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Press and articles that have been written about me:

Coverage of my Summer of 2011 RVing around the Great Lakes of Michigan: (Traverse City local ABC TV news station) did an interview that’s now on YouTube – RV Woman Takes on Michigan


Michigan Department of Natural Resources press release:
“Texas Woman Goes Solo in her RV at Michigan State Parks”





Petoskey News Review (Morgan Sherburne):
“Texas Woman Makes Petoskey Stop in Her RVing Life”



Smoky Mountain Heart Song
This wonderful woman I met in Tennessee did this page on her blog about me and I was just blown away by how nice it was for her to  let me know she and Tennessee were still thinking of me. And I swear I still hear the Smokies calling me back!



Outdoor Hub (Agnieszka Spieszny):
“Living the Dream as a Fulltime RVer”

Spokesman-Review (Julianne Crane):
“Solo RVer Discovers Peace on the Open Road”




The Spokesman-Review
“Mom, Daughter Tackle Blue Ridge”







Camping Road (Anna Sibel)
“Malia Lane and Her Inspiration’s Journey”

Me at Christmas table




Women RVers (Julianne Crane):
“RVer Malia Lane Shares Her Favorite RV Holiday Memory”

Women RVers (Julianne Crane):
“Solo RVer and Writer Malia Lane is Back on the Road Again”

July, 2014:  Freedom Song: Interviews with 2 Solo Women Travelers at Opposite ends of the Earth.
Libro_freedom_songAyesha Thomas interviewed me for an article about women traveling alone from different countries. Interesting perspective: “This challenges the common perception that traveling solo is a pastime best left to men. Women should stay home and be safe, most cultures tell you.” Stay home and be safe – where in the world is that even possible???

And like she sums it up: “The only thing that really stands between us and that dream destination is the courage to go!”

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