Top 10 Small Camping Trailers [2022 Edition]

When you are boondocking or just going to a campsite, you won’t want to go without your camping trailer.

These are handy portable homes that you can pull behind your car or tow truck, containing all the amenities that you’ll need to keep you on the road for as long as possible.

By amenities, what do we mean? Well, each trailer should ideally have a toilet and small washroom area that you can use to freshen up in the morning and to relieve yourself late at night.

You’ll also need a kitchen where you can boil your beans and make yourself some fried eggs in the morning.

These trailers also come with sofas that can double up as beds or beds and sofa combo, giving you plenty of space for you, your partner and your family, if you so desire.

This should also come with plenty of storage that you can use to fill up with all your possessions, including your beach gear.

Top 10 Small Camping Trailers

But where can you find the smallest camping trailers? What features should they have to give you a smooth ride and a comfortable stay?

What materials should they be made from to last you for years and years without any wear and tear? How much will you have to pay for a decent camping trailer?

Well, if you are struggling to find yourself a decent portable home for your holiday, then we would suggest that you keep reading.

We have compiled a list of the 10 best-camping trailers that you can take with you on your next holiday. You have to make sure that you check the towing weight of your camper before you take it out though.

List Of The 10 Best Small Camping Trailers


Jay Feather Micro

Our first trailer really does come with all the commodities that you’ll need to keep you and your family in lavish comfort for the duration of your holiday.

This camping trailer comes with a dry bath in the back, with a sofa in the center and plenty of room for the little kiddies to run around and play - introducing the Jay Feather Micro.

This camper van comes with all the mod cons, you even get an outdoor shower, which makes it one of the best vehicles that you can get for your needs.

This comes with a small kitchenette that comes with plenty of room to lay your pots and pans, as well as chop your ingredients.


  • This comes with a double bed, which is perfect if you are going on holiday with your and your partner. You also have sofa space for the kids.
  • If you are looking for a room to eat your meals, then the sofa comes with opposable trays that you can use to stack your meal on.
  • This also comes with a pantry, which is perfect for storing all your food. It will keep your ingredients warm and dry throughout your stay.
  • This camper is very easy to hitch to the back of whatever vehicle you are driving, although you should be sure to check the total weight of your camper and your passengers.


  • This might be a little expensive for campers who are only going to want to take their wagon out for an occasional vacation.


Happier Camper

This next camping trailer is definitely something for anyone who is a fan of the retro style of camping.

This tight little number comes in a retro style that would not look out of place on a surfer colony during the 1960’s.

It has a completely adaptive interior, which is perfect for housing all your electronic devices - introducing Happier Camper.

This comes with all the basics and looks simply amazing. You have a dining set with a table and chairs, along with a sleeping area that is more than comfortable for two to three people.

This is the perfect unit for a couple, so if you are thinking of taking a romantic getaway for two, then you can’t go wrong with this little unit.


  • This camper is made from a very durable fiberglass construction, giving you everything that you need for a solid and secure ride.
  • This comes with all the basics, but they are organized in such a way as to look amazingly stylish.
  • This comes with a back garage-style door that opens out completely, so why not enjoy a full breakfast with the warm sea breeze blowing in your face?
  • This camper, despite looking very small, does come with plenty of discreet storage space. You can be sure that you’ll be able to keep all your utensils and clothes safe and secure.


  • This is not the right unit to have for a family, as you simply will not have the space. We would definitely recommend shopping for a bigger unit if you have a few kids.



This next camper trailer is one of the most heavy-duty that you can find on this list, coming with a solid tongue that will have no problem pulling your trailer across the country.

This is a great unit for taking with you on a vacation that lasts for longer than a few weeks - introducing the Forest River R-Pod.


  • This comes with a solar panel, so if your battery runs down, you won’t be stranded in the middle of nowhere without a power supply.
  • This has plenty of charging points, so if you have a large family that wants to charge their phones at exactly the same time, then you’ll want this camper van, for sure.
  • This is one of the most heavy-duty campers that you can find on the market. It comes complete with a solid steel frame.
  • This comes with self-adjusting brakes that you can be sure won’t let you down when you are out in rough terrain.


  • This might be a little too much for people who only like going on holiday infrequently with one or two other people.



This next camping trailer is very versatile when it comes to the inner design, coming with a choice of 5 different floor plans and a standard and deluxe model - introducing the Casita Liberty Deluxe.


  • This camper is completely waterproof, coming in a completely sealed one-piece unit.
  • This is one of the easiest units to clean. There is not much floor space inside, so you’ll be able to hoover the surface in next to no time at all.


  • This might be too small and too expensive for some people who just want to have a week or two away two times a year.


Go Camper

This next small camping trailer is something that can be modified in a whole range of ways, described as a ‘Swiss Army tent’ by many of its users.

It comes with plenty of canvas and pop-up elements that are completely waterproof - introducing the Sylvan Sport Go Camper Trailer.


  • This is decent towing capacity, able to house you and one other person.
  • This is a great camper for using both on and off-road. This is perfect for dense countrywide camping and campsite camping.


  • This might not be able to withstand some of the more severe weather conditions that you can get in the countryside.



This next camping trailer is one of the more lightweight units that we have on our list.

It comes with a sturdy and rugged design, with plenty of space inside for two adults and two children - introducing the Taxa Outdoors Cricket Camper.


  • This comes with a fairly sizable kitchenette that will give you everything that you need to cook a hearty meal for you and your family.
  • This has complete under-bed storage. This is perfect for a larger family that wants to go traveling for a certain period of time.


  • If you prefer solo camping, then we would suggest that you opt for one of the smaller models.



This next camper van comes with plenty of retro elements, from a fiberglass construction to the cool 70’s style logo on the side - introducing the Scamp Travel Trailer.


  • This comes with an aerodynamic design that will reduce your fuel consumption and ultimately the amount of money you spend.
  • You can switch between the standard and the deluxe model with this camper van.


  • If you are looking for something with more modern features, then you might want to splash out some money on a newer model.



This next caravan is one of the most spacious models that comes for a very reasonable price.

With a decent bathroom and kitchenette, you can be sure you’ll have everything that you need for a solid camping experience - introducing the Winnebago Micro Minnie.


  • This camper comes with it all - speakers, a gas stove and USB charging capabilities.
  • This has plenty of room on the inside, allowing you enough room for you, your partner and your children to relax with complete comfort.


  • This camper van might be a little heavy-duty for people who like to go camping with one other person.


Alto Safari Condo

This next camping trailer is a wonderful pop-up unit, coming in a sleek shell that is very durable to the elements - introducing the Safari Condo Alto.


  • This has a specialized honeycomb design on the inside that will widen the gap between the interior and the exterior of the camper.
  • This has plenty of storage space, giving you everything that you need to keep your clothes, belonging and valuables.


  • This might be a little small for families that have more than one child.


Retro 135

Our final camping trailer comes with some amazing features, including a queen-sized bed, a refrigerator, a cooktop and a sofa.

This is one for people who like camping in style - introducing the Riverside RV Retro 135.


  • This camper has plenty of storage space inside, so you won’t have to worry about packing away all your camping equipment.
  • With a sofa and a bed, there is plenty of space for you and your family to sleep.


  • With premium features comes a premium price - you might not want to shell out that much money on a top-of-the-range camper trailer.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are thinking of getting your camping trailer, there will be a few features to look out for:

How Much Storage Does It Have?

Storage is very important when you are going camping, as you might want to bring a tent and plenty of spare clothes for the duration of your stay.

Is It Waterproof?

It should go without saying that you’ll need to keep the rain and other potentially harmful elements away from the contents of your camping trailer.

How Much Weight Can It Hold?

You should always make sure that your camping trailer is not too heavy for your car to tow. Always take into consideration the weight of your trailer when it is both empty and full.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Buy A Small Camping Trailer?

Well, these trailers are much easier to haul across the country. You can also maneuver them into tiger spaces a lot easier.

You can also store plenty of people and items inside then, as they are often designed with the utmost space-saving in mind.

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