The 5 Longest Travel Trailers You Can Buy

When you’re ready to pack up, hit the road, and visit all the places that you’ve always dreamt about exploring from sea to shining sea, you’ll want to do so in comfort and style.

After all, if you’re going to be spending more than a little time on the highways and byways of America, you don’t want to feel like you don’t have the room to put your feet up and relax whenever you reach your next destination.

Even if you’re not planning an endless vacation and just want to get away for an odd couple of days or a week every now and then, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that you enjoy your precious, and well-earned free time in luxury and the sort of style that we’d all like to become accustomed to.

And in the travel trailer world, being able to relax in the sort of five-star accommodation that you’ve always fantasized about and imagined, means only one thing. You need to go big, and the bigger the travel trailer, the better it will be.

It sounds like a dreadful old cliche, but when it comes to travel trailers, size really does matter.

Bigger Really Is Better

We get it, we really do. We understand that every RV’er and dedicated travel trailer fan, whether they’re new to the lifestyle or a veteran road warrior with more miles under their belt than they care to remember reaches a point when they need that extra little something that they can only find in the embrace of a larger, more spacious travel trailer.

And, there are a number of pretty good reasons why you or anyone else might want to or need to upgrade and flip the “let’s go big” switch on your next travel trailer.

So, before we get to the reason that you stopped by and launch ourselves headlong into telling you about the biggest (and by definition, best) travel trailers you can buy, we thought it might be prudent to look at the two main reasons for wanting, and needing to increase the size of the trailer that you’ll be spending your vacations in.

It’s All About the Room 

Sometimes you just need more space and comfort to unwind in. You just want to take a shower, sit on the couch and read or watch the game with a brew or a cup of java before you finally hit the hay after a long day on the road.

You want, and need enough room to do that in without worrying about whether or not you’re going to bump into something or someone in your RV while you’re doing it. Like we said, size matters.

It’s A Family Affair 

The more kids you want to take along for the ride, the more room you’re going to need.

And the older your children get, the more space they’re going to need, which means that you’ll need a bigger trailer if you want to maintain a peaceful, stress-free environment while you’re vacationing with your family. 

Bigger really is better.

A Word To The Wise About Size

Before you rush out to buy the biggest trailer you can, you’ll need to consider a couple of things, and first and foremost is your SUV or truck capable of towing the extra weight of a big travel trailer?

Every SUV and truck has a weight limit that it’s capable of towing, and we always advise anyone thinking of upgrading their trailer to ensure that the UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) and LWV (loaded vehicle weight) of a travel trailer don’t exceed more than eighty percent of the weight limit that your vehicle can safely tow.

The twenty percent safety margin might seem a little overly cautious, but when you’re towing between eight and twelve pounds behind your truck, you’ll be glad that it’s there.

If something does go wrong, that twenty percent margin might just be the difference between you making it home in one piece and ending up in the emergency room.

Now that we’ve covered just about everything that you’ll need to know to prepare yourself for the next step on your travel trailer journey, it’s time to look at five of the biggest trailers you can hitch to your truck and venture out into the big, wide world with. 


Forest River Cherokee 324TS

So we thought we’d start with the smallest of the five and then gradually work our way up to the biggest caravan (or travel trailer if you prefer) on our list.

The Cherokee might be the tiniest travel trailer out of the quintet that we’ve gathered together, but at forty-foot five inches long, eight-foot-wide foot wide, and eleven foot high, it isn’t exactly small.

And as it has a UVW (unloaded vehicle weight) of eight thousand six hundred pounds, you’ll need a fearsome family vehicle to pull it down the road, especially if you bump the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) as far as it’ll go, which will another three and half thousand pounds to your towing weight.

So what do you get for all of that size and weight?

Well, the Cherokee is based on a triple slide (which means that sections of the trailer have been deliberately designed to slide out on both sides to increase the interior space) floor plan which includes two separate bedrooms at either end of the trailer.

A complete bathroom with a glassdoor enclosed shower, a fully equipped kitchen, and dinette and a living room that has its own fire. 

In other words, it’s like a mobile apartment that dwarfs most of the living space on New York’s world-famous skyline.

It offers a staggering amount of space for a travel trailer and makes the most of all of its available room. 


Jayco Jay Flight 38BHDS

Jayco proudly claims that the Jay Flight has been America’s best-selling RV (travel trailers are legally classified as Recreational Vehicles) for the last fifteen years and it isn’t exactly difficult to see why.

Weighing in at just under eight and half thousand pounds when it’s unloaded (and able to carry another additional two and half thousand pounds while it’s being towed down the road).

This forty-foot six-inch-long, eight-foot-wide, and eleven-foot high behemoth can sleep up to fourteen people, which means that it’ll happily be able to house even the largest family on their annual vacation.

Featuring two bedrooms, one at either end of the trailer that comes equipped with an eighty inch Queen sized bed and a set of bunk beds, a dinette that can be converted into a bed, a lounge and entertainment area with a sofa that can, that’s right you guessed it, also be transformed into a bed, a kitchen that has a microwave, pantry, refrigerator, and double burner stove, a fully enclosed bathroom with shower, toilet and sink.

So you have enough storage space to secure everything that the biggest brood will need for their week away, the Jay Flight is a phenomenal RV that’ll make even the most dedicated trailer fanatics heart skip a beat or three. 


Gulfstream Trailmaster 33DBDB

Sitting comfortably in the middle (which ironically is where you’ll probably position yourself in this trailer if it steals your heart) is the Trailmaster.

This trailer measures forty-foot, eight inches long, eight-foot-wide, and eleven and a half foot-high and weighs just over nine thousand pounds before you pack it up and head out on the road, and doesn’t exactly hide itself away from the limelight.

Based on a double slide floor plan that allows both of the double bedrooms, the living area, and dinette to slide out and increase the interior space of the trailer.

The Trailmaster also has a fully equipped kitchen (that includes refrigerants, microwave, and three-burner stove), one en suite shower and toilet in the master bedroom, a separate bathroom that has another shower and toilet.

It’s own lounge that houses a sofa that can transform into a bed and a dinette that can also be turned into another bedroom.

The thing that we love most about this trailer though, is that it has its own en suite bathroom, which means that you’ll never have to wait for your teenage kids to finish in the bathroom before you can hop in the shower.

Gulfstream thought about every possible family dilemma when they were designing the Trailmaster and found a solution for all of them.

Don’t believe us? Check out the floorplans and specs for yourself and we guarantee you that you will be blown away. 


KZ Sportsmen Destination 362BN

KZ RV has been doing what they do better than almost everybody else for half a century, and everything that they’ve learned about recreational vehicle design and construction in those fifty years has been plowed straight into the Sportsmen Destination.

At forty foot nine inches long, eleven and a half feet high, and eight-foot-wide, this monstrous travel trailer which weighs just over eight thousand pounds when unloaded (but is rated to carry an additional two thousand pounds down the road), is the answer to the RV obsessed American families prayers.

With two bedrooms, a master that houses an eighty inch Queen sized bed, and a spare that includes three bunk beds and a fold-out dinette, a living area with triple-fold sofa bed, a dinette that can become an additional bedroom in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

A separate bathroom and a kitchen that would put most modern homes to shame, the Sportsmen Destination is a serious RV for serious RV people.

If you’re not fully committed to the RV life and don’t intend to use your trailer for more than the odd weekend here and there, then this caravan might be a little too much for you to handle.

It’s like we said, it’s a serious trailer for serious campers and the question that you need to ask yourself is, are you serious enough for the Sportsmen? Well, are you? 


KZ Sportsmen Destination 362BN

Are you ready to meet, and feast your eyes on the biggest travel trailer on our list, and the largest that you can buy? You are?

In that case, met the super-secret Jay Flight Bungalow that’s still so secret that Jayco hasn’t even released publicity photos of it yet. But a lack of photos didn’t stop the floorplans from leaking to the RV world, and when they did, it was a moment of pure revelatory joy.

This double floor, triple slide floor plan trailer is forty-one and a half feet long, thirteen feet high, and nearly nine-foot wide, and weighs slightly under twelve and half thousand pounds when unloaded.

Why does it weigh so much? Because it’s more like a house than a traditional one and features a first-floor bedroom that can sleep three people, and as well as the usual dinette, living space, and bathroom the Bungalow has a kitchen that’s large enough to house its own island.

That’s right, this trailer is large enough to have its own kitchen island.

We knew that Jayco was planning to unveil something special but we had no idea just how special the Bungalow was going to be. It isn’t just big, it’s absolutely gigantic, and if you’re looking for the plus size trailer answer to your ever-expanding family, then we think that you’ve just found it. 

The Final Word On Long Travel Trailers

The 5 Longest Travel Trailers You Can Buy

We know, you’re probably figuring out a way to budget for the Bungalow as you’re reading this, but before you do, make sure that your truck or SUV is capable of towing it.

In fact, before you choose any of the large RV’s on this list, ensure that you have the towing power to get them down the road because there’s no point in having a travel trailer if you can’t go anywhere in it.

Madeline Cooper