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I’ve written about my experiences with RV products and services since 2001 when I began fulltime RVing. Now in 2018 I’m redesigning the website and changing things around. This overview page contains links to the reviews I’ve done so far and and I plan to add and expand the information I provide. It’s all about trying out various products designed with RVers in mind, or stuff that would be helpful in living the lifestyle.

I learned to be a research junkie in my career as a legal assistant, and I really can drive myself crazy trying to find out all I can before I make a decision, especially on a major purchase. I also always call on my RV friends to get their opinion and real-life experiences, so I will include as much information as I have in putting these pages together.

I also want to say I’d much rather share all the fun stuff and great times that RVing can bring, but occasionally an RV related company or service is so bad, I feel compelled to warn my RVing friends about them to save them the time, aggravation or money it cost me. It’s not all sunny days and great times out there, folks, unfortunately.

Links to my reviews of RV Products & Services:

Electrical Management System (EMS) – Surge Protector and Voltage Regulator – Sometimes no matter how long you’ve been at something and how much you think you know, there’s always more to learn. I’ve been fulltime RVing since 2001 and I don’t think I ever heard of an Electrical Management System (EMS) when I first took off. But when I traded for a newer 2012 motorhome with many more electrical and computer driven bells and whistles, I started hearing more about the potential for disaster due to low or high voltage spikes. So I started doing my due diligence research to protect my motorhome’s expensive electrical components. Here’s what I learned with comparisons of who does what for how much.

Norcold lemon

Norcold RV Refrigerators – In 2016, when my 4 year old refrigerator stopped cooling and I ended up with a bunch of spoiled food as well as cancelled travel plans, I started researching and the things I discovered pretty much freaked me out! I ended up with 6 pages about the recalls, the class action lawsuits, and the superiority of the Amish made cooling units.  I’m sharing what I learned and I tell ya – it’s more than I ever wanted to know!

Splendide stackable washer-dryerSplendide RV Washing Machines – In the many years I’ve been fulltiming, I had both kinds of Splendide washer/dryers. My first 2000 Winnebago motorhome had a combo unit (washer/dryer combined in one machine), but when I traded in for a 2012 Adventurer, it came with the stackable kind. There’s no doubt I prefer the stackable kind, but neither kinds are without problems.

I started a big debate about whether or not they are even advisable in an RV, but I really don’t like laundromats and once I got used to having one in the RV, I wouldn’t be without one if I could help it.

Goodyear Tire G670RVGoodyear RV Tires – When it was time to replace my motorhome’s tires in 2007, I had been so satisfied with the Goodyear G670 tires I’d been riding on there was little doubt I wanted that brand again.

As a solo woman driving a big motorhome, having tires I can trust is a must!

2009 Ford EscapeFord Escape as a Flat-Tow Car – I bought the 2009 Escape in 2011 because Ford said it could be flat towed behind my motorhome. I learned how untrue this was after actually starting to tow it. It may be old news, but I still think this is important information since those cars are still out there and I still get asked about towing them. Plus, it taught me a lot about Ford as a company, how they handle their mistakes, and why I’d never trust them again.

Brake BuddyBrake Buddy – When I first started RVing in 2001, I towed a little Saturn wagon that was light enough not to require an auxiliary braking system. But when I bought a new SUV in 2009, its heavier weight required it. Not only is it against the law in some states not to have it, but it helps to shorten stopping distance, as well as reduces wear on the motorhome brakes.  This review also includes Spillar Custom Hitches in Austin, TX, who installed this and my towing package both times.

Kamper Korner RV Center (Roseburg, OR) – In order to be as fair as I can be, I’ll startCamco 5' & 12' hose off by saying they finally did the right thing and let me return the defective item I bought from them.  But the way it was handled was so ridiculous, I’ll let you decide if you would want to do business with this company or not. This also relates to the difference in quality between the SturgiSafe and Camco brands of the propane tank extension kits needed to hook up a smaller external propane tank to my motorhome tank.

Transparency Disclaimer: I do try to barter whenever possible for this kind of space on my website. It’s one of the ways that help support my travel habit and keeps this site free to readers. But my reviews are always my honest opinion, can never be bought at any price and if I wasn’t satisfied, I would also state that (just like I do Pros and Cons on every campground I review, whether it’s bartered or not). I want whoever reads this site to know that I mean what I say and what I write about and what I say will always be my choice alone.

If the links are affiliate links, that just means I get a small commission on anything bought from my link. It doesn’t cost you anything more and I appreciate the support and recognition of the time it takes for me to put these pages together. If you saw it here, please tell them so! And also feel free to add your own experiences in Comments below – I’d love to hear from you, whether you agree or disagree!

(More reviews to come as I get the website updated.)

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