What Is The Lightest 5th Wheel? Solved

Exactly what is the lightest fifth wheel on the market? After all, there can obviously only be one. Well, you may be surprised at just how extremely lightweight the winner is.

The lightest fifth wheel RV that you can currently buy is so lightweight that it’s barely half the weight of its nearest contender!

What is the Lightest 5th Wheel - Solved

Where Does The Name “Fifth Wheel” Come From?

Camping enthusiasts will likely know that a fifth wheel is a type of RV that is usually a lot smaller than a standard sized RV. They’re designed so that you have all of the benefits of a larger RV, but in a much more compact size.

They’re perfect for people who are looking for the conveniences that you get with an RV – a portable living space, with room for many people and a place to cook – but perhaps don’t have the same space available for storage.

However, it’s quite likely that many fifth wheel owners don’t actually know where the name originates. It actually comes not from a wheel that makes contact with the ground, but one that connects the RV to the front vehicle.

This isn’t really a wheel in modern times, but instead is a coupling in more of a U shape.

However, originally, during the era of horse-drawn carriages, they were indeed circular wheels – and they served much the same purpose as they do today.

They were part of the connection between the axle and the carriage that allowed the carriage to have some freedom to pivot. The carriages traditionally had four wheels – hence the name “fifth wheel”.

Today, the term lives on and still is used to refer to the coupling. However, most people will know the term “fifth wheel” as referring to the type of RV that uses it..

Fifth wheels are extremely popular amongst RV owners for a number of reasons.In fact, it’s quite possible that a fifth wheel is a great choice for you too!

The hitches of a 5th wheel make it easier to turn than other options. In addition, you’ll find 5th wheels tend to have a better safety record.

Weight is better distributed, and the hitch also makes for a more secure anchoring point.

Also, fifth wheels actually use a lot less gas than a class A motorhome would! This is of course because you can use a much smaller vehicle to pull one of these smaller RVS.

What Is The Lightest Fifth Wheel?

When it comes to lightweight fifth wheels, there really is only one contender. Most 5th wheel RVs can’t even come close to the size or weight of the smallest. In fact, the most common 5th wheel RVs often weigh between twice and four times what this RV does!

The lightest fifth wheel trailer is the 19-foot Scamp. As fifth wheels go, they simply don’t come in a lighter and more compact size than this!

There simply isn’t anything that’s even close to the weight class of the 19-foot Scamp. It’s the winner by a long shot.

The 19-foot Scamp has a dry weight of between 2000 and 2400 pounds for the standard version – which rises to between 2400 pounds and 2900 pounds dry weight on the deluxe version.

As you can see, there simply aren’t any contenders when it comes to weight – the 19-foot Scamp has them all beat, and by an absolutely huge margin.

Most other fifth wheels will have a dry weight that’s absolutely huge in comparison to the 19-foot Scamp. You’re looking at at least 7000 pounds for the average 5th wheel RV.

When you compare that to the Scamp which comes in at under 3,000 pounds dry weight even in the heavier deluxe model, you can see that there is simply no comparison.

The Scamp is by far and away the lightest fifth wheel that it is possible for you to get.

What Are The Features Of The Scamp?

First, let’s get the cost of the Scamp out of the way. Considering everything that you get in such a small package, you’ll be pleased to learn that the Scamp starts at an extremely reasonable $20000! Even for such a small RV that’s not a lot considering all that you get!

As mentioned before the Scamp is extremely lightweight even the heaviest deluxe version comes in at a dry weight of only 2900! Of course its light weight also implies that it is probably not the biggest RV on the market. Indeed, the Scamp is just 19 ft long!

And of course one of the biggest advantages of this lightweight and relatively short length is that it can easily be towed by a smaller vehicle. In fact, you’ll find that you have no problem towing the Scamp on a half-ton truck!

However, don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just a 1 or 2 person RV, as the Scamp in fact has sleeping capacity for 4 people! That is extremely impressive when you consider just how compact the package of the Scamp is!

Why Is The Scamp So Light?

What is the Lightest 5th Wheel

Considering the extremely light waves of the Scamp it’s no surprise that it has to be a little different than the average RV. but just how is this extremely low weight achieved?

Well, one of the most obvious ways is through the sheer size of the Scamp! In comparison to the majority of RVs, the Scamp is extremely small, coming in at just 19 ft long. This of course is far shorter than the average RV.

It’s also just 8 feet 10 inches high, and 6 feet 8 inches wide. Compared to most RVs, these dimensions are extremely small – and yet the Scamp still provides enough space for everything you need on a weekend getaway.

However the relatively diminutive size of the Scamp isn’t the only reason that it is so lightweight. The other main factor in the extremely light weight of the Scamp is the material that was used to build it.

The Scamp is made from fiberglass. This in itself isn’t extremely unusual – after all, caravans and RVs often use fiberglass in their construction.

However, the Scamp uses a double fiberglass hull with no internal frame. This is extremely different to the majority of fifth wheels, which are built-in standard stick frame construction.

Most RVs will have a framework that is made out of either wood or aluminum. The Scamp uses neither of these – in fact the Scamp lacks an internal frame entirely.

The double fiberglass hull is more than strong enough to be the only thing used to build the Scamp out of.

Of course that’s not to forget the insulation layer that is applied to every Scamp.

The Scamp uses what the company calls super insulation. It’s applied to the ceiling and walls, and provides an R-15 insulation value to this tiny yet practical RV.

What Is It Like Inside The Scamp?

The Scamp actually comes in three different layouts. There is one single standard layout and two deluxe layouts. There are some features however that are common to both the standard and deluxe variants of the Scamp.

Whichever model of Scamp you choose – whether it’s the standard model, or one of the deluxe models – they all come equipped with enough sleeping space for 4 people.

There’s also a small yet attractive kitchen with a propane cooktop that has two burners. You’ll also have some counter space ,a sink, and a fridge – as well as a bathroom with a small bath, a shower and a toilet.

What Is The Bathroom Like?

Well there’s no point beating around the bush here – the bathroom in the Scamp is inevitably going to have to be very small.

You’ll find that you have just enough room to stand up in unless you’re a taller person of course – however even that is probably going to be a squeeze.

You’re unlikely to have a lot of room to stretch your elbows out, to say the least.

This of course is what one should realistically expect out of an RV of this size. After all, there’s only so much room inside the Scamp – so naturally the bathroom can only be of a limited size.

However, despite its diminutive nature, this bathroom is still able to provide you and the three others who can sleep in the Scamp with everything you need to stay clean and healthy while you’re on your camping adventure.

You’ll find a small wet bath, a shower and of course the obligatory toilet that’s tied to a 9 gallon black water tank.

After all, no matter how small the RV is, you’ll not find any one who wants to sleep in one that doesn’t have a toilet!

What’s Different About the Deluxe Version?

As previously mentioned the Scamp comes in two versions – the standard version and a heavier upgraded deluxe version.

And as of course mentioned in the previous section, whichever version you choose to buy, there are of course some amenities that are standard to the Scamp.

You’ll get the aforementioned sleeping space for 4 people, kitchenette, and small bathroom no matter which model of Scamp you purchase.

However, there are of course some differences between the standard model of Scamp and the deluxe model of Scamp. Some of these are perhaps more minor than others.

One of the most notable differences between the standard version and the deluxe version of Scamp is the decor.

It’s probably fair to say that the decor of the deluxe model of Scamp is of an overall higher quality than that which is found on the standard model.

That’s of course not to say that the decor of the standard Scamp is shabby in any way – but the deluxe model is just a little nicer in this regard.

For example the majority of the cabinetry in the standard model of Scamp is done with molded fiberglass and basic wooden doors.

However, the deluxe version of the Scamp has upgraded wood cabinetry throughout the interior – and in addition, has actual countertops as opposed to the molded fiberglass that you’ll find on the standard model.

Regardless of whichever model you purchase – whether it’s the deluxe model or simply the standard base model – you’ll be more than pleased with the interior.

Of course, it’s definitely true that for those looking for the absolute nicest experience, the deluxe model will certainly offer a better grade of interior decor.

What Other Equipment Can I Get?

This is actually another hidden space-saver and weight saving thing about the Scamp and depending on your needs this can either be a positive or a negative.

One of the other main reasons that the Scamp comes in at such a shockingly low weight of under 3000 pounds even in the deluxe model is because a lot of features that may often be considered standard and larger are in fact optional extras on the Scamp.

When you think about it this is probably fairly reasonable – and for a good number of reasons. Not least of course the fact that with only a 19 foot-long frame, there simply isn’t very much room inside the Scamp. And of course compared to other RVs, it’s a little narrower and a few feet less tall too.

Overall the Scamp has quite a lot less internal space then pretty much any other RV that’s available on the market – so it should really come as no surprise that a lot of the mod cons that you’ll be used to in larger RVs have to be optional extras on the Scamp.

However don’t let the fact that the Scamp perhaps comes a little less well equipped as standard then a larger RV fool you into thinking that there aren’t plenty of extremely useful optional extras that you can add to the Scamp to enhance your camping adventures!


The Scamp is clearly by far and away the lightest fifth wheel RV that you can buy! If you’re after something that will keep you warm, fed, and clean on your next camping adventure, the Scamp could well provide everything you need in a small package!

Madeline Cooper