Solo RVing

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I have heard many differing reasons for people to start RVing on their own, whether it be through personal choice, the death of a spouse or divorce.   There is no reason for giving up on an RV adventure because you can find the best of both worlds if you open your mind to the possibilities.  You have all your space to yourself, privacy when needed, but since RVers are some of the friendliest folks around, it’s never hard to find companionship when wanted.  Here are some resources and information to consider:

Escapees – Solo Group A segment of the Escapees club whose purpose is to share information and camaraderie among Escapees who travel as singles (must be member of main Escapees Club to join).
Loners on Wheels An International group, this is an RV club of legally single men and women who enjoy traveling, camping, caravaning and the lifestyle of singles on the road.
RVing Solo From, a forum hosted by Howard & Linda Payne with lots of discussions about the fears and triumphs of traveling alone.
Single RVing is the Way to go Single RVing can work for you if you like to spend time on your own and you’re comfortable traveling on your own to the places you want to go to. Here are some advantages (and drawbacks) to consider.
Solo RV’ers iRV2 forum segment with loads of threads relating to solo RVing.
Solo RVing Solo.Net is a free private e-mail network for RV and camping enthusiasts who like to travel solo. Membership includes widow, widower, divorced and single by choice and those who just travel alone.
Wandering Individuals Network Adventurous, single RVers traveling all over the USA, Canada and Mexico.  Open to singles of all ages, whether or not you own an RV.  Caravans, circuits and gatherings are planned throughout the year.


  • Babette Lewis

    The Wandering Individuals Network doesn’t really work.

    • Hey, thanks for letting me know. I fixed it and it’s ok now. Oh, and I know Loners on Wheels link doesn’t work right now. They’re having website issues and should be fixed in a week they say.

  • Judy Sinard

    Hello, I am seriously thinking of purchasing a van and traveling to different parts of the USA. I did this in a VW pop top camper in the 70’s and the world has changed and would like input from the community on the types of Vans or experiences u have had with Vans and also suggestions on how to start. Thank u very much

    • Hey Judy, I really wasn’t looking at vans when I was researching, so I can’t be of much help there from personal experience. But I heard of this site: and I bet there is good info there. If you’re on Facebook, I bet there are groups or pages on van life. I always find these kind of groups helpful, so good luck!

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