onboard batteries, and most importantly the ability to be towed.

A U-dinette is placed opposite the kitchen offering a great communal area for larger families. Kitchen counter space is somewhat limited but includes a fridge, oven, microwave, sink, and a small pantry.

The master bedroom is located in the back and the wardrobe contains all the necessary wiring for a washing machine and dryer.

At the front, there is a bunkhouse with three bunks, one of which has a miniature dining area beneath it.

When full, this trailer can host up to 7 people with ease. Pass-through storage is included at the front as well as numerous cabinets, wardrobes, and overhead compartments for storing all your clothes and personal belongings.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $38,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 8,250
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 2,210
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 40’9”(l) x 8(w) 11’4”(h)
  • Number of beds: 1 king bed, three single bunks, 1 tri-fold sofa 
  • Warranty: 2-year limited


  • Hybrid destination and travel trailer with a roomy floorplan.
  • Glass doors and large windows to let in natural light.
  • Prep for two TVs in both bedrooms.


  • Limited kitchen space


Coachmen RV Chaparral 373MBRB

The opposite of the Alpha Wolf we looked at earlier, this Coachmen Chaparral has a total of five slide-outs to create a vast living space for 7-9 people.

With a dry weight of 13,030lbs, this fifth wheel is definitely only towable by comparably large pick-up trucks.

There are two bathrooms, one in the front next to the master bedroom and another in the rear with a bathtub. 

As well as double bathrooms, there are also two kitchens, an interior one and another one on the outside, complete with fridges and cooking hobs.

This RV has three separate bedrooms and for once one of them doesn’t pull double duty as the lounge.

In the front, there is a master bedroom with a queen bed and right next door there is another room with two double bunks.

At the very back, there is a third room with a flip-down bunk above a fold-out sofa.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $80,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 13,030
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 1,970
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 42’6”(l) x 8(w) x 12’6”(h)
  • Number of beds: 1 queen bed, 2 double bunks, 1 flip-down bunk, 1 foldout sofa bed. 
  • Warranty: 1-year limited.


  • Three separate bedrooms and a lounge.
  • Interior and exterior kitchens.
  • Two Bathrooms.


  • Very heavy, can only be towed by a heavy-duty truck. 


Thor Motor Coach Hurricane 35M

This is another class A motorhome very similar to the Thor challenger but with a more streamlined layout. There are three sleeping areas including a king bed in the back, two convertible sofa beds, and a drop-down bed above the driver’s seat.

In total this RV can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people. To help with this there are two bathrooms and a comfortable combined lounge and kitchen.

In terms of storage, there are plenty of overhead compartments, wardrobes and one of the cupboards contains prep for a washing machine and tumble dryer.

On the outside, there is 117cu.ft of exterior storage so you can keep the interior clean and free from bags.

There are two TVs, one in the master bedroom and another in the main living area. This is a comfortable and spacious mobile home that is great for camping and road trips.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $182,000
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs): 22,000
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 36’11”(l) x 8’3”(w) x 12’4”(h) 
  • Number of beds: 1 king bed, 1 drop-down double bed, 2 convertible sofa beds. 
  • Warranty: 6-year lamination, 12-year structural, and 1-year limited warranty


  • Doesn’t need to be towed.
  • Two bathrooms.
  • Lots of storage space both inside and out.


  • Very limited kitchen space. 


K-Z Durango D348BHF

This fifth-wheel RV is very heavy and will need a suitable large truck to tow it. However, it compensates for its weight with a large living space that is neatly separated into three sleeping areas.

The front has a king-sized bed and there is a bunkhouse at the back with its own separate bathroom. The lounge can be converted into an extra bedroom if needed by making use of the fold-out sofa.

There is an external kitchen with a slide-out griddle and minifridge as well as the main cooking area inside the vehicle.

With two showers as well as two toilets, the 76-gallon water tank may deplete faster than you expect so be prepared to refill reasonably often.

The kitchen island is fitted with a sink and offers extra counter space for when you need it.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $92,000
  • Dry Weight (lbs): 12,500
  • Maximum carrying capacity (lbs): 2,495
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 42’2”(l) x 8(w) x 12’10”(h) 
  • Number of beds: 1 king bed, 2 foldout sofas, two bunks.
  • Warranty: 2-year limited.


  • 12cu.ft main fridge with second minifridge and pantry.
  • External and internal kitchens.
  • Spacious sleeping areas with plenty of spare beds if needed.


  • The water tank may be too small for all the bathrooms and sinks. 


Forest River Berkshire XLT 45CA

Forget a mobile home, Forest River has designed this class A motorhome to be a 4-star hotel on wheels.

If you choose two sofas instead of the optional theatre chairs, then you can potentially have up to 12 people living in this motorhome.

This means there is more than enough space for most larger families to live comfortably without overcrowding.

The compact bunkhouse features a flip-down top bunk so it can be used as a wardrobe when not in use.

This bus comes with all the bells and whistles you could possibly need with simple easy controls for your slideouts among other features.

A central vacuum system is included for hoovering your living space, and there is a solar panel on the roof to recharge your battery and ensure you always have power.

There is a TV on the inside and another external screen so you can relax and be entertained no matter where you are.

Price and Specifications

  • Price: $390,000
  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (lbs): 47,000
  • Exterior dimensions (ft): 44’11”(l) x 8’4”(w) x 12’9”(h)
  • Number of beds: 1 king bed, two bunks, 3 convertible sofa beds, 1 drop-down double bed.
  • Warranty: 1-year limited.


  • Two bathrooms with showers.
  • Versatile sleeping areas, the bunkhouse can be used as a wardrobe when not in use.
  • Solar panel on the roof.
  • Central vacuum system.


  • The farmhouse sink takes up most of the kitchen counter space. 

Incredible 3 Bedroom RVs (Videos And Pricing Included) Buying Guide

A three-bedroom RV will only be necessary if you plan to take a lot of people on your camping vacation or road trip.

If you do have a large family or a big group of friends then these trailers will offer roomy living space with all the luxuries of the home right at your fingertips.

The next section will take you through some of the most important things to consider when buying an ultra-large RV so you can find the right vehicle for your needs.

12 Incredible 3 Bedroom RVs (Videos And Pricing Included)

The Different Types Of RV

There are four types of RV that are big enough to hold three bedrooms, including travel trailers, fifth wheels, destination trailers, and class A motorhomes.

All of these options except the motorhomes have to be pulled behind a truck and the main difference between them is how they are towed.

Destination trailers are the least portable and are very close to park model RV’s which aren’t designed to be moved at all.

These trailers can be pulled behind a vehicle but it isn’t recommended to do so frequently. These are a great choice for those who want to park their RV up in a single location for a long time.

Travel trailers and fifth wheels are generally lighter than the destination models and both can be towed behind a truck.

However, while travel trailers utilize the standard ball and coupler hitch mechanism, fifth wheel RV’s uses a jaw hitch to attach directly onto the bed of a pick-up truck. If you have a good towing truck then fifth wheels offer slightly more hitch security.

On the other hand, travel trailers are sometimes a bit lighter which will save on fuel and be suitable for slightly smaller trucks.

If you don’t want to tow anything, then consider buying a class A motorhome. This option is often more expensive than the alternatives, but you will have the ability to drive your RV wherever you want without the need for a second vehicle.

How Private Are The Bedrooms?

If you need three bedrooms to accommodate your whole family on a road trip, then you will want to make sure that everyone is comfortable during the ride.

Most ‘three bedroom’ RVs have at best two bedrooms with a lounge that can be converted into a third. The only problem with this is making sure all your guests have some degree of privacy to get changed.

Always check how many doors there are on the interior of a trailer so you can gauge how many separate areas there are for people to have some personal space when they need it.

Are There Sufficient Amenities?

With 8-12 people potentially living in your RV all at once, you will want to make sure that you have more than just beds. Think about the number of people you want to travel with before you buy.

As well as considering the number of bedrooms, ask whether the other amenities will be sufficient for all of your guests.

This includes checking the capacity of the water tanks, the available fridge and pantry space, if there is an inbuilt power inverter or not, and whether there are enough entertainment facilities for everyone. 

Incredible 3 Bedroom RVs (Videos And Pricing Included) - FAQ's

Do You Need A Special License To Drive A Class A Motorhome?

As long as your RV is under 26,000lbs in weight, you won’t require a special license for driving it.

As well as weight, always check the laws in your state dictating the legal maximum height of a vehicle. Generally, all RV’s and towable trailers should be below 13’6” high to be road legal.

Madeline Cooper