RV Salvage Yards In Indiana

There are plenty of RVs roaming the streets of Indiana, and there are actually a few salvage yards too.

Salvage yards are great if you need to go find parts for your RV, parts that would cost a fortune brand new, or even parts that you just can’t find anymore.

RV salvage yards in Indiana

Indiana RV Salvage Yards

Here we have compiled a list of RV salvage yards in Indiana. 

1. ICKES RV Surplus Supply Inc

Address: 701 W Huntington St, Montpelier, IN 47359

Phone: (765) 728-5668

2. Cooper RV Salvage

Address: 1300 Thornton St. Elkhart, IN 46514

Phone: 574-293-3027

3. Stateline Salvage

Address: 51027 IN-13, Middlebury, IN 46540

Phone: 574-825-7540

4. RV Parts Nation

Address: 330 E Windsor Ave, Elkhart, IN 46514

Email: info@rvpartsnation.com

Phone: (574)264-5575

Website: https://www.rvpartsnation.com/ 

5. Rainbow Variety And RV Surplus

Address: 12678 County Road 34 Goshen, IN 46528

Email: rainbowvariety@ibyfax.com

Phone: 574-642-3316

Website: https://rainbowvarietystore.com/

RV Salvage Yards In Other States


Where Can I Find Used RV Parts?

If you need to find used RV parts, your best bet is going to be at any of those salvage yards mentioned above. If that fails, you may have some old scrap metal lots or old automotive junk yards nearby, although it is admittedly a long shot. 

Some used RV dealerships, although not many, may also sell used RV parts. Just remember to be careful where you buy these things from, as there are plenty of unscrupulous salesmen out there.

Another place where you just might be able to find some used RV parts is none other than on Amazon. You may also be able to find what you are looking for on Visone RV parts, which has the world’s largest variety of used parts for RVs. 

Don’t Forget Online Salvage Yards

There are then also used RV parts salvage yards that you can check. The most popular and the largest one in North America at this time is Colaw RV Salvage.

There is then also a great RV insurance auction website out there where you can buy old RVs and RV parts, which is called Salvage Bid.

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Madeline Cooper