RV Waste Removal Service: RV Septic Tank Pumping Costs

Septic tanks are unpleasant, and they contain things that are absolutely disgusting. However, that’s precisely why they are so important! They keep all of those nasty bodily waste products in a secure place, where they can’t cause bad smells or bad hygiene.

However, your septic tank needs to be emptied at some point. Just how do you do it? Well, this handy guide will tell you exactly what you need to know about RV waste removal service costs.

RV Waste Removal Service - RV Septic Tank Pumping Cost + Tips

What Is A Septic Tank?

A septic tank is essentially a tank that sits in your RV that holds some of the nastiest by-products of human life.

Every time you go to the toilet in your RV – well let’s just say that the bad stuff has gotta go somewhere, and as you’re not allowed to just dump it onto the road, your RV has to store it safely.

Of course, septic tanks don’t only exist in RVs. In fact, they are also an essential component of many houses.

Of course, the ones installed in houses are much much larger than the ones in any vehicle. Normally a septic tank that’s part of a house will be buried underground outside the house itself.

A septic tank is the sort of thing that nobody really likes to deal with – but unfortunately, they are an essential part of the RV lifestyle.

Without them, living in an RV would be a lot less hygienic, to say the least! Therefore, a septic tank that’s kept in good condition is one of the key parts of your RV.

And, of course, this also means that it’s essential for you to find a way to deal with this waste eventually. After all – as previously mentioned, you can’t simply dump it on the road or at the side of the highway.

A septic tank that’s too full is going to do you absolutely no favors whatsoever. Bad smells and the leaking of horrible liquids will be in your future if you don’t take care of and regularly empty your septic tank!

When Should I Use An RV Waste Removal Service?

Emptying a septic tank isn’t just a deeply unpleasant job, but can also be hazardous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

After all, the septic tank is full of some of the least pleasant and most unspeakable liquids and solids.

Without needing to go into too much detail, I think we can all appreciate the fact that a leak or a spray from a septic tank is something that absolutely nobody wishes to encounter!

It’s normal for RV Owners to use a professional service when it comes to emptying their septic tank. This can be a lot more convenient for the average RV owner than attempting to deal with it themselves.

After all, the majority of people don’t have anywhere at all that it’s safe to empty a septic tank – let alone the correct equipment to properly empty one!

Of course, it’s not completely unheard of for people to empty the septic tank from their RV into their septic tank at home.

However, this of course is not an option for absolutely everybody, as not everybody actually has a septic tank at home.

For the majority of people, it’s probably far more pleasant and simple to get a professional to deal with the job.

It’s pretty normal for your RV to have a sensor in your septic tank that will light something up on your dashboard informing you when it’s time to empty your septic tank. Don’t ignore this!

Nobody enjoys dealing with the septic tank. It’s not fun, and it can be deeply unpleasant – but it is absolutely essential and isn’t something that you can ignore.

Therefore, it is standard practice for people to contact a professional service when they notice the light on the dashboard indicating a full septic tank.

RV Pumping Service Cost

As with anything in life it can of course be difficult to put an exact price on this. It will of course depend on a good many factors though you can expect somewhere in the ballpark of $70 to $100 as a minimum charge for emptying the septic tank on an RV.

Your location is an extremely important factor in working out this cost. After all, generally speaking, the service will have to come to you to empty your RV – and the longer it takes for them to travel, the more you’re going to end up paying.

Therefore, you’re likely to have to spend more the longer it takes for the service to reach you – and of course, they’ll take the difficulty of accessing the site that your RV is on into account as well.

The size of your tank is likely to influence the cost of this service too. Simply put, the bigger your tank, the more work it is to empty so the more you’re likely to end up paying.

It’s entirely possible for many different companies in the same area to have different prices.

Therefore, the best thing for you to do is to shop around as much as you can to save money.

This is better than doing something as important as emptying your septic tank in a rush – you could well end up spending a lot more money than you need to if you don’t allow yourself time to do your research!

How To Find A RV Waste Removal Service Near Me?

If you’re in doubt and have absolutely no idea where to start looking for the right service to empty your septic tank, then there are two or three key ways that can help you out.

An internet search for “septic tank pumping in my area” can be a great place to start. Likewise, browsing telephone and business directories such as the Yellow Pages may well prove fruitful.

However, if you are completely unsure, the best thing for you to do may be to contact your local RV parts and supply center and ask them.

If they don’t provide the service themselves they’ll be sure to know somebody who does.

How To Use A Dump Station?

RV Waste Removal Service - RV Septic Tank Pumping Cost + Tips2

Align Your RV

Make sure that you’ve lined your RV off correctly with the station pump. You’ll of course need to know where the relevant attachment points on your RV actually are before you do this!

Protect Yourself!

Human waste is absolutely foul – and of course, can be extremely hazardous to your health. Be sure not to use any clothes that you wouldn’t mind ruining if the worst were to happen, such as a spill.

You definitely want good quality rubber gloves to protect your hands – and many people like to use a face mask too, in order to help guard their nose against the disgusting smells that a septic tank can create.

Connect The Pump

Attach your RV connector hose and connect it to the pump station. Then, attach the other end of the hose to the septic tank on your RV. Make sure that you’re properly using any and all fixtures and fittings for this hose.

Make completely sure that all connections are secure and sealed before moving on – after all, if you don’t get the hose connected properly, you will be sure to have some absolutely disgusting stuff leak out!

Activate The Valve

Again before you continue make 100% sure that the hose coming from your septic tank is correctly connected at both ends.

Once you’re sure of this, it’s time to activate the valve. This will release the waste products from the septic tank in order for them to be pumped out!

Once your tank is completely empty, you can rinse it out and it will be ready to use again!


Hopefully this handy guide has helped you learn just how you can deal with emptying the septic tank on your RV!

Madeline Cooper