How Much Is The Rockwood Geo Pro? [With 10 Examples]

Looking for a premium yet lightweight travel trailer to give you an unrivaled amount of comfort while camping?

How Much Is The Rockwood Geo Pro [With 10 Examples]

Then look no further than the Rockwood Geo Pro. With 13 unique models in the Geo Pro fleet, Forest River has ensured that regardless of your camping requirements, your family will be housed – in style.

Each model features market-leading amenities built smartly to maximize space and give you the floor plan you’ve always dreamed of. Designed with state-of-the-art interiors, the Geo Pro will put your family at ease in your home away from home.

It provides such a sense of contemporary living that you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re still in your regular home! That is until you peer out the window and into the great outdoors, of course.

Having found some incredibly competitive deals on the Rockwood Geo Pro series, we thought it would be only fair to share them with all you keen campers out there.

If you can’t imagine heading off on a trip without your plethora of toys, then check out the ever-popular 19FBTH for just $36,799, or the 19TH at just $35,512.

A couple of models that strip it right back, allowing you more time to appreciate your surroundings are the ultra-compact 15TB and 12SRK at $26,408 and $15,495 respectively.

There’s also plenty of Geo Pro options between these opposite ends of the sizing spectrum that are just as well-priced. Forest River has, therefore, given every American family who’s looking for an escape to nature – a premium home on wheels.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBTH – $36,799

If you’re one of those campers who love to bring their toys along for the ride, then the G19FBTH travel trailer is for you. Stocking a nice and wide 60” x 68” ramp door, you’ll be able to roll your bikes up and into the G19FBTH with guaranteed ease.

The thoughtful design also features a large 6’ 11” cargo length capacity to make sure no toy is left behind.

The trailer comes as stock with a full-size bed, spacious bathroom, flip-up seat, 12’ awning, and all the kitchen facilities you need to cook up a delicious storm while camping.

Take note of the two additional storage compartments on the exterior of the trailer that will keep your touring equipment out of sight, but safe. This is a superior, cutting-edge toy hauler, and at just 20’2”, it’s smartly sized to get you to the places you desire.

2021 Rockwood Geo Pro 20BHS – $38,990

2021 Rockwood Geo Pro 20BHS - $38,990

Being the largest bunk model out of the Geo Pro lineup, the 20BHS is ideally sized to house four people comfortably and six at a stretch.

The bedding configuration includes a full-size bed at 54” x 74”, a two-person bunk bed, and a spacious dinette that moonlights as extra sleeping space when required.

The accessory door at the rear allows you to easily stow bulky items without the need of tracing them through the main door of the trailer. Which, on those inevitably rainy days, can be a lifesaver for keeping the mud and mess isolated and the living space, well, livable.

Comes with all the mod-cons that can be expected from a top-of-the-range camper of the modern-day, including the all-important air conditioning unit.

Stretch the legs out and escape the harsh mid-day sun under the large 14’ side awning while allowing yourself some much-needed R & R.

Featuring ample cabin space, this well-made bunkhouse is the perfect travel trailer for a busy family who wants to get away from it all and unwind in comfort and style.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB – $26,408

Branded by Forest Wood as being the “Swiss Army Knife of RVs”, the Rockwood Geo Pro 15TB is their smallest walkable travel trailer. At just 16’ 4” in exterior length, the 15TB is super easy to maneuver into those unnecessarily tight campsite pitches.

Comes with two twin beds that can be swiftly made into a king to give you and your partner some well-deserved kip.

Considering its compact size, the 15TB sure does pack a lot in, with a fully functional bathroom, TV, 10’ awning, kitchen, fridge, and an astonishing amount of overhead storage space.

A true maverick in the compact travel trailer market that weighs in at a mere 2,483lb. Thus, making it light work for every decent towing vehicle of today.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 19FBS – $31,239

The 19FBS is a luxurious travel trailer for distinguished couples who expect a little bit more from their camping experience. It comes, as stock, with a queen-sized bed, cooking facilities, TV, dining table, and arguably the best feature of the lot – the larger-than-life bathroom.

Also in the mix is a plush pull-out sofa, which gives rise to the possibility of inviting guests along for the odd trip, if they are to be so lucky.

The trailer also comes with a small but desirable single slide. This clever feature will go a long way in creating that extra bit of space to accommodate your guests in the kind of camping luxury you will come to be known for.

Outside, you’ll find an 11’ awning, plus additional storage space to house tools and other towing apparatus in a safe and secure manner. At 20’ and 3075lb, you’ll be hard-pressed to find more walk-around footage from a travel trailer than this impeccable couples coach.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD – $36,286

Creating space for well over 100 years, the Murphy bed is a tried and tested way of living comfortably in small quarters. The Geo Pro 19FD is stocking a cleverly designed Murphy bed that neatly folds up behind the sofa, leaving you with more floor space for your daily yoga routine.

The cute and cozy dinette for two runs along the sidewall, right opposite the kitchen that comes with a three-burner cooker to ensure you’re eating well. Stay up to date on the daily news and your favorite programs from the comfort of your dinette, with the wall-hung TV.

The TV also features an inbuilt DVD player – just in case you find any gems in local yard sales along the way.

The construction is up to scratch too, with a premium vacuum laminated roof and walls that have been double glued for durability. As you can see this 2022 model is high-tech in design and comes with all the mod-cons you would expect from a premium Rockwood.

With an ambitious price to match, this trailer is eager to please any adventurist family for many years to come.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 16BH – $30,582

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 16BH - $30,582

For a young family who doesn’t mind the prospect of cozy sleeping and living quarters, the 16BH is a solid choice for your new travel trailer. Just because it’s the smallest Bunkhouse in the Rockwood line-up, doesn’t mean it won’t stand up in the features department like the rest of them.

Sleeping four comfortably, the 16BH has two single bunks up the back and a U-shaped dinette that can be easily made into a 54’ by 81’ double bed.

Look out for the small slide that pulls out from the off door to give your family a little additional interior wriggle room.

Some of the most useful exterior features include heated holding tanks, a 190-watt roof mount solar panel, an outside shower as well as outside speakers so that you can give the idea of singing in the shower – a whole new meaning.

2021 Rockwood Geo Pro 12SRK – $19,790

This single axle travel trailer makes towing a guaranteed breeze. The single axle construction, unsurprisingly, also goes a long way in putting first-timer towers at ease and gives them confidence in their ability to get there.

Weighing in at just 1763lb, the Geo Pro 12SRK can be convincingly towed by a small SUV vehicle. Which creates more possibilities for couples to start experiencing the magnificence of their home state and beyond.

The extra-long gaucho couch can turn, quickly, from a comfortable couch into a just as comfortable bed. This design is sort-after as it manages to retain some much-needed floor space in the day, and an ample sleeping zone at night.

Coming equipped with a basic fridge, microwave, and outside kitchen, this travel trailer is predominantly aimed at touring couples who want to cover large distances and don’t mind the very real idea of living simply in-between.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 19BH – $31,998

The Geo Pro 19BH, simply put, is a very solid travel trailer that’s designed for families to have a good time in. With two bunks tucked up the back and a full-size bed upfront, you can rest assured, knowing that early starts while touring will be as stress-free as they can be.

No need to fold, slide, or pack away beds with the 19BH. You can quite literally scoop up the sleeping kids, buckle them in, and get moving to your next destination – quick smart.

Other notable attributes of this fabulous family camper include a rear bike door, cushy dinette, and a 13’ power awning.

If you revel in the more technical side of design then you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s also a Teton all-in-one Wi-Fi booster with LTE prep & antenna, making sure that no game is missed.

A high-spec travel trailer that’ll be there for your family through plenty of memorable camping trips and adventures.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 12RK – $15,495

Stripping it right back to the very bare essentials, the Geo Pro 12RK is a basic trailer aimed solely at touring style trips. Luckily though, you can still expect a few of the creature comforts that Rockwood is known for.

Including a TV, fridge, microwave, gas griddle, outside sink, and kitchen workspace. Another desirable aspect of the 12RK is that you can slip into bed after a long day on the road, without the need to make it up.

This is unique in this size trailer and is just one of the ways that Rockwood has made sure that, in design, they lead from the front.

At just 1252lb, it’s also the lightest model in the Geo Pro range, with Rockwood stating that just about any small SUV can pull it across the country and back again. A well-priced camper that will make your touring life simple and efficient.

Which, once you find a touring groove with the 12RK, you’ll have more time for soaking in the sights and living your best touring life.

2022 Rockwood Geo Pro 19TH – $35,512

If you’re someone who simply cannot part with their garage full of toys, then the 19TH is for you. It comes with a 60” x 68” ramp door that has no qualms fitting four-wheelers through it.

The cargo space comes in at approximately 8’6” long, ensuring there’s plenty of room to accommodate paddleboards, kayaks, surfboards, bikes, and the all-important fishing gear.

In the evenings, there’s ample space to entertain guests, with 70” adjacent sofas and a middle table of the same length to keep those card games going long into the night. These same seats can also be flipped down to create a large sleeping area that’s pleasantly fit for two.

A stylish, sophisticated toy hauler to keep yourself and your peers entertained, while you cook up the catch of the day.

Final Thoughts

In summary, the Rockwood Geo Pro by Forest River is a great choice for adventurist campers with a penchant for experiencing the outdoors in comfort and style.

The Geo Pro benefits from undeniable build quality and comes stacked with both interior and exterior features that are fit for camping Kings and Queens. However, features aside, at its core, the Geo Pro is still very much designed with travel in mind.

Whether you’re looking to travel light in the 12RK or treat your family to more space and mod-cons out of the 19BH, the Geo Pro series has got you. It’s the little nuances that make a big difference in this series.

For instance, Rockwood hasn’t stopped at the industry standard for premium trailers in vacuum laminated walls. They went one step further by having each wall double glued with an azdel substrate that’s impenetrable to weather and water damage.

Along with this, they’ve vacuum laminated the whole series in only two wall batches, giving the trailers their strongest fighting chance against the harshest of elements.

As has become blindingly obvious. Within the premium touring trailer market, the Geo Pro series is leading on the front foot and from the front of the pack. Paving the way on construction, design, and highly practical use of minimal space makes a choice for the Geo Pro, the right choice.

The highly competitive price point of this series within the premium trailer market, also ensures that you’ll be touring for less, with more in your back pocket.

A high-grade camper trailer for avid campers who take pleasure in knowing that both themselves and their valuables are safe and sound when hitting the open road.

Madeline Cooper