Vintage Airstream Rally

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June 4, 2005 – My intent today was to check out Indian Mary Park. However, during my visit there, the Jefferson State Vintage Airstream Club was having its rally, so this was a nice diversion. (2017 note: I’m migrating these old pages from html to WordPress format. Click pics for larger size in separate window.)

Vintage Airstream - Laxton

Steve and Elaine Laxton hosted this fun group. He explained that in order to qualify for the vintage label, it must be at least 25 years old. Here they are in front of their 1974 25′ Tradewind that gets a lot of use by these folks who love to travel.

Vintage Airstream - Meeker

Don’t you think the pink flamingos add just the right ambiance to the yard of this 1956 Bubble? This is the toy of Gary and Caroline Meeker from Sacramento. She said it was all his idea, but she looked like she’s enjoying herself okay. They rescued this neglected little guy from its 20 year fate as a big bird nest and have done all the restoration work themselves.

Vintage Airstream - Weber

This 1967 Airstream Globetrotter was pulled by a 1947 Ford Woody and is owned by Dennis & Sandy Weber.

Check out the neat wood slat ceiling.

Jo Ann Wheatley with her 1956 Bubble. She had to strip this baby to the frame to get it in the beautiful shape it’s in now. She said all it took was the 3 “D’s” – Design, Destruction and Da Money!” She did 60% of the work herself and enjoys the fruits of her labor by having a comfy home on her frequent fishing jaunts. You go girl!

Vintage Airstream - LeggettPam Leggett beside their 1968 22′ Safari. She said her husband John spent over 150 hours just in polishing time to get it in such gleaming shape.

Vintage Airstream - Delk

Vern and Dale Delk own the youngster of the group, a 1975 Land Yacht enjoyed by the whole family.

Vintage Airstream - Best in ShowThis 1958 Flying Cloud / Land Yacht was voted “Best in Show” by the members. It has been owned by the same family since it was brand new and is lovingly kept in mint condition.

Airstreams will always be special to me because it was a comforting presence beside me for my first 2 years of fulltiming. My best friend Don had one that he named the “space shuttle” and I always felt safe beside him. So I guess this was my day for all things Airstream. What fun!

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