Where to Purchase RV Cabinets? (RV Replacement Cabinets)

Owning an RV is a great way to enjoy camping trips and travel without having to pay extortionate fees for hotel rooms.

The freedom to travel wherever you want in comfort and with access to your own amenities is a huge boon, and while RVs may seem expensive, it’s possible to find bargains on the second-hand market.

Whether your RV is new or used, one of the best ways to improve your enjoyment of your investment is to decorate it to your own taste and specifications.

Where to Purchase RV Cabinets? (RV Replacement Cabinets)

In particular, changing the cabinets and either rearranging them or simply swapping out the colors and design to something more fitting your own preference is a great way to put your own stamp on your RV and make it a more pleasant place to spend your time.

However, while changing cabinets seems relatively simple, it can be hard to find a good selection of RV cabinets, as well as how to replace them effectively.

In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the best places to find and purchase RV cabinets, as well as replacement parts to ensure you can decorate your RV however you like.

We’re also going to look at why and how to replace your cabinets to make sure you get the change out of the way as quickly as possible and start enjoying your RV as soon as possible.

But first, let’s take a look at where you can buy new cabinets.

Where and How to Buy RV Cabinets?

Finding good replacement cabinets for your RV can be deceptively difficult, as there are a lot of factors to consider from the measurements and design of the cabinets, to their placement in the RV and also where you live and how popular RVs are in that area.

In areas where RVs are more popular, finding a good selection of replacement cabinets can be much easier. 

Your best bet for finding replacement cabinets is to go to an RV dealership if there is one in your area, as they will very often have options and replacements for various elements of your RV and its interior design.

Another alternative to this is to check out your local home improvements store or DIY warehouse, as these places will often stock a variety of cabinets, and while it may be more difficult to find ones designed for use in an RV, it’s possible you may be able to find a lot of suitable alternatives at the larger stores.

Another alternative is to get some cabinets made or look into making them yourself if you’re relatively comfortable with DIY or have some experience with carpentry.

You may even know someone who would be happy to help custom build you some cabinets, and while this may be more expensive depending on the finish and style you’re going for, it’s definitely worth looking into if you want a really nice finish in your RV or have specifications that you’re struggling to fulfill.

Building your own cabinets can be time-consuming, but can offer some savings.

Another place to check is online, as some larger stores will sometimes stock and deliver various cabinets which may be suitable for your needs.

Why Should You Replace Your Cabinets?

Why Should You Replace Your Cabinets?

There are many reasons to consider replacing your cabinets.

The first reason why you should consider replacing your cabinets is that it can massively increase your enjoyment of your RV by putting your own stamp on its interior design.

Replacing the cabinets can make you much more comfortable in the space, and this is especially beneficial in RVs which are second-hand as it can help freshen up the interior and bring a sense of cleanliness to the RV which can improve your comfort.

Another good reason to replace your cabinets is that they are often in pretty poor condition, especially if they’re second-hand.

Cabinets see a lot of wear from being used a lot, especially the hinges, handles, and the exterior of the cabinets.

This can give your RV a shabby appearance and make things look grubby or untidy which makes the RV less enjoyable and enticing for you or guests.

Replacing cabinets suffering from wear and tear can again make your RV much more appealing and improve your enjoyment of it immensely. 

Finally, another reason to consider replacing the cabinets is that it can add value to your RV.

Well-designed cabinets make the RV look better, which can increase the value of the RV, but they can also add a lot of utility if designed properly, adding further value depending on how they are arranged and what utility they add to your camper.

How Easy is it to Replace Cabinets?

The act of actually replacing cabinets is relatively easy, especially if you want to just remove or replace the front cabinet doors. 

Removing the main cabinet sidings and body can be a little more tricky and messy sometimes, but generally, it isn’t too difficult and can be done without prior experience or expertise.

You will need some time and some tools such as a screwdriver or remover, but aside from this cabinets don’t require a lot to be effectively replaced.

How To Replace Cabinets

To remove cabinets there are a few things you need to do.

  1. Empty your camper out entirely, removing decorations and anything nonessential that can get in the way and make the process of removing the cabinets more difficult. Keep your replacement cabinets safe and out of the way to avoid damaging them, as DIY can get messy and clumsy.
  2. Find the screws and begin removing them. They should be inside the cabinets.
  3. Find the retaining screws and remove these also, using a screw gun if you have one available.
  4. Gently pull out the cabinet, lifting it away carefully to avoid creating mess or damage. Some cabinets will be damaged or rotten which can make them fragile or prone to breaking and making a lot of mess, which is why being careful is so important.

Installing New Cabinets

To install the new cabinets, you’ll first need to make sure you’ve properly measured and planned out where they will be placed and arranged to avoid issues later on.

Pay attention to how the cabinets will open too, as well as how deep they are, as this can lead to conflicts and damage opening and closing them and make some impossible to open at all.

  1. Mark out the locations according to your plan using a marker, and make sure with a tape measure that these are accurate.
  2. Drill holes to ensure you can attach them with studs correctly.
  3. Hold the cabinets in their allocated places, making sure the right cabinet is located in the right spot beforehand. Then use the marker pen to line up the holes you drilled earlier for the studs with the cabinet. You’ll need to do this for each cabinet you want to fix in place.
  4. Drill pilot holes using the markings you made as a guide, repeating for each cabinet and following the plan to ensure everything is still lined up properly.
  5. Place the screws in place. Ideally, you’ll want to use rounded screw heads, wooden ones for wooden braces, and metal ones for metal. Place the screws into the pilot holes and screw them into place tightly. Having an assistant to hold the cabinet in place can make this process much easier and ensure it stays in place while you work. This also ensures a good secure hold which is crucial.

Final Thoughts

There are many places to find RV cabinets, from DIY warehouses to dealerships to even wrecking yards if you’re really desperate or want to save a good few bucks.

Regardless of what your plan is or where you source them, some fresh cabinets can make a world of difference to your RV, adding character, value, and utility to your camper and making it much more enjoyable for you and your guests or family.

While removing and replacing cabinets can be a little bit awkward and difficult, the rewards are worth the effort, and if you use the right tools and get a little help the process becomes much easier and can be finished in a day’s work depending on your cabinets and RV.

If you’re not sure about replacing your cabinets, you can look into potentially upcycling or decorating your existing ones, which may be a little easier, however purchasing your own and fitting them yourself is a much more rewarding process and gives you greater control over your RV and its appearance.

Madeline Cooper