Top 10 Best Used Travel Trailers Under $5,000 In 2022

Travel trailers are one of the most popular ways to camp and travel, as they bring almost all the comforts and conveniences of home or an RV in a package that is affordable and easy to set up almost anywhere.

That being said, most people who are interested in RVs and travel trailers know that buying brand new is a waste of money, as there are too many excellent used trailers and RVs available for a fraction of the price and in great condition.

This allows you to get all the benefits these campers offer at a fraction of the cost, and also allows you to invest that money saved in funding your next trip, redecorating your trailer, or anything else, giving you flexibility and choice.

In this guide we’re going to look at 10 of the best trailers to look for under $5000 and used, as each of them offers an array of excellent features at a great price, potentially offering years of holidays and fun.


2013 Sportsmen Classic M-13FK

The Sportsmen Classic is a great option for people who like their trailers cozy or who don’t have a lot of space to park a trailer on their property.

This model is a great compact option measuring just 13 feet in length.

This is also a superb option for people who don’t have a large tow vehicle or who are worried about towing large trailers for long distances, either due to fuel concerns or simply the difficulty of driving with a large trailer.

This trailer is well equipped with some awesome features including a powerful heater, solid air conditioning, and a nice interior layout.

These features make it suitable for use almost anywhere you can take it, and will ensure you’re comfortable while you do so. 

The drawback is that there is no interior shower due to its small size, however, an exterior shower is included, which may not be suitable for some people, however, some find this very enjoyable!

There are two sleeping spaces that are perfect for a couple on a romantic trip but aren’t enough for even a small group. 


2010 Keystone RV Outback 250RS

This 2010 offering from Keystone is a great option for people who have a lower budget, however, it does offer a decent amount of space despite this.

There is space to sleep around 8 people which is quite staggering, and there is a good-sized kitchen area that is perfect for hosting and catering to this many people.

There is a microwave, 3-burner stove, and a mid-sized stove, as well as an outdoor camp kitchen. 

The bathroom is a good size and well equipped with a shower and bathtub, which really makes this a superb option for large families!


2011 Jayco Jay Feather Sport M-165

This offering from Jayco is a superb mid-size trailer with a good floor plan and layout and some great features.

This is one of the most popular trailers as it’s versatile and well priced, offering great comfort and durability while also being compact and light.

It’s around 18 feet in length and features a layout that is comparable with larger trailers. There is an interior bathroom, including toilet and shower, sleeping space for 5 people as well as a great kitchen area with a refrigerator, microwave, and three-top burner.

There is a TV shelf available but it doesn’t come with a TV as standard, however, it’s quite easy to fit one of your own in after the fact.


2014 Starcraft AR-One M-14RB

This is another decent-sized trailer coming in at around 16.5 feet in length by 7 feet, and weighing 2300lbs.

It is a mid to large-sized trailer, and despite its relatively simple and somewhat old-fashioned looks is very well equipped with a good heater, for use in colder climes, as well as air conditioning for visits to warmer areas, which is really important in a trailer or RV.

There is sleeping space for three people which is a little smaller than some other trailers, however, it is comfortable and well priced making it a good choice for smaller groups or families.


2013 Jayco Jay Flight Swift SLX M-145 RB

Another offering from Jayco, the Flight Swift comes in as a more budget and affordable option that can still offer respectable comfort for its size.

There are some great features, including an interior shower and toilet, sleeping space for four people as well as solid air conditioning which is a nice touch even on a more budget-oriented option.

There is a small kitchen which includes a small refrigerator and a 2-burner cooktop. It’s also possible to add your own microwave oven to add options if you need to.


2011 Forest River Cherokee Wolf Pup M-16P

This trailer by Forest River is a great larger option with solid versatility and features.

There are seven sleeping spots which are ample for a large family or group, as well as a 20000 BTU heater, a 13,500 air conditioning unit, as well as a wet bath system, interior toilet, and shower which is very space-efficient if a little is less comfortable than some larger bathroom formats.

The kitchen has bench seats, a 2 burner stove, an overhead fan to extract steam, as well as a pre wired TV antenna.

This really has a lot of great features and will take you almost anywhere in comfort and style.


2006 Jayco Jay Feather 213

Another offering from Jayco, this trailer is one of the larger options with a length of 24 feet making it more difficult to tow than some other options and a little intimidating for some.

However, it has tons of space, with sleeping space for 8 people, and a lot of storage space.

There are also a lot of features packed in, including a deadbolt door lock for security, a cargo garage, slide-out beds, an interior shower and tub bathroom, an additional exterior shower, a large fridge, a pantry area, a living area, and a 3 burner stove. 

There is also a mid-size refrigerator, prewired cable, air conditioning, a solid heater for warmth and water, a speaker system, and a television, if it’s still fitted.

This impressive list of features of course makes this one a little more expensive generally, but it’s a comprehensive camper that will really give you that home away from home feeling.


2013 Forest River Palomino M-131RL

This very compact trailer is a good budget option that comes with a sizable dining area, and sleeping space for four people, however, due to its small size it doesn’t include an interior toilet or shower which may be an issue for some people.

This is a very basic camper that works well for shorter trips, and is easy to tow, with a 2 stove burner and decent storage as well as a 5000 BTU air conditioner.

However, it’s not a particularly well-equipped option and comes in on the budget end, making it an ideal first purchase for people wanting to try out these sorts of trailers.


2013 Forest River Palomino Canyon Cat M-12RBC

This offering from Forest River is a nice compact unit, perfect for couples but too small for even compact groups.

There are two sleeping spots, a well-equipped kitchen, a toilet, and shower inside as well as 13,300BTU air conditioning which is a solid inclusion, especially for such a small trailer.

It’s interesting to see a camper with a fairly decent size only include space for two sleep spots, but this does make it a very comfortable trailer when used correctly.


2011 Forest River Cherokee Grey Wolf M-17BH

Finally, we have the Grey Wolf, a great value trailer with good comfort and features and a sizable footprint.

It features seven sleeping spots, a 20000 BTU heater, 13500 BTU air conditioning, as well as a fully equipped kitchen with two sinks, a refrigerator, a three burner stove as well as an interior bathroom, with shower and toilet.

It’s a very comfortable choice and while it is on the larger and slightly more expensive side, it’s well equipped and perfect for families or large groups of friends and can handle various climates with ease.

While it does sometimes have a few reported problems, overall it's an excellent option to consider.

Buyer's Guide

How We Chose These Trailers

Before we take a look at the trailers themselves, it’s a good idea to let you know how we arrived at this particular list, explaining the logic behind these choices and our criteria.

Top 10 Best Used Travel Trailers Under $5,000 In 2021

In general, our picks took into account the price of the trailers available across a broad range of marketplaces and listings, as well as the value of the trailers when new, the relative condition of these trailers on the market as well as the features of the trailers, their performance, and the likelihood of them still providing you with a great experience even though they’re used.

Nonetheless, it’s important to keep in mind that the individual trailers can have varying degrees of wear and tear, as well as issues that can’t be taken into account in this article.

Always look at a listing thoroughly before you purchase, and don’t be afraid to walk away from a deal that either feels too good to be true or that doesn’t quite live up to your expectations.

A travel trailer is a significant investment, even a used one, and getting something that will bring you joy for years to come is the most important thing when looking at these products.

But now the preamble is out of the way, let’s look at the trailers themselves and see just what you can get for your money.

If you find yourself searching on Facebook Marketplace (can find some good deals) then just be cautious with any listings stating NaN miles, it's often a cause for concern based on my experience.


There is a ton of value to be found in the used trailer market, and there is also a trailer out there to suit almost anyone, which is the beauty of using trailers, to begin with.

Whatever your requirements or experience, there is always a trailer out there to suit you and your needs perfectly, with the offerings on this lift being some of the very best of the bunch.

Madeline Cooper